[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: False Injury

“Saint Disciple… Even if you put it this way, I recall that you’re a Saint Disciple as well. Can you appoint Saint Disciples?”

Although I said it as such, according to my understanding of this person, this person should not be someone that would make jokes… Since he dared to say it, this meant that he had a certain amount of confidence.

“Haha, although I’m unable to appoint you, I can recommend you. And, I won’t hide it from you, right now, among the Thirteen Saint Disciple appointments, incidentally, we’re lacking one! If it’s my recommendation, you have a ninety percent chance of obtaining this appointment!”

“Hearing you say this, you seem to be a really incredible figure, huh. But, even if you put it this way, it’s impossible for me to immediately agree to it.”

“I knew you would say that.”

I really feel irritated looking at George’s expression. But, I still looked at him with a curious look.

“Hmph, judging from the time we spent in Mitchell Kingdom, I knew you’re not the type to use benefits to make exchanges. Speak. What do we have to do to have you willingly join our Church?”


I pondered for a moment, and then, looked at George with a smile.

“I wish to ask, does your Church have a specialized intelligence department?”

“That’s of course. Our【Saint Hall】has a specialized intelligence department, called【Saint’s Eye】… Wait a minute, what do you want to do? I can’t help you collect intel of other Empires, you know.”

I gave a smirk in my heart. Geez, are you kidding me? Do I even need the intel of the rest of the Empires from you people? Right now, the intelligence unit of【Sion’s Door】had already been established. In a small 100TB hard-disk, all the intel that had been placed into terminals and the internet of this entire continent had already been stored in it. For example, things like the favourite underwear the queen of a certain Empire likes, were available as well. Though, it’s impossible to find out which daring subordinate had uploaded that piece information.

Though, truthfully speaking, even though the terminals were very formidable, because of many reasons, the intel gathered were not very complete.

“I won’t have you do such a meaningless task. I simply want you to investigate the matter regarding Princess Anne’s assault.”

“… So it’s about that. Even if you don’t request it, we will investigate it anyway. Although our Church tries its best to not pull any connections with the political governments on the continent, if the opponent uses an ability that could put humans in danger, our Church will not simply look on from the sidelines.”

“Un, can I understand that as ‘if the opponent’s ability isn’t bad, we can take it for our own usage, but if our opponent has the ability to threaten us, then we shall exterminate him with full force’?”

“You, your words are simply too straightforward…”

“Ah, though I indeed can’t judge the Church as a whole, since there might really people in the Church who do their jobs, however, your methods are incorrect. And adding that there are too many people cheating the system placed in the Church, it resulted to the current state the Church is in.”

“… I can’t deny that.”

Since you guys are so clear about it, then why aren’t you guys making any change? But I don’t really have a huge interest for it anyway. After all, I have completely no interest in such troublesome matters.

Right now, it’s best to concentrate on solving the problem in front of me. Although I don’t know who made the assault, according to the information I can gather from the quest, the conclusion to this incident should still be far from reach.

I pondered for a moment, and then, looked towards George.

“In any case, after this, pass me the information from the investigations conducted by your people. I will consider the matter of joining the Church.”

Of course, I don’t really wish to join, it’s just… If the Church had really been eliminating the harmful elements towards themselves, and turning parts of their opponents’ abilities into their own strength, it might be possible to obtain those things by entering their headquarters.

And how could I allow something so useful like Light Magic be monopolized by the Church alone? If everyone is able to learn such a skill, only then can the Western Continent’s strength be able to resist against the extremely illogical battle strength the Eastern Continent possesses. Otherwise, if the two continents were to fight with each other, the Western Continent will definitely be in a disadvantage without Healing Magic.

Although there are indeed wound-curing spells among the Arcane spells under the Wind and Water Magic Trees, those spells are unable to restore HP at all, so their usefulness is limited.

“Alright, I will decide depending on the situation.”

George nodded, and then, looked towards Yybril.

