[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Unexpected Surprise Attack

“What’s that…”

Before she could finish her words, the floor under her feet exploded, as blue light instantly enveloped her!

A manually activated landmine which was filled with the water elemental crystal shards. After exploding, like ball bearings, the magic crystal shards shot upwards! Fire Magic can reduce the effectiveness of Ice Magic to a certain extent, but similarly, Water Magic has the same restricting usage towards Fire Magic as well.

Although not physically, there will still indeed be a corresponding effect due to the clash in elements.

Bluish smoke began to emit from her armor when the water crystal shards landed on it, and she took a few consecutive steps back.

Although the explosion does deal damage, so as to emphasize on the water crystal shards’ effects, I had reduced the amount of gunpowder. The element effects could only be emphasized this way.

“A bomb made of water crystals, is it…? I heard that you even used bombs to blast the castle of Mitchell Kingdom apart. Back then, I still couldn’t believe it, but now, I have confirmed it first-hand.”

“After all, your armor is already strong to this degree, so I have no choice but to give it my all.”

Of course, my ‘all’ with the abilities that can be exposed. Otherwise, with a single Water Arcane spell, I could have made you experience what’s ‘armor that cannot be randomly worn.’

“But, even with this, there’s no use, right? These water crystal shards aren’t able to deal any damage to me either, right?”

“Is that so? I see. It seems like you did not study your magic theoretical knowledge well.”

“Even if I don’t learn things like that, there won’t be a problem, right?”

“Alright then. I shall explain, it’s my responsibility after all. For a Magician to use spells, first of all, he must have sufficient mana, that’s the base, if I’m going to put it in your Knights’ words, a Knight’s base will be his stamina. And then, there’s the incantations. Incantations act as guides, to have the magic particles construct themselves according to the required magic leylines, and then, the spells will be released. That’s the second key condition for you Knights to use your Arcane skills as well, and it’s also a method to use your moves.”

“Mn… Like I said, how does knowing this benefit me?”

“Because the conditions have already been fulfilled. 【Arcane – Water Cannon】!”

I pointed upwards, and in the cracks on the floor, streams of water surged out, blasting the armored Merun directly into the air!


“That’s why I said you have to do well in your studies~”

I kept the 【Bloodmoon】in my hands, and then, with an 【Accelerate】, I charged towards Merun who was in the air.

While charging, I stretched out my right hand, and a red cross instantly grew in my hand.

“【Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross】!”

Swinging the red cross with all my might, the red cross clashed with Merun’s chainsaw!

“You’re actually able to block my attack while your body is unable to exert any strength?”

I smiled.

“【Ice Totem】!”

A gigantic ice totem appeared behind my back. Using it as a footing, and with a hard push, I pushed her towards the ground!

“Hmph, even though you’re a very incredible Magician, when comparing physical skills, I won’t lose!”

While still in the air, Merun instantly rotated her body, and then, borrowing my attack, she swung me towards the ground. Then, with a back elbow blow, she smashed into my waist!

I felt as though my body was struck by an accelerating roller-coaster as I crashed into the ground, and my HP instantly fell by a third.

However, I quickly flipped my body and leapt up. Quickly drinking down a HP Potion, my HP began to slowly recover.

But, I did not dare to stop moving, and swapped to【Ghostbreak】. After all, my opponent had already crashed down from the air while raising her large-scaled magic chainsaw in her hands.

The two weapons clashed against each other. The exterior of her magic chainsaw had already shattered, however, cracks had begun to form on the ground underneath my feet as well.

If my level wasn’t high enough, my bones might have already been broken, right?

“As I had explained, the exterior of the magic chainsaw teeth can be easily destroyed.”

“You have already smashed against it so many times, isn’t this normal?”

“Then, next!”

She pulled onto a belt, and the physical chainsaw underneath began to spin at high speed!

Strings of sparks began to fly between the chainsaw and 【Ghostbreak】! I heart-achingly looked at the weapon in my hands, and hurriedly used a skill!

“【Arcane – Ice Fall】!”

A gigantic iceberg descended from the sky. Even if her armor was able to melt Ice Magic spells, it’s still impossible to stop such a huge iceberg in a short time.

As expected, she gave up on confronting me, and retreated. She then swung the weapon in her hands upwards, and slashed at the iceberg!

【Ice Fall】’s large-scaled iceberg was instantly sliced into two, and then, making use of the momentum, she slashed downwards towards me.

“【Super Arcane – Crumbling Tremble – Collapse】!”

Her weapon struck the ground, and a huge blast of force came pushing towards me.

However… I have to say that the speed of this attack is slow to the extreme. Stepping to the side, the attack bypassed my side and blasted off.

“… Is it already at its limit?”

Merun who landed on the ground looked at something on her armor. And then, she helplessly patted on her chest. Right after, with a ‘poof’ sound, white smoke was emitted out from her armor, and then, it fell off piece by piece.

