[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 2

Chapter 2:【Eraser】

I have already heard that【Sion’s Door】and the【Smuu】household had signed a contract through【Bluemoon】, and they had begun to create connect weapons through merging a few technologies, magic, and mystic arts. In other words, they’re upgraded versions of those weapons I bought before.

However, I never expected that the actual product would be released this quickly.

When I arrived at the library entrance, I was given a shock by the weapon in Merun’s hands. If the 【Dual Magic Chainsaws】 which Aliyah wield were small, then this 【Magic Chainsaw】, with the design of broadsword used as a base, must be extremely huge.

A meter and a half… no, this should be two meters in length, right? It was a large-sized magic chainsaw that was coated entirely in red. There was even a physical electrical chainsaw beneath the exterior of the magic chainsaw teeth, which should be used as a mean for physical attacks once the mana has been depleted, and the swap should be an automatic process as well.

The entire weapon was based off the structure of a broadsword, and the blade of the sword was simply replaced by the chainsaw teeth.

And at the hilt of the sword, a handguard and a reinforced casing had been as well. Most probably, they’re there to prevent others from removing the weapon off her hands.

It seemed like back then, the battle tactic I used, where I smashed my opponent’s weapon out of the battlefield, had made them add these functions. However, in this case, the flexibility in wielding their weapons would decrease.

And her armor was evidently a new set, as it seemed to have undergone reinforcements. There were more gaps, most likely, they’re there to increase nimbleness. However, wouldn’t the parts of the body that were not covered by the armor be exposed?

Could it be because I have never used my weapon to attack their joints?

This entire set of equipment couldn’t have been developed… just to defeat me, right?

That’s too luxurious!

“Yo, Merun, long time no see.”

“That’s indeed so, and I can feel that you have grown much stronger than before.”

Unexpectedly, this girl actually replied. Though, I really wished to say you have gotten stronger as well, since your level was now 35.

“Otherwise, the higher-ups wouldn’t have allowed me to use this set of equipment to defeat you, right? This【High-Grade Monster Annihilation Set】 would only be used when we raid high-grade monsters, and this weapon,【Monster Ripper – Type Zero】 can tear through the shells of high-grade monsters, excluding earth-type monsters. if used against humans, only the armor used by Heavy Knights or Saint Knights can barely resist against it.”

“I really have to thank you for your explanation. But you’re sure talkative today, it’s not your style at all.”

“Un, because I wish that you will use your full strength to defeat me, and only then will I be able to find out my limit. I don’t wish to admit it, but right now, all of the students in the school are able to understand that you’re the strongest person in this academy. Because, even if you don’t borrow the strength of any divine equipment, you’re able to defeat those people who do. Just by this point alone, we understand that we’re already completely outclassed.”

“If you put it that way, then I shouldn’t be using quite a lot of items~”

As I said that, I stabbed【Bloodmoon】and【Ghostbreak】into the ground.

“For example, these weapons.”

“… No, I’m not saying that you’re not allowed to use them. After all, my equipment are already the strongest one could find in our Knight Squad. So… Fight with all your strength!”

“Then tell you your weaknesses?”

“Something like that.”

“Alright then, but there’s two things I wish to clarify. One, I’m still not the strongest in this academy. There’s many experts that have basically not revealed themselves. Two, watch out for your joints!”

“Thank you for your warning. I, Merun Oryansi, the【Eraser】, Annihilation Brigade Commander of the Kingstand Knight Squad, seek your advice!”

“I, Lin Fir, State Magician of Ice Empire, accept your challenge!”

With a wave of my hand, I stored the two weapons that were stabbed in the ground. Then, after taking a step back, I entered the invisible state.


Merin’s expression changed.

As expected, she had already memorized all of my battle data obtained from my previous battles, and there should only be records of me using Ice Magic and sword techniques. In regards to【Bloodmoon】and【Ghostbreak】, I basically did not use them while I was using this identity, hence, in my battle data, there’s naturally not many records on them.


This was definitely my first time using Invisibility. Other than Dual-Swordsmen, Assassins and Rogues, the rest of the classes basically were unable to learn them.

And it’s basically illogical for Magicians to use Invisibility spells. Because when using magic, Magicians have to chant, and while chanting, magic particles will be concentrated together. In an one-on-one, unless the opponent is really too incapable, otherwise, how is it possible to not feel the concentration of energy?

Unfortunately… This doesn’t cause much trouble for me.

Because I don’t have to chant!

“【Bloom, Arcane – Ice Flower】【Multiply】”

Blue magic formations shone under Merun’s feet. However, she did not stop even for an instant, as she instantly charged right out, and the 【Ice Flowers】 simply blew apart at her earlier position! The thorns of the【Ice Flower】 came piercing towards her from the back!

“【Ice Magic Resistant State】, release!”

White steam began to emit out from Merun’s armor, and a red phoenix mark could be seen on the exterior layer of the armor. The armor she was wearing emitted out a layer of red hue at its exterior, and those ice thorns had already melted before they could even approach her!

“It can’t be…”

One Ice Flower after another bloomed in her vicinity, yet, the moment opened themselves, they instantly melted. In just a few dozen seconds, only pools of water were left on the ground.

This battle power… No, this can no longer be considered as battle power. What’s going on with this BUG-like armor!?

“【Ice Totem】 【Multiply】!”

Five pillars of ice came smashing towards Merun. Before they even approached her, the ice pillars began to turn into water. After flying onto the surface of the armor, they turned into white fumes.

While Merun simply turned around and looked towards my direction. Raising the 【Magic Chainsaw】 high up with her hands, her figure turned into a red blur as she charged towards me!

