[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Displaced World

“That’s impossible, right? If such a frightening ability does exist, those illusionists must have conquered the world a long time ago, right?”

Ms. Mari instantly waved her hands as she said.

“However, who knows? Most probably, those illusionists have indeed conquered the world, but, it’s simply not shown on the surface.”

“Fir, your way of thinking is too dark. Your conspiracy theories are really world-class, you know?”

“Well… We can’t exclude this possibility, right?”

“Indeed… I will properly investigate this. So, you don’t have to worry.”

Ms. Mari nodded.

“Speaking of which, I do know of a simple method to determine if we’re trapped in an illusion.”

Suddenly, Bai Yueguang said as such.

“Eh, you have one? The method to dispel illusions.”

“It’s not really a dispelling method, rather, it’s a method to determine if we’re trapped in an illusion.”

As he said that, he took out a small box.

“Think about it. Illusion spells cause people to see illusions, and the root of an illusion is the combination of the target’s memories, and the thing which the illusionist wish for the target to see. In other words, something that goes beyond the range of these two memories, should not appear.”

“I see. Then, in that case, what if an entire crowd is being controlled?”

“Then we have to use an unique method… Right now, stand against my back, and open it. Then, describe its shape to me.”

I suspiciously opened the box, and what’s inside was actually a dice.

“A dice?”

“Un, seems like we’re not controlled by an illusion.”

I pondered for a moment, and then nodded.

“In other words, only you will know what you placed inside, while I won’t know about it. Hence, when I open it, I shouldn’t know what you placed inside, so if the item you placed inside is the same as what I see, then it won’t be an illusion.”

“That’s right, that’s how it works.”

Bai Yueguang nodded.

“Alright, then we shall now split and investigate then. Earlier, you have already seen the effects of the illusion. If someone’s able to use this illusion technique, then it’s definitely a skill that’s instant-kill class! Even if it’s just a single strike, it’s still possible to instantly kill someone in this world when you’re struck somewhere fatal. In this case, as long as you stop for a moment, you can be killed instantly.”

“Un, you’re right.”

Ms. Mari nodded.

“In any case, I will first investigate the data on the terminal network. I believe that there should be some leaks somewhere.”

“Then we will look for those organizations of the Eastern Continent, and ask them of their situations.”

Bai Yueguang and Tai Shixi said.

“Un, then I will dig up some intel from the high-ranking nobles. And the people from the Church should be providing some help as well.”

I smiled, and then, looked towards Ms. Mari.

“Then, I will leave that self-inflicting ring to you.”

“Un, I will think of a way.”

Seeing Ms. Mari’s nod, I felt slightly at ease.

“Then, let us begin.”


Although that’s the case, I still have no direction to start investigating from at all.

While eating dinner in the restaurant, I thought of some corresponding countermeasures.

In the afternoon, I had went to the library to look for related books. However, I realized that among those that were recorded, the amount of details regarding Illusion techniques were extremely small.

However, it was different from the banning of Light Magic outside of the Church, the existence of Illusion techniques, was seemingly ethereal. Although there were records, there were no deinite records on any organizations that had once used illusions. And there wasn’t even a single famous Illusionist.

This doesn’t make sense…

Could it be that the illusionists exterminate all those people who possess possibilities of exposing their abilities? But, if that’s the case… Isn’t it a little too exaggerated? The world is so huge, if they really want to cover up all of the information, just to what terrifying lengths do they go to in order to cover up all related information?


Illusion techniques are able to directly alter one’s memories!

In that case, by using illusions to add memories after altering them, that way, it’s possible to cover up a large amount of intel in that particular area.

That’s too frightening. If that’s really the case, then… It’s possible that the knowledge we possess now are all false!

That’s too frightening!

“Eh? Isn’t this Fir? Why are you here eating dinner alone?”

Suddenly, a familiar voice actually came from the door.

Looking towards the direction where the voice came from, it was actually Princess Snow and Irlin.

Speaking of which, Irlin had once said that she had became Princess Snow’s bodyguard. Well, after this period of time, Irlin’s battle strength had indeed raised by quite a bit, and her strength was already very close to Princess Snow’s.

But, why were these two people here?

“Because everyone is investigating Princess Anne’s case.”

“Oh, that incident huh. Indeed, it can be considered to be a very serious incident since it happened on school grounds. Most probably, the people from Witt Empire will come as well, right? Although they do have an airship, it still requires time to arrange some hands.”

“Un, and there’s another thing… Irlin, how are you? Have you settled down since that incident?”

“Thanks to you, I’m already fine. And from this incident, I have realized that I’m stil lacking in many aspects. I hope to get stronger.”

“Is that so. Irlin, you have to use your【Ice Knight】Skills more often. This will definitely make you stronger.”

“Then, if you get the opportunity in the future, please teach me!”

“Of course, I have no problems with that…”

I replied with a smile.

“Oh right, Princess Snow.”

I pondered for a moment before asking.

“Do you know any details regarding Illusion techniques?”

“Illusion techniques…”

Princess Snow pondered for a moment, and then, looked at the people in the vicinity.

“If you wish to know, then follow me.”


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  1. Sicill says:

    Thanks for the chapter.
    seems they’ve really changed Michelle’s name to Snow? It’s not like someone could tamper with the world and change it…


      • Sicill says:

        No, Irlin mentioned becoming Michelle’s “”guardian knight” back in early vol5. That or Irlin has managed to pass just about everyone and reach Pryn’s level of 45.


  2. jorgelotr says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    “a dice” <- "dice" is plural, like "mice" or "lice"; the singular is "die" (not "douse"). One die, two dice.


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    But really where is Snow White now?
    Maybe Michelle was kidnapped?


  4. Mach says:

    Hoo… Really fishy . It’s just like, as if someone is trying to get Fir to do certain actions… And the biggest clue, might be something too obvious…


    • Sicill says:

      I know right? Fir eating alone. The real Fir would have 1-2 girls with him so he must be an imposter. Clearly Fir is the actual illusionist!


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