[Disciple] Chapter 92

Chapter 92: Pure Yin Physique

Zi Mo waved his hand, and a crystal ball instantly floated in the air. It was exactly the ball used to test Spirit Veins.

“Bao Bao, come, place your hand onto it.” zi Mo spoke to his daughter with a smile. An one year old child could already be tested for his or her Spirit Veins, however, if the child was too young, the test crystal which was filled with spiritual energy might harm the child instead. Usually, most children would wait till they were five before testing theirs. Hence, even he did not know just what Spirit Veins his daughter possessed. But, he was very confident.

At that moment, the entire place quietened down, their gazes looked towards the little girl in the center one after another.

Probably it was her first time facing this many people, the little girl was a little anxious. She glanced at her own parents, and then, weakly turned her head to glance at Zhu Yao as well. Only when she saw her nod, did she finally feel at ease and place her little hand on the crystal ball.

The entire place stared at the changes in that crystal ball.

Beginning from the little girl’s palm, a small amount of blue light leaked out, and it slowly spread in the crystal ball. After but a moment, it had already filled up half of the crystal ball.

Good. Zi Mo silently praised in his heart. usually, the purer a Spirit Vein was, the more space its color would take in the ball. For hers to be able to fill up half of the ball was already considered to be a pretty good Spirit Vein. As long as another type of Spirit Vein appear, even if it was a Tri-Spirit Vein, she would still be able to obtain great achievements in her cultivation.

However… Just when everyone was still waiting with bated breaths, that blue color, slowly, bit by bit, spread throughout the entire ball, until it had filled up the entire ball, and had turned it into a completely blue ball.

Zi Mo’s heart which was still praising her earlier, instantly sank to the depths of the abyss.

Everyone present began to let out gasps, one after another.

“No, this is impossible!” Zi Mo’s expression instantly turned white as snow. He quickly pulled onto his daughter’s hand, and the color in the crystal ball disappeared. Then, he had her pressed onto it once again. However, the result was the same as before, only a single blue color had filled the crystal ball. A single color represented a single Spirit Vein, and blue was…

“Heavens. It’s the Water Heavenly Spirit Vein.”

“It’s the Pure Yin Physique!”

“Pure Yin Physique, then isn’t that a furnace…”

“And it’s even a perfect one…”

The entire place was now filled with the voices of discussions. The people in the sect were still rather well-behaved, as all of them looked at the little girl with a hint of pity in their eyes. While those practitioners outside the sect who were invited to participate, did not have any second thoughts at all. They began to inspect that little girl, who was barely five years old, from head to toe, and their eyes were filled with the luster of greed which they did not even bother to hide.

Zi Mo’s face had already paled to the extent where not a single hint of the color of blood could be seen, as though he had been struck by an extremely huge blow, and was unable to react over it.

While the little child, whom he had been tightly holding onto, had begun to fluster as well. Children were the most sensitive, and adding those eyes that were inspecting her with malicious intents, she was even more frightened. She wanted to hide, yet, she was grabbed tightly onto by her own father. Mists had already begun to form in her eyes.

“Sect Master Zi Mo, this one has a son, who had just broke into Foundation, and is rather compatible with your daughter.” Finally, a Nascent Soul practitioner, who had been watching for quite a while, could not help but speak up. He was the Sect Master of Nightrise Sect, and claimed that, as son and daughter of Sect Masters, they should be extremely compatible. That was a possessor of a Pure Yin Physique who could only be seen once in several tens of thousands of years. As a perfect furnace, no matter how poor the Spirit Veins was of her practitioner-pair companion, he would still be able to reach the Nascent Soul stage.

After he spoke up, it seemed to have broke the awkwardness of everyone present. The Nascent Soul elders, Sect Masters, or even personal succeeding disciples from the various sects, had begun to speak up and ask for her hand one after another.

Zi Mo was furious to the extent that he had almost puke out blood, however, there was nothing he could do. The daughter whom he had yearned for so many years, was actually a possessor of the Water Heavenly Spirit Vein. Water Mystic Arts could not even be used to protect oneself, which meant that she was destined to be a mere furnace for her entire life. However, that was his daughter, the precious pearl in the palm of his hand. How could he be willing?

The little radish had already been frightened by this scene, as though she had faintly understood the current situation, she bit her lips as beads of water began to fall.

While the rest of the people were still in a heated discussion of the matter of the little girl’s practitioner-pair.

Zhu Yao frowned, and her might was instantly released from her body. Everyone present, except the three Sovereigns, and Zi Mo and the little radish whom she had intentionally bypassed, fell down one after another.

And even a few Azoth-stage disciples, had already puked out a mouthful of blood.

In an instant, the great hall was in a strange silence.

Zhu Yao walked down from the high seats. She did not intentionally circle around the people that was crawling on the ground, instead, she simply had a Wind Mystic Art attached to her legs. Hence, with her every step, as though she was sweeping the floor, the people that were blocking her path were swept to the two sides.

