[RPG] Vol. 8 Prologue


Prologue: Change of Plans

At the square in front of the library entrance, the fourteenth Team Battle of the Academy War was about to begin.

In the opposing party, the head of the team was Sryador Mir, the new Squad Leader of【Knight of the Blue Seas】. 23 Years Old, with a level of 28, he was a new entry into the Heavy Knight Squad which belonged to the Ouera Empire. In battles, he specialized in using defenses and counterattacks, and his defensive strength was higher than his attack strength.

Don’t ask me why I know all these. These idiots had already uploaded all these intel onto the magical internet. As long as we hack into their country’s database, we will be able to easily obtain all of their intel.

The person next to him was their Vice-Leader, Henrens Haste. He was also a knight of the Ouera Empire as well. With a level of 30, he was a Dual-swordsman. According to what was stated in the intel report, this bastard tend to coat his daggers with poison. However, this guy rely too much on the poison’s effects. The moment he saw that his opponents had took his hits, he would reduce his attack speed.

The remaining one was a Fire Magician, Sidor Martin. With a level of 27, he specialized in continuous harassment with small-scale fireballs, and then, he would cast large-scale magic spells to attack when his opponents stop moving.

These three people could be considered to have the best compatibility out of the many different teams. Although I don’t wish to admit it, these seemingly many weeks of battles had allowed the teamwork between the Knights and Magicians to improve, and their relationships had gotten better as well.


If their opponents are us, then there no way out left for them.

“Are you sure you’re going up on your own?”

The one who said this was Bai Yueguang, who was looking at the scenery at the side of the square.

“That’s of course. And isn’t your blade destroyed? In times like this, just leave it to me.”

“Alright then. Then I don’t need to cut in either, right?”

The person on the other side was Tai Shixi. Her weapon was not destroyed, however, I still wish to try if it’s possible to take on a group of enemies with our difference in levels.

“If I were to lose, then you two can tag in.”

“Alright, alright. Then I will be waiting at the side.”

After saying that, she immediately sat on the ground, and looked towards the square.

“You shall pay the price for being so conceited!”

Mir raised his broadsword as he looked at me. His broadsword revealed a red glow, in other words, in order to suppress my ice element, this guy especially looked for a fire-type broadsword. He sure thought this through.

“I will definitely have to pay the price or whatever, but it’s simply not now.”

I smiled. After wearing a magic badge which increased my magical attack, I pulled out Bloodmoon.


“Begin… Battle!”

Immediately after the teacher’s signal, their dual-swordsman took a step forward, and disappeared in front of my eyes. However, he did not reappear immediately, which meant that this guy had simply used a tool or skill to hide himself.

This guy’s level was not as high as mine. So, naturally, it’s impossible for him to escape my【Phad’s Eye】. In other words, he was using a tool of a higher grade to hide himself.

However, his goal was to simply poison me, so it didn’t matter.

While the Broadsword User came charging towards me while carrying his broadsword on his shoulder!

Broadswords had highly-efficient defense breaking characteristics, while I what I’m using was a tachi, so naturally, I would be unable to block against his heavy attack!

I leapt to the back in order to avoid his heavy slash, while a red shadow instantly smashed right in front of me. Following after a loud bang, a red airwave spewed out from the place he attacked!

“【Arcane – Searing Red Lotus】!”

It was actually an Arcane skill as well! I smiled, and then, an ice wall was built in front of me. The blazing waves struck onto the ice wall, and was blocked completely, while I took the opportunity to retreat with an Accelerate, hiding to the sides of the battlefield.

But what welcomed me was a sky filled with fire balls!

Like cannonballs, the fireballs which covered the heaven and earth flew towards me. Using【Light Steps】, I quickly circled around the sides of the battlefield, and sprinted towards their rear. Those fireballs were like droplets of rain, as they descended onto the ground. While I quickly pushed forward while making left and right turns, and charged out of the attack radius before it turned into a sea of flames.


Seeing my speedy approach, the Fire Magician shouted out as he hid towards the back. With a quick step, I charged right in front of him, and then, I smacked away the magic staff in his hands.