Hey, hey, hey, what’s this? Armor break?

However, there was still a layer of light armor underneath. Geez, don’t you feel hot for wearing so much?

And, she even pressed on the chainsaw she was holding onto. The exterior pieces on it began to fall off as well, revealing the weapon that was hidden underneath.

On one side, it was a chainsaw, while on the other, it was actually a large-calibre cannon!

“The fire magic crystals used to provide energy have already been depleted. I never expected that you will be this resilient. Initially, I even planned on finishing this battle as fast as possible.”

“If you wanted a quick battle, you shouldn’t have spoke.”

“I think so as well. But, to tell the truth, I feel that it won’t make much of a difference eto you.”

Right after, she raised her weapon, and pointed it straight at me.

“Well, it can be reimbursed anyway!”

As she said that, she pressed on the trigger.

“… Eh?”

After pressing it for a few times, there still wasn’t a single reaction. She looked at it strangely.

“This… Why…”

While at this moment, in a flash, my figure had already appeared right behind her.

“Because the water from the water-type attack earlier had already filled inside your weapon. Because it’s water that had once been cast with magic, it’s mana had already been depleted. While I was clashing my weapon with yours earlier, I added ice magic particles into it, and froze its inner parts. I can only say that my luck is pretty good. Your fire magic crystals had almost been depleted earlier, so the ice did not melt.”

After explaining all that, I pierced into her weapon with my sword, and then, leapt backwards.

With a loud bang, the gun instantly exploded! The chainsaw’s entire chain of teeth flew out, and smashed onto a wall, leaving a deep crater.

The other parts of the weapon were blasted out as well, and they landed everywhere.

“And another thing. If you’re a Broadsword User, then use a broadsword. You will simply be at a disadvantage if you use another weapon.”

However, Merun had dodged away from the explosion really well as well, as she flipped in the air and landed on the ground.

“Ah, indeed.”

After saying that, she suddenly pulled out another broadsword!

“Then let us carry on our second round!”

“Hey, hey, hey, aren’t you tired?”

“A degree like this… I’m still far from it. I’m someone who has been titled the【Eraser】, this basically doesn’t amount to much.”

After saying that, she actually raised the broadsword with a single hand and pointed it towards me.

Just what kind of arm strength is needed to do that…

“Alright, eat this! 【Super Arcane – Sword of Heavenly Punishment】!”

In an instant, golden light emitted out from her entire body, and in a flash, her body flew into the air!

She who had turned into light, continuously spiraled in mid air. Immediately after, she came thrusting towards me head-on!

Alright then, we shall have a competition on who’s stronger!

“【Arcane – Ice Warship】!”

The gigantic sword that descended from the heavens clashed head-on with the Ice Warship that just appeared. The gigantic sword instantly penetrated the Warship, and with a bang, the broken pieces of ice flew in all directions.

I used a 【Charge】 towards the back, and with a flip of my hand, a Ice Wall appeared before me. Then, I used 【Ghostbreak】to block my front.

And as expected of an existence known as the【Eraser】, she charged through my ice wall with a single slash, and then, she came hacking onto my【Ghostbreak】!

“When it’s a broadsword against a broadsword, you’re unable to beat me.”

Facing Merun’s words, I could only give a helpless smile, and then, I said.

“Do you know? When in close-combat, if a Warrior is unable to instantly eliminate a Magician, it would instead become very dangerous. After all, there are times when Magicians are unable to accurately hit their targets. But, if it’s a close-combat distance, then that will never happen~”


Just when she said that, a ray of blue light flashed between the two of us!

“【Arcane – Frozen Light】!”


I snapped my fingers, and the ice on Merun’s body slowly dissipated. her entire body instantly collapsed onto the ground.

“Ah… I lost.”

She said with a bitter smile.

“Fir, why don’t you join my Knight Squad? Of course, I’m referring to the Knight Squad at the borders’ punitive force, not the academy’s Knight Squad. If you join our border’s Knight Squad, with your strength, eliminating those bandits will be a simple feat, right?”

“Well… We can talk about this again when we have the time.”

I replied with a smile.


“Victor, Fir of NEET Tea Party!”

The teacher in-charge of refereeing announced.

“It seems like there’s already no one that’s capable of stopping your Squad from obtaining victory. Congratulations.”

Merun crawled up from the ground and said. But, from the looks of it, she doesn’t look the least bit sad at all.

“In any case, don’t you all now understand the things that need to be understood? Isn’t this enough?”

“I guess so…”

“Lin Fir!”

Princess Snow and Irlin came running over from afar.

“What’s wrong? You actually have the Princess come running here especially for you.”

“Haah, let’s not bring it up anymore.”

Princess Snow said while panting.

“All of you hurry to the academy’s entrance. Princess Anne is injured, and without Healing Magic, she will die!”


I hurriedly spread open my Angel’s Wing and flew towards the sky, and then, I sped towards the entrance.

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