Walking straight towards Zi Mo, she lowered her head and looked towards the radish whose face was still stained with little tears.

And she coldly said. “Kneel, admit me as your master!”

“Little martial aunt!” Zi Mo instantly widened his eyes. Before he could be shocked by the fact that she was actually a Demigod, he was moved by that light, single sentence of hers. Tears could not help but surge out of his pair of old eyes.

Zhu Yao however, did not even looked at him, as she kept staring at the little radish, and said it once again. “Kneel.”

Only then did Zi Mo finally react, as he hurriedly pulled his daughter, and had her undergo the master honoring ritual.

The little radish’s tear stains had yet to dry, however, she somehow understood the situation. After heavily kowtowing towards her, she was no longer as energetic as before, as she looked at Zhu Yao with a hint of sadness in her eyes.

“Mn.” Zhu Yao nodded and hinted for her to stand up. Focusing her mind, she tapped on her little forehead. A blood-colored cloud-like marking, then appeared at the center of the forehead.

The mark of a personal succeeding disciple. This time, Zi Mo really cried. He hurriedly rubbed away the tears in his eyes, and for the first time, hugged his fist and bowed towards her. “Thank you, martial-aunt.”

Zhu Yao coldly glanced at him, as she still maintained her cold and prideful look. Don’t be infatuated with elder sis, elder sis is but a legend.

Slightly turning her body, she once again strengthened her pressure, especially towards those Nascent Soul practitioners who had once asked Zi Mo for his daughter’s hand in marriage. And, she only stopped when she could faintly see stains of blood at the corner of their lips.

“She’s now my disciple. If you wish to ask for her hand in marriage, look for me in Jade Forest Mountain!” I won’t kill you.

After saying that, she carried her disciple, and disappeared into thin air. This lady is tyrannical like this, come and bite me if you dare.

Only then did the large crowd of practitioners, who crawling on the ground, finally react. That person earlier was actually the Sovereign of Jade Forest Mountain. Heavens, that place which always produced monstrous practitioners. Wasn’t it said that Sovereign Yu Yan had already ascended a month ago? How could there be another Demigod Sovereign? And that terrifying pressure earlier…

Only then did the crowd began to wipe off their cold sweat, as they reflected on their own death-seeking actions earlier. Although the Pure Yin Physique was very enticing, it was still very frightening to offend a Demigod-stage practitioner, alright? Especially when that person came from the Jade Forest Mountain.

The reason why Jade Forest Mountain was famous, was not merely because of Yu Yan, the number one of the cultivation world who had just ascended earlier, rather, it’s their terrifying strength. Almost every successor of Jade Forest Mountain was the master of the unreasonable, and they were especially famous for their – justification ability.

The reason why they dared to openly ask Zi Mo for his daughter’s hand, was because they knew that, as a Sect Master, he would not do anything out of line. Adding that most of the people asking for her hand were Nascent Soul practitioners like him, for his Sect’s reputation, he would not dare to reject openly.

However, it was different if it’s the Jade Forest Mountain. All of the practitioners produced from there were monsters, if any one of them was irritated, he or she would definitely destroy their entire family. The Nascent Soul Reverends who spoke of having his daughter’s hand earlier, could not help but feel anxious in the depths of their hearts, as they hurriedly bid farewell and headed home. They hoped that person of Jade Forest Mountain would not remember them and collect debts from them in the future.

Zhu Yao brought the frightened little radish back to Jade Forest Mountain. The moment they landed, she started to bawl out. Zhu Yao had never been good with little radishes. The only thing she could do was pat on her head and console her with a few words, yet, they were still unable to stop the little radish from crying out a river.

Just when she was at a loss of what to do, the little radish suddenly stopped crying by herself. As she sniffled, she sadly asked. “Master, what’s the Pure Yin Physique?”

“Uh…” Zhu Yao was instantly stunned by this question, as she fell into a difficult position. How should she put it? The explanation of this term was simply too inappropriate for children.

“Is it really, really bad?” The little radish raised up her face which was filled with tear-stains, her eyes faintly looked as though tears were about to flood out once again.

“It’s not that.” Zhu Yao hesitantly explained, as she stroked her little head.

The little radish struggled, and once again flew into her embrace, her tone carried extreme sorrow. “Then why does everyone dislike Bao Bao, even though Bao Bao didn’t do anything bad? Why does everyone dislike Bao Bao?”

Zhu Yao sighed. She did not know where she should start explaining from, and could only hugged her even more tightly. “Don’t worry, master’s here.”

Since she had taken in a disciple, then it would be her responsibility from now on. She had a faint premonition, that BUG on her face, might be related to her Spirit Vein. Most probably, because of everyone’s desire to possess the Pure Yin Physique, it caused her personality to distort, and then, ideas of destroying the world began to grow in her mind.

But this time, Zhu Yao was here, and she would definitely not give her the chance to go haywire. When she thought of this, Zhu Yao pulled out the little girl out of her embrace, and began to teach her with a serious expression.