“With your staff gone, you’re unable to use large-scaled magic spells, because this magic staff allows you to reduce your casting time. And if you don’t use your staff, you require at least 50 seconds to release a large-scaled magic spell, anyone who sees you will be able to strike you down. So, you best remember this. In the future, carry a weapon that will not escape your hands.”


He responded with a stunned look. And then, with a smile, I threw him out of the battlefield.


But, in the next second, I felt a sword had cut across my thigh. Then, my body entered a poisoned state.

Even though that was the case, I detoxified myself in the next second, because I wore a detoxifying accessory in advance.

However, because of his attack, he evidently revealed his figure. I speedily aimed right at his dual swords, and unleashed the 【Iai Slash】. The blades of the swords instantly shattered!

“Oh my god, you…”

“Your poison is neurotoxic, which carries a paralysis effect. However, do not forget this. The more you use it, naturally, more people will be able to see through your tricks. So, in the future, if you wish to become stronger, there’s two ways. One, change to a different poison. Two, do not rely on the poison effects, and attack with your full strength!”

“Ah… Ou… Is that so….”

Just like that Magician earlier, he had a skeptical expression as well, while I immediately threw him out of the battlefield.

And correspondingly, an attack warning rang from behind me. I immediately left an Ice Bomb at where I was standing, and then, with a Shadow Sneak, I charged to the other side of the battlefield.

His broadsword struck directly onto the 【Ice Bomb】.

“This is… Oh, my god.”


The 【Ice Bomb】, as expected, exploded. The ice magical particles enveloped his entire vicinity, and he turned into a gigantic ice flower.

He tried to struggle out of the ice flower which was sealing him, however, no matter how much he moved, his body was unable to struggle out.

After a few minutes, he finally sighed and stopped struggling.

“Why aren’t you attacking me!? Are you trying to humiliate me!?”

He roared out angrily.

“No, I simply wish to have you deeply experience the advantages you should be exerting to the fullest potential. That’s your defenses and counterattacks, and not charge out recklessly just because your opponent is a Magician, or a user of weapons that’s lighter than yours. That’s very dangerous. Because the trajectories of broadsword attacks are too simplistic.”



I snapped my fingers, and he instantly fell out of the ice flower.

“Allow me to see your true abilities!”

With 【Quick Steps】, I charged right over, as I pulled out the tachi in my hands.

“【Arcane – Iai Slash】!”

With a flip, my opponent leapt up, his expression was stern. Turning the broadsword in his hands, he borrowed the momentum of the broadsword to instantly deflect the slash attack! Then, he pressed down his broadsword, and a slash attack came falling towards me.

【Iai Slash】 was an attack with only a single time use. If it did not hit its target, it would continue heading straight for a long period of time.

But, that rule only applied to Samurais, and not Magicians.

His slash attack heavily smashed onto my ice shield, causing me to take a few good consecutive steps back. However, I was able to successfully grabbed onto his broadsword.

“Alright then, this is the next lesson. When your broadsword is caught, how are you supposed to retaliate?”

“… This…”

“Remember, learn a couple of skills which allow you to retreat at high speed. And then, bring a few more broadswords.”

With a smile, I threw him out of the battlefield as well.

“… Victor, NEET Tea Party…”

The teacher who was in-charge of refereeing the match, announced as such.

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  1. Phantom Starlight says:

    “Bring more broadswords”
    Now I am picturing a guy without a dimensional pocket skill carrying around a bunch of broadswords-In a fight no less.
    I find the image quite amusing actually.

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    • crashclown says:

      true, but it’s a xianxia, so the showing off could be much, much worse. I hate those generic lines like: your grandfather is here, and stuff.


    • Waht says:

      Showing off? Hmm…
      The way I see it, they’re….Fooling around. Given the fact that they’re basically immortals and consider the world to be an extension of a game — I do not find it surprising that they take an “overly playful” mode of operations.


    • Waht says:

      He was basically BSing them the entire time, considering he got their intel from the network, rather from his actual observations.
      You lose if you actually believe anything Fir’s group says. y;


  2. Agranite says:

    The prologoue is missing from the ePub Table of Content spine. The only way to get to the Prologue is through the ToC page with all the html link or by manually browsing to the Prologue page.


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