[News] No Chapters this Wednesday

Ello, Scrya here.

There won’t be any chapters tomorrow, because I will be in a parade.

What parade?


For non-Singaporeans, what’s ORD? It stands for Operational Ready Date, which means, I’m leaving the force, for go- Nope, not for good. Urgh. But at the very least, I won’t be called back into army for a while. Hohoho.

So yeah, I haven’t prepared any complete chapters for Wednesday due to the rehearsals and stuff. But I will make it up for them on Sunday!


16 thoughts on “[News] No Chapters this Wednesday

    • mrfatso says:

      If by bands, u mean some tunes dug out from some ancient ruins, yes.
      If by performances, u mean a bunch of guys forced to march and do silly commands just to stroke some officer ego, then also yes.


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