“Bao Bao, no, wait! I should call you Xia Lewei. In the future, you will be my Jade Forest Mountain’s only disciple. Remember, Jade Forest Mountain never takes in cowardly disciples. No matter what your Spirit Vein is, before you’re strong enough, master will be able to protect you from harm. But that must definitely not become a reason for you to become weak, understand?”

The little radish was startled, although she did not understand her words completely, she still nodded. Hesitating for a moment, she then weakly asked. “Then… If I’m strong, will everyone like me?”

“I can’t guarantee that everyone will like you.” Zhu Yao told her honestly. “But I can guarantee that people will not dare to bully you.”

The little radish frowned, as she still did not understand her words completely. However, there was no rush, as Zhu Yao could teach her slowly.

After telling her things like ‘study well’ and ‘make progress every day’ in detail, Zhu Yao arranged her to stay in the little straw cottage which she had lived in before. She had the urge to pull out and show off those glorious and beautiful houses which belonged to her master, however, one could only grow in adversity, so she held it in.

As for herself, naturally, she slept in the house which belonged to her master.

Zhu Yao looked at the familiar tables and chairs, as she sat on the only bed in the house. The entire house was filled with her master’s scent. Though, this was not the first time she had lived in her master’s room. When she was in version 2.0, in order to conveniently take care of her, master had always slept with her. But, this was the only time which made her feel that, the house was so scarily cold and quiet.

It had only been a month since her master ascended, yet, she had already begun to feel unaccustomed to it.

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  1. Perdien says:

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      • Flame says:

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      Hm, yes, single spirit vein is the best, but the element also needs to be considered, too,
      As has been said, Water Mystic Arts cannot be used to protect oneself (maybe they focus on different path, like healing or support maybe?), so no matter how high her cultivation be, she will still need other’s protection,
      And it also has been said that Pure Yin Physique is a furnace, which mean they are very beneficial to temper another’s cultivation (as said, can bring at least to Nascent Soul),
      Put those two together, imagine the future of such person

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        There are couples because of love, and there are “couples” because of cultivation.

        Two different meanings, it is possible for two males to be a couple (in love), but that doesn’t mean that two males can form a proper practitioner-pair.
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      Basically, in Taoist belief they believe sperm is actually Yang energy and so try to avoid male orgasm (unless they are trying to make a baby) to prevent the woman draining the man’s energy. If they avoid male orgasm. they believe the two people involved trade approximately the same amount of Yin and Yang energy and this is beneficial for both of their cultivation.


    • QueenOfSidhe says:

      As far as culture goes. China is in US’s 70’s. Only with access to the internet which is speeding up cultural progress. homophobia is still mainstream there. On LGBT issues, a Chinese travel guide site actually says “yes, they are laughing at you and talking about you behind your back for being gay, but that’s just the way we are here so don’t take it personally.”

      So outside of humorous situations, you aren’t going to see any homo stuff come up unless it’s there from the getgo

      Also, I don’t think you’ve fully realized that Xuzhi has completely reincarnated. He’s dead and gone. Memories are wiped clean from the Soul. They are not the same person. At all.

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      Though she *is* pretty young, so skillwise there’s likely someone beyond her.

      As for her being lonely, I think it’s an interesting direction for the story to go. She was always the disciple before, and always looking to her master – being the master should make things interesting.

      Though I guess she’s unlikely to die anymore, if we consider that … (since the title is refers to the *disciple* dying. XD)

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    This chapter states that “Water Mystic Arts could not even be used to protect oneself, which meant that she was destined to be a mere furnace for her entire life.”

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    So it seems that anyone can use Mystic Arts of another element through this process, its just highly inefficient using arts outside of elements they have veins for. The whole thing with having more spirit veins being bad would make less sense than it does if you were restricted in the elements you could use, because then the most powerful practitioners would be the ones who could use more Mystic Arts.

    My impression so far is that having multiple spirit veins is only bad because it greatly reduced your cultivation speed, which happens for several reasons, such as because you had to balance the amount of energy you take in (see Xiao Yi) removing his Wood Spirit Vein when he had too much metal energy so he couldn’t read Nascent Soul unless he either balanced the energies or removed his Wood Spirit Veins, and Yu Yun saying having the Harmony Spirit Vein would reduce cultivation speed “However, to ensure that the different types of spiritual energy are balanced, correspondingly, your cultivation speed will slow down as well.”), and because the spirit veins would be of lower quality and/or especially because of reduced affinity for the each element and/or possibly require more spirit energy (Chapter 23 “Improving one’s cultivation depended on spiritual energy, and the amount needed varied for different types of Spirit Veins. As to how much spiritual energy one could absorb, it would have to depend on how much one could sense spiritual energy, and the person’s affinity to spiritual energy.”). Mostly, I think its because of spirit energy affinity, or else Zhu Yao having Harmony Spirit Veins now as a dragon would suck, but Yu Yao said its not bad because her affinity for spirit energy is still crazy high.

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