[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Watchman

After leaving the accessory, that could guard against illusions, in【Sion’s Door】’s laboratory, I did not immediately leave. Instead, I went to use their toilet.

After entering, I immediately used【Instant Movement】, and arrived in the library. Then, I quickly disguised myself, changing my black hair into red, and then, changed into a Western European face.

There’s no particular reason to why I’m in such a rush, instead, I simply did not want to give that illusionist an opportunity. After all, since I moved away quickly and disguised myself, if our opponent doesn’t have a considerable amount of mental strength, it’s impossible for him to use illusions to simulate such an effect.

After leaving the toilet, I looked at the full set of 《Olisdine’s Magic Records》 that were arranged inorderly on the bookshelf near the toilet, and nodded satisfyingly.

If my opponent were to simply reinforce an illusion on me, it’s impossible for him to read all of my memories. Because, if he were to read all of my memories, his mind will definitely be in a mess, and I will be able to use this detail to defeat him.

Compared to frontal attacks and competing in strength, I rather observe from the dark, and find that person’s weakness. So, in times like this, it’s still more convenient to do things like disguises, because, in this way, the possibility of being a target is reduced, and it’s easier for me to find out the enemy’s weakness.

Although it could be said that it’s easier to act alone, because Oyado’s acute observation skills are seriously too frightening, and because of my spiritual connection with Purewhite, I allowed them to accompany me.

Oyado… Although I’m not really sure about her, Purewhite, no matter how I see it, she shouldn’t be affected by illusions, right?


Although I’m not really sure, the current set-up is the most effective, that is something I’m confident of.

“Ahem, does anyone know where the middle volume of 《Magic Chronicles》 is placed at?”


Purewhite slowly walked out of the back of the bookshelf, and then, Oyado popped out of the shadow behind Purewhite.

However, the current Purewhite had changed into a blue-colored Magician robe styled for females. And then, her head was tied at the back of her head, which was blocked by a hood as well. It was already impossible to see her former Eastern characteristics.

While Oyado’s features had also been heavily altered by my Disguise Technique. She had turned into a cute little western doll-like girl with golden hair.

“Un, everyone’s really cute today as well!”

I looked at them for a long time, and could only say as such in the end.

Well, I’m not someone who specializes in praising people anyway.

“Ou ou. Then Oyado shall maintain like this in the future!”

“No need, no need. Oyado simply have to be yourself. But, this time, because we have to investigate some other intel, there’s a need for us to disguise ourselves. Alright, currently, we’re completely unable to discern the enemy’s goals and movements. So we have to find out before they act.”

“Then, big brother, where do we begin our investigation?”

Oyado looked at me and said.

“For a while, let’s investigate what unique incidents had happened recently. After all, compared to investigating our target himself, why don’t we investigate his goals instead? If we know his goals, then his identity will be exposed as well.”

“Un, indeed. But isn’t this a school?”

“Exactly because it’s a school… that’s why it’s an embryonic form of an actual society.”


“Excuse me, where are your cards?”

Someone, who was wearing a mask, stood outside the door with a smile, and said to us.

This place was underneath a forest found between Doge Military School and Gray Magical Academy. Every day, the train heading to Doge Military School and Gray Magical Academy will pass by here.

But, in actual fact, when the tunnels for the train was being constructed, those nobles constructed another unique branch route, and they’re the only ones who know where to board that train.

But unfortunately, this route could be casually found on the terminal network, and even their design blueprints were uploaded as well. With so much details included, even if we don’t want to know about it, it’s impossible to not notice it.

And, an unique card is even needed to enter this place. Unfortunately, we do not have the original card, so we’re unable to copy them.

But, we have never solved our problems using regular methods, never!

“My household’s mistress do not wish to expose her identity, so, how about this?”

Naturally, it’s impossible with the academy’s magician robe. I had Purewhite wear the magician robe that I found in Mitchell Kingdom’s treasury, and then, I had her take out my identification as the State Magician of Ice Empire, and showed it to him.

Of course, our mistress was Oyado. A western doll with golden hair naturally had to be coupled with an exquisite one-piece dress and precious accessories. So currently, Oyado had been completely dressed by us into a look similar to Princess Michelle or Princess Anne.

I can only say it’s somewhat like theirs. Because, I don’t really specialize in it.

“Is that so…”

He did not stare at the girls for too long, instead, he looked towards me.

“Well… Then I wish to ask, why is a Magician wearing a Knight’s armor?”

“I see, so this is the power of【Absolute Eyes】?”

Instead, I looked at him with a smile.

Martin Ludor

LV 54 Appraiser
[Neutral] [Absolute] [Watchman] [Deceiver] [Absolute Eyes] [Extreme Eyesight]

“Oh, looks like you’re not any ordinary person either.”

Although he’s wearing a mask, I could feel that he was smiling, and he seemed to be very happy.

I don’t know what’s the ability of 【Absolute Eyes】, but, he said I was a 【Magician】, which meant that what he could see was not my class. Because, I don’t have a class.

What he saw was something else, something related to Magic.


Elemental Type?

Or is it something else?

“Alright then, I will let you guys enter then. But, for my sake, please do not make a mess.”

“That’s of course.”

I replied with a smile.

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  1. DMR says:

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    • Waht says:

      There are so many things that do not make sense in this story.
      For an instance — Why doesn’t Fir learn the almighty passive skill “Magic Regeneration”?

      At this point, we can only dry our tears and go along with the story without hoping that the MC will exploit what is otherwise rather insignificant to begin with.


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    Alright then, I will let you guys enter then. But, for my sake, please do not make a mess.”

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