[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Information Broker

Although it’s really troublesome for our first time entry, as long as I managed to come here once, in the future, I can simply use Instant Movement to enter. So it doesn’t really matter.

And, after entering, if you wish to disguise your identity or do anything else, no one would care. Because after entering, everyone would be first brought into a small room to change. Actually, it’s to simply wear a mask or something else. After all, this place is a place with absolute freedom.

But, you can choose to not do that as well, after all, it’s one’s freedom.

Although we have already disguised ourselves, so as to prevent ourselves from attracting unwanted attention, we still chose to wear masks.

“Big brother, the mask you chose is really strange.”

Oyado, who was wearing a smiling mask rimmed with gold, told me. Wearing a gorgeous garment, adding such a mask, she looks exactly like a doll now.

“Indeed, this look a little similar to an Eastern ghost.”

Purewhite commented as such from the side. However, she had chosen a pure black mask that only concealed half of her face. It’s completely the opposite of her name “Pure White”.

But whatever, it’s fine if she likes it.

While what I chose, was a grey-colored mask which carried a sinister smile. At the positions where my two eyes were, there was a pair of crescent-shapes. If I have to really use something to describe it… it’s the mask of Diablo, instead, it’s grey-colored, with fangs.

I feel that it’s rather ugly as well. However, only by wearing this will it be hard for my identity to be exposed. Otherwise, what’s the point in wearing a mask? Increase damage output?

After leaving the small room, we officially entered this underground entertainment ground with nobles as the main theme. However, this place doesn’t have a name, and the reason why this is so, is to naturally prevent this place from being exposed.

Although the luxurious life of nobles isn’t something that needs to be hidden, to nobles, exposing the position of this place will threaten their own safety. After all, many a times, desperate commoners are very strong forces as well.

But, privately, the nobles will simply refer to this place as “that place”. To the point where this had basically become the consensus between the nobles.

Alright, let’s first put aside the matters about nobles for now. Because, we’re not here to seek trouble with the nobles.

Instead, we should be thanking the nobles. Otherwise, a certain person wouldn’t stay here for a long period of time. And I wouldn’t be able to find her easily either.

That’s right, the reason why I’m here, is to find a certain person.

If we say that terminals had allowed information exchange to enter a new era, then she’s the Queen of information control of the old era.

It’s rumored that she has everything in her information network, and the price to exchange information is very expensive as well. However, her intel is always absolutely correct.

Of course, there might be some exaggerations in the rumors, but, in times like this, her intel is still very important.


This person even placed her own advertisement in the terminals, and even publicized it. She’s basically insane.

I saw her advertisement while I was blindly surfing through the terminal back then. It was an advertisement that was posted using someone else’s terminal, and there was only a single sentence.

The things you want to know, is at that place.

The hell. The advertisement was simply too easy to understand. No, I should say that it’s obscure to the extreme. People who don’t know about it might even think that it’s some random gibberish that was added in.

Except for one matter, and that is she even added her own name behind it.

‘Mind Succubus’

The strongest information broker in the old era, the title of the woman whom no one knows the real name of – Mind Succubus.

How should I put it? She feels very mysterious. But, she has already so clearly stated “that place”, then this should be the right place.

On the way here, I have already explained this point to Oyado and Purewhite as well. So right now, there’s only one thing left for us to settle, and that is…

Find that information broker!

Although we know that she’s here, and is a woman, however! There’s no photograph of her on the network, in other words, we can only find her on our own right now.

So saddening…

But with my【Phad’s Eye】, finding her…

should be…

quick, right.

Why didn’t I use a question mark?

Because I saw the name of the person at the side of the bar counter.

[Neutral] [Absolute Neutral] [Information Broker] [Mind Succubus]


Oh my god! Such a famous person only has four titles? And one of them is even reinforced by the system!

Is it because World-chan really doesn’t know what titles to give her, or do I simply have too many titles?

This really is a problem.

But, what I have to do isn’t to find answers, but to think of a way to buy intel.

WIth this thought in mind, I slowly walked over, and then, sat beside her at the counter.

“What do you wish to have?”

The bartender, who was wearing a mask with the【Crying】expression, asked me.

“Give me a glass of Vest Orchid Wine, and get a glass for this miss here as well. My treat.”

“Un, then, dear miss. Do you want to have a glass of【Windcrack】?”

Under the questioning from the bartender, ‘Succubus’ looked towards me, and said after a moment of silence.

“… Before that, I wish to ask this strange youth. Do you know of my name?”

“Of course, Miss Succubus.”

I immediately replied.


She looked at me for a long while, before saying.

“Give me another glass then.”

“Speaking of which, you’re my first customer after I sent that message.”

Entering a private room, Miss Succubus suddenly complained to me.

“If the boss here didn’t owe me a favor, I really would have to drink nothing but air.”

“Well… “ I looked at Oyado, and then, looked at Purewhite.

“The main problem is the location you advertised at. It’s so obscure, most probably, only people like us will be able to understand it.”

“Eh… Is that so? Even though everyone has recently begun to use terminals instead of buying intel from me? So, are terminals trending, or are they not?”

“This… Even if you ask me, there’s no way for me to answer that, right?”

“I guess you’re right.”

Speaking of which, why do I feel that this information broker… is very young?

Even though she’s a very famous figure, and here I thought she was the mature-type like Ms. Mari.

From the looks of it now, she’s completely different… However, her age is actually the same as Lanya’s, and is shown as ??. So scary!

Even though my【Phad’s Eye】is supposed to be able to forcefully reveal such information, just why…

“Alright, I will first state my rules. Actually, there’s only one. For the intel you request for, the price of the intel shall be fixed by me. Or, you can use a more useful intel to trade for the intel I have. Of course, as a trade, you have the obligation to tell me your intel in advance. Naturally, you can choose to not accept the terms, and immediately leave.”

Then, she paused for a moment.

“So, like I said, what do you want to know?”

28 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 11

  1. Takatathien says:

    Ask “How old are you?” and if she cannot answer, discredit her and demand for more information for free. If she does answer, use that as a reference for people with “??” age from now on. so WIN WIN actually.

    Liked by 6 people

  2. Celestial Flame says:

    This is probably the most uninteresting chapter in the series to me.
    I mean, the entire thing was about the place they reached, yet they also didn’t really say much more than its an (open) secret to the nobles.

    Next xhapter should be more interesting 🙂


  3. DMR says:

    You know, I noticed that on the page for Volume 6, the Prologue all the way to Chapter 32 are missing their titles…

    Also, I’m curious, but do you have plans to do epubs for volumes 6 & 7? Just being a curious cat and mean no offense 😛


  4. Waht says:

    I haven’t ranted in a while:
    This chapter had so much back and forth with himself, he just kept churning complete nothingness for over half a chapter, if not more…

    “We’re down here, by the way this is “the place”, which by the way nobles find it as a good place to hide, because, you know, commoners can be scary sometimes, and by the way my mask is like soo creepy, let me tell you about it. Oh right…Uh, I forgot where I was even going here.”

    Get on with it.


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