“Leave the aid over at Mitchell Kingdom to me. You shall stay here and help Fir investigate the clues regarding that assassin.”


Yybril immediately agreed. Right now, I really don’t understand Yybril anymore. Although she have indeed helped me quite a bit, I kind of feel… She’s quickly becoming a spy that had been sent by the Church to stick by my side. Although I don’t wish to think this way, it’s just…

Ah whatever, there’s no need to worry about it anyway. After all, our strength isn’t weak to the point where such a small trick can grasp the overall situation.

“Since that’s the case, let’s leave it like this for today. I still have some other matters to settle on my side.”

But right now, I need to find an excuse to leave this place. Because, while I was conversing with them, I have received a message sent by Dale.

In the message, he seemed to have found a possible clue regarding the assassin, and had told me to head over to the laboratory.

What’s worth mentioning is, the moment Dale returned to the academy, he actually head over to apply for a lease to a laboratory. What’s even more unbelievable was, Wenger Empire, which had been relying on martial arts to expand its influence, had actually sponsored him the moment Dale’s laboratory was established.

At that time, we were even given quite a shock. We hurriedly analyzed the intel regarding Wenger Empire, as we wished to know just why Wenger Empire was sponsoring him.

In the end… Wenger Empire had actually spent 100 thousand gold to buy a【Weapon-Equipped Cargo Ship – Ultra Heavy Model Type I】from Dale. It seemed as though【Bluemoon】had been unwilling to sell it to them, so they decided to head straight for the back door instead.

Unfortunately, in my heart, I can only give those decision makers of Wenger Empire my condolences.

The reason why【Bluemoon】was unwilling to sell it to them, was because their experiments had yet to complete. Also… they actually planned on simply buying one with 50 thousand gold. After all, this model was being planned as a mass-produced model.

But since they were actually willing to give them money, why wouldn’t they want it?

“Since that’s the case, then I’m leaving first as well.”

George nodded, and then, he actually spread open his Angel’s Wings and flew into the sky.

This guy, even though he bought an airship from our side, he did not allow the airship to descend, instead, he flew up onto it on his own. He must be really bored, huh?

Giving up on the retorts for him, I buffed myself with 【Accelerate】, and after bidding farewell to Yybril and Princess Anne, I quickly sprinted to Dale’s laboratory.

Geez, Dale sure is a troublesome person. If he managed to find something, then just say it outright. The message he sent wasn’t even complete, just why…

And then, just when I was thinking of this, I suddenly felt a chill behind me!


Seeing the blade that penetrated my chest, I once again looked at my own HP.

“Eh? So did I receive an attack or did I not?”

Because… My HP did not fall…

29 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 5

  1. 28th00 says:

    False illusion injury? A weapon with an ability that Fir is immune to like Necromancy? Something like that? Or is it just a literal illusion blade? The plot is literally too thick for me to sift through and figure out right now.

    Who would ever want to hurt our Pacifist Hero Fir? He only helps those in need! He doesn’t even have a lover to be jealous of! Who would dare to harm our Prince Charming?!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. randomlightnovelreader says:

    Could it be that we are going with the matrix idea ‘you believed you were cut, so your body gets cut’. The Unlimited Illusory Shadows assassin might be an assassin mage who uses a spell this this effect.

    The reason Princess Anne, her guards and Fir himself didn’t notice anyone come up was due to the fact that no one did, it was a ranged spell. A spell that makes you believe that you are being assassinated to the point that you are cut, despite the fact that no one is there in person to cut you.

    Another option is that someone is messing around with the world again, might mean another meeting with world-chan

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  3. necrosis says:

    if I had to hazard a guess it was the dog eared midget with the sword in the alley

    in case it wasn’t obvious my guess is that alliyah came back and is pissed at him I mean she lost out on around 15 level ups

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sicill says:

    Between his undead nature and being part of the Momiji Secret Society, wouldn’t Fir entering the Church’s headquarters cause both to turn into gamma rays?

    Liked by 1 person

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