[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Dispel

After entering the room again, what remained in the room was a young girl wearing a long grey and shiny robe that extended all the way to the ground.

Although there was some slight differences to her former image, that shimmering purple hair had allowed me to confirm that the person in front of me, was indeed that young girl who lacked of common sense.

“Just what kind of eyes are you looking at me with?”

Yonar, who was sitting on the ground, stared at me, and said with a very irritated tone.

“Before you say that, why are you sitting on the ground in the first place? From this angle of mine, I have no choice but to look down at you with such eyes.”

“Tch, so troublesome. Can’t you people just sit down!”

“Even if that’s the case, we can still look down on you.”

As I said that, I immediately sat down, and continued to look down on her.

“Ah, in any case, we’re all about the same now. A great person like me won’t fuss with people below me, so I won’t trouble myself with this problem anymore. I heard that you have questions related to illusion techniques, that you wish to ask me. Hence, the reason you’re here, right?”

I looked at Princess Snow, and then, looked at Yonar, before nodding my head.

“To put it simply, that’s indeed correct. And, compared to that, I’m more curious as to why it’s so hard to find related materials regarding illusion techniques.”

“Oh, seems like you’re saying this after you have done a certain degree of investigation. But, I agree to what you have said. After all, other than us, it’s impossible for anyone else to leak out information regarding illusion techniques.”

“Is that so… Then should I recognize you as the main culprit for trying to assassinate Princess Anne?”


When she heard me say this, Yonar was evidently stunned for a moment, and her expression flustered in the next second.

“You… What are you saying!? I won’t do things like assassinations, ever! That’s completely impossible!”

“Is that so? Today, a total of two illusion assault incidents happened. One, Princess Anne was stabbed by someone who suddenly appeared. The thing about ‘sudden appearance’ is, unless that person’s speed had already reached the extreme level, it’s basically unachievable. However, Princess Anne has someone that’s even much stronger than me beside her, and speed-wise, her bodyguard should have reached the extreme level as well. But, the answer I received back then was ‘that person suddenly appeared’, in other words, our opponent didn’t use speed that had reached an extreme level, instead, he prevented anyone else from seeing him… This description is a little incorrect. I should say that our opponent had suddenly became from someone that wasn’t eye-catching, to an assassin, and then, once again turned into someone insignificant-looking, before disappearing within the crowd. So, this should be an aspect where illusionists are specialized in.”


“Fir! You…”

“Princess Snow, I know. I don’t mean to take Yonar responsible for the incident, I’m simply bringing up a possibility. After all, she herself said that only people in her organization are capable of using illusions, right?”

“Ah! About that, have you confirmed that your opponent has indeed used an illusion?”

Only now did she react and remember the most important aspect, huh… I helplessly looked at Ms. Yonar. Then, I stood up, and then sat down on a stool which I found from the side.

“That’s right, I have confirmed it. Because, not even an hour later, I was assaulted with an illusion nearby. Evidently, it was a illusory attack, and then, my consciousness was controlled. I only returned to normal after I received an attack by my companions from the outside.”

“Illusory attacks and consciousness control? I’m not sure if there’s any problems with your description, but if what you said was true, then they’re already feats that can only be achieved by illusionists that are above the fourth-rank! That person’s mental strength is at least double of mine…”

“Oh, is that so? In other words, you have yet to possess such an ability. I’m sorry for mistaking you.”


She revealed a pained expression, as though she wanted to agree to my words, yet, she was unwilling to admit the truth about being weak herself.

Although I don’t wish to do this, only by forcefully reeling in her interest, or should I say, have her stand at our side, will we not be suppressed by illusions even if we’re unable to obtain the methods to using them.

“Like I was saying, the thing that your organization have been holding onto might have been made known to someone else. Or, there might be a traitor among you, or maybe, your organization was the one who orchestrated this assassination?”

“Impossible! The existence of our organization is to ensure that all of the royal families in the various Empires will not suffer from illusory attacks! Most probably because it’s been too long since they have last suffered an illusory attack, Witt Empire had relaxed their regulations in that aspect, and did not bring along the dispatched member of our organization! However, usually, such incidents will definitely not happen!”

Hearing Yonar’s rebuttal, I smiled.

“I see. In other words, your organization can be seen as a guardian-like existence?”

“Un. The meaning of the existence of our【Many Fantasies】is to ensure that illusion techniques will not be leaked to places that should not know about them, and ensure the failure of those who wish to use them. So, things like assassinations are something we will definitely not do!”

“I see.【Many Fantasies】,huh.”

An organization that was not registered in the terminal network, huh. I see. was it because it’s not supposed to be exposed, so it wasn’t registered?

If it’s just an organization, using verbal records will definitely not expose it…

This is really the worst-case scenario, huh. If I wish to obtain the technique in the future, I doubt there’s a skillbook which I can learn it from. This is really…

“Putting it another way, because your organization might have leaked out a few secrets, someone else might have obtained the illusion techniques, and then, that person have turned them into his own weapons. The most serious outcome to this is that the royal families you’re supposed to be protecting, is being attacked instead. And also, the students of our academy are currently in danger as well, right?”

“Kuh… Indeed. Alright, I shall believe in the situation you described. I will now make a report regarding this situation to headquarters. After all, I’m unable to make a decision on my own.”

“Is that so? Then do you mind telling us the methods to avoid getting trapped in illusions?”


“Shouldn’t that be a matter of fact? Right now, all of the students in our academy are currently in danger. It will be bad if some disgusting incidents happen, what do you say?”

“This.. .That’s indeed true. However, even if it’s us, we’re only able to prevent being assaulted by illusions by carrying this【Illusion Collapse】accessory.”

As she said that, she pulled out the necklace around her neck.

It was a silver necklace with a shape similar to the letter ‘米’. However, evidently, there were other parts to this necklace. That thickness… There should magic inscriptions engraved in it.

“Then are you able to give me some? This way, I shall pass them to people that have the ability to protect the academy. We can protect everyone’s safety this way as well.”


She looked as though she was very troubled.

If she didn’t disagree to it immediately, it means that there’s a chance!

“Even if I seek opinions from the academy’s principal himself right now, it will still be the same. Currently, if there’s no guarantee of being able to keep everyone in the academy safe, there’s no point in conducting any form of action.”

“Aaaah, I know already!”

She was evidently in a slight fit, however, she still leapt up from the ground, and took out a new necklace from inside a drawer.

“Here! But there’s only one!”

“Un, I thank you very much for your help!”

I replied with a smile.

“Of course, we will do our best to find the murderer on our side as well, to clear your organization’s name.”

“That’s of course!”

“If you require any assistance, then it’s fine to look for me. I will do my best to help.”

“Is that so… But when that time comes, you best not dislike doing so because of how troublesome it is!”

Seems like she will indeed cause trouble for me in the future, huh.

Ah whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore.

I smiled, and then, gave her my regards.

“That’s all the matters which I wish to know. I will leave the rest to you then. I will head over to arrange the helpers on my side.”

‘Did all of you hear the conversation?’

After heading down the airship, I instantly connected to the voice channel.

‘Ms. Mari, have you finished developing the analyzing equipment?’

‘That’s of course, come over to our base then!’

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