“【Arcane – Hell’s Hymn】!

Following after her slashes, red-colored sword waves, carrying a black glow, came sprouting out from the ground, like a black-colored fountain. Although I don’t know what kind of attack it was, my instincts told me that I would definitely not make it out with light injuries if I were to touch it!

And currently, with my advantages of【Phad’s Eye】and the difference in levels between me and Merun, who was level 35, I could clearly feel that her current speed was slower than the speed she should actually possess.

【Relative Speed】!

【Quick Steps】!

I charged to the right, and immediately left Merun’s attack range.

However, evidently, her skill could not be stopped, and it only ended right after slashing a total of eight times… While long stretches of black-colored marks were left on the ground, and some places had even cracked apart.

Extremely high temperatures? Or is it something else?

Unfortunately, I do not possess Ms. Mari’s or Dale’s analytical abilities, and it’s impossible for me to analyse it even if I want to.

And I’m unable to use my full strength. It’s already crazy enough that I’m capable of wielding both Ice Magic, Healing Magic and sword techniques at the same time. If I were to use spells or skills of any other elemental types, I think that many people in the academy will receive a heart attack, and will no longer love me anymore.

“Oh, you’re actually able to dodge this strike of mine!”

After saying that, she once again accelerated as she chased after me, the 【Magic Chainsaw】 in her hands began to screech as it spun!

Oh my god, she’s basically a chainsaw psycho!

Flipping to the back, I dodged her first slash. However, after she slashed, she swung the broadsword to the back, and once again came hacking towards me from the top.

I don’t dare to pull out【Ghostbreak】and compete with her in endurance at all. After all, Bai Yueguang’s weapon had shattered right in front of my eyes earlier, and my staff was destroyed in that battle as well. This meant that the weapons are not invincible, and I will definitely be courting death if I clash head-on with her!

“【Arcane – Ice Royal Garden】!”

At the same time, I summoned the【Ice Knight Armor】. After all, her chainsaw was currently carrying fire elemental effects…

The moment I cast it, her broadsword smashed onto my ice wall! Steam was produced, and then…


The entire ice wall was actually sliced apart!


I charged towards the back, however, I could see that my HP had decreased by a small amount!

I looked towards my chest, and realized the【Ice Knight Armor】 had been torn open from the center, and blood was flowing out from the crack.

If it was a little deeper… my chest would have been torn apart, right!?

“Hey, hey, hey! You’re too ruthless, don’t you think!?”

“Don’t worry, if you suffer from a state of apparent death, the battle barrier will automatically restrict me!”

This girl is still enjoying the moment, huh. Geez, looks like it won’t do unless I get serious.

Hence, I touched the switch in my pocket, and smiled.

“I wish you luck.”

37 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 2

      • DMR says:

        To spend that much money for 1 opponent in a school battle testing the skills of either side?

        The schools are investing too much, and they all already used too many unhonorable methods and used bullying to try and get mages on their side.

        Liked by 3 people

      • jacobpaige says:

        Its not the schools doing it though. Its the political entities behind the schools. And from a political perspective, it makes perfect sense to try to get your hooks into future powerhouses while you still can. Demonstrations of power and wealth are some of the more effective ways to do that. Plus, Fir signed up for this. They’ve long since stopped bothering the people who didn’t. Unless I’m missremembering something.

        Liked by 1 person

      • jacobpaige says:

        I know, but everything they’ve done was ordered by politicians. And the politicians’ orders make sense from their own perspectives. Sure they’re assholes, but I’m not sure you could say that their decisions are actually bad when you consider the bigger picture and their own situations. Though, honestly, I don’t really remember everything they’ve done, just the broad strokes.


      • Waht says:

        DMR, me thinks yer taking these kids too seriously. I think it’s more entertaining to think of these knights as meatheads whom like to fight so much, they have certain traditional quirks and behaviors…Like being slightly arrogant, or challenging a brick wall to test out their mettle.

        I think they’re more cute than annoying. <:


    • GonZ555 says:

      “If I were to use spells or skills of any other elemental types, I think that many people in the academy will receive a heart attack, and will no longer love me anymore.”
      Don’t worry~ your harem will still love you~

      Liked by 3 people

    • Waht says:

      Try to imagine how many MP potions Fir is consuming in each battle, his wallet is going empty as well.
      The narrative may skip on it, but we already saw how in other battles, he constantly chugs on potions nonstop.

      Granted, this author is not the king of consistency (remember the retcon regarding the level-up system? Yeah) — but we do have Fir’s MP problems as an consistent issue that was never addressed.
      I truly wonder if Fir will ever actually acquire a basic RPG skill called “Passive MP recovery” (We even know that there’s a Tutor-system, thanks to Fir teaching what’s-her-face the Ice Armour skill. Fir can have another out-worlder mage “Tutor him” about such a thing.)


      • jacobpaige says:

        He does have passive MP recovery, its just too slow to keep up with his constant usage of high end spells and abilities. That’s why all of his money gets spent on potions and his other items come from robbing various people.


  1. pancakes4ever says:

    If Fir wants an instant win, it might have planted his pseudo-C4 bombs.
    If Fir wants to oblige the opponent and give her a lecture while fighting, he might have set paralysis/flash/smoke/tear gas bombs.
    If Fir wants to spring a surprise, he might use skills he learned from raiding the auction in SkyBreak Academy City.

    There are multiple ways Fir can go about, and this cliffhanger just had to get us going. xD

    Thanks for translating this Chapter ~


  2. xias1 says:

    Switch…? pocket…?
    He didn´t, did he?

    He surely didn´t put a bomb on the girl while being invisible and intends to blow it up now, right?
    He won´t right?!



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