[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Assault

The commotion in the room did not really last long, as half an hour later, Bai Xiangtian came over to call us for dinner.

Haidao Qianben actually joined us as well. Looks like the cure earlier was very effective as she was actually fully recovered now. And as I predicted, those scars were healed as well.

Looks like the medicine that was created out of coincidence was very effective. Seems like mass-producing it shouldn’t be a problem now.


While I was still thinking of contacting Lanya about increasing the production, I heard someone calling out for me.

When I turned to look, it was actually Haidao Qianben.

“Umm… Thank you very much for back then.”

“What for?”

“It’s that…”

She was clearly very strong-headed during the duel, how did she become like this? Could it be a side-effect from the medicine?

“Even though the duel was something I casually instigated, in the end, I was still healed by you, and you even used a medicine that could prevent leaving any scars on my body… Umm, really, thank you very much.”

“Ah, umm, it’s fine as long as you’re alright. Don’t mind it.”

When I said as such, I looked at Aliyah as well, and realized she was currently glancing over to my side.

“No, no, no. Really, thank you very much. And, I heard that my brother even misunderstood you after that, umm…”

“Don’t mind it. It’s very normal for a big brother to protect his little sister…”

“No! Oyado will protect big brother!”

Suddenly, Oyado leapt over to us and said.

Have you been eavesdropping on us?

“Alright, let us go. Aren’t we eating dinner?”

“Un! Let’s go, Little Bai.”

Haidao Qianben said as such.

But… when she said that, her target was not Bai Yueguang, but Bai Xiangtian…

Our entire body looked at Bai Yueguang with sad eyes, while he himself was leaning against the wall and looking towards the sky with a darkened expression.

Kurosashi, Bai Xiangtian, and Haidao Qianben who were left out, looked at us with skeptical expressions.


Hence, the bunch of us mightily walked towards the restaurant which we have made a reservation at.

After all, this is a city constructed with an academy as its center, the number of mercenaries and merchants are comparatively small, hence, with our numbers, it’s already considered rather mighty.

But, it’s because of this fact, that so-called auction will be conducted here, right?

Who will think that an underground auction will be held right at the city next to an academy? And, even if any strange things were to be transported here, they could be explained as the academy’s experimental needs. Is there really anyone that will come to an academy and ask what experiments you’re conducting?

Of course not.

“Speaking of which, aren’t Mr. Haoran and Ms. Domyuu coming?”

While we’re walking, I asked the two people who were taking the lead.

“Of course they will be coming, and there’s our academy dean as well. In the morning, because they headed out for work-related matters, they were unable to come personally. Earlier, they even had me express their apologies to you people in their stead.”

Haidao Qianben turned back and said.

Is that so? Clearly, we made such a big mess in your academy though.

“Then your dean must be a very strong person, right?”

“Un. Currently, he’s already at the Mahayana Realm, he’s just waiting to make a breakthrough now.”


Hah? What’s that?

I completely do not understand deity cultivation at all, even if you were to tell me that, I don’t know either!

I silently looked towards Tai Shixi behind me. I don’t know if it was because she hard what Haidao Qianbei said earlier, her eyes narrowed.

“Then he must have lived for a few hundred years, right? I wonder what your dean trains in?”

Tai Shixi suddenly asked.

“Un, what our dean specialize in, is “Weapon Refinement”. Although it’s called Weapon Refinement, he’s basically able to create anything.”

“I see. so he’s able to provide mutual support, and yet, not become the primary target of fire by his opponents.”

Tai Shixi muttered to himself, and then, once again, she gazed towards the sky.

Can you guys please not say such strange terms as though they have come from a heavenly book? There’s no guidebooks in this world, so why don’t you people explain what the hell you people are talking about?

However, I feel that if I were to ask like this, I will definitely embarrass myself even more. Hence, I silently kept my mouth shut instead.


And just at this moment, without any warning, I suddenly heard someone from the side shouting out loud!

Immediately after, a store not far away suddenly exploded, and the flames that rose to the skies instantly lit up the night.

What’s going on?

Although I don’t know what happened, those flames that rose to the skies were definitely not ignited from explosions, rather, someone had used a Fire Magic spell or something similar.

Because… Where were there ever explosions that could bring about their own flames!? Do you think they are incendiaries!?

“【Arcane – Ice Palace】!”

When I saw those flames were being spread towards the passers-by, I hurriedly released an Ice Magic spell, surrounding the flames that were engulfing the entire store!

“You guys! Hurry and get away from there!”

I shouted to those passers-by who were still in a daze.

“Yes… Thank you!”

Those people immediately fled to the side.

“Hey! If you surround that store like this, what about the people inside!?”

Bai Xiangtian shouted at me.

“Those people are already dead! The explosions earlier and those flames are not normal! That’s a skill someone used!”

The moment I said that, my ice wall suddenly took a strong blow from the inside, a red shadow smashed apart my ice wall, and got out from passing through the crack!

The hell, is that guy the Human Torch?

That guy’s entire body was covered in flames. Even his clothes were burning, and they completely did not have any signs of being burnt apart.

“Oh, to think there’s actually an Ice Magician as well. What a pity, you’re not a Water Magician. Hahahaha!”

He laughed as he pointed towards the sky, and then, with a bang, a flaming giant descended from the skies!

The hell, that skill is so blazingly cool, I want to learn it too!

However, currently, I can’t completely see this guy’s information like his name and titles, and I’m unable to determine his level either.


Because currently, this guy is a red-name to me, however, the flames on his body are completely covering his name…

Hey hey hey! Is this a considered as a bug? At least, highlight the name for me. If he’s a dangerous BOSS-type character, could you add a skull-face above his head?


Bai Xiangtian loudly shouted.

“That guy is an Onmyouji! This is a summoning technique!”


He’s an Onmyouji?

When I looked at it carefully, on the head of the summoned giant, a talisman was pasted on it.

Onmyou Arts?

But that Fire Magic spell earlier, clearly, I saw a magic formation…

In other words, he’s a Fire Magician with Onmyouji as his sub-class?

I looked at the people behind me, and everyone was excitedly looking at the guy who suddenly appeared.

“What should we say in times like this?”

I said, while wearing my 【Magic Armbands】.

“Monster has spawned? Let’s go, everyone?”

Bai Yueguang said with a smile as he held onto the hilt of his katana.

“Wrong, it should be… Kill-steal! First come first serve!”

Aliyah’s entire body exploded into flames, instantly turning into a fire wolf-woman, and then, she charged right out!

And behind her, was Tai Shixi, who was charging out while silently holding on her halberd!

Geez, can’t you guys be a little serious in times like this!?

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  1. anon leecher says:

    Can someone refresh my memory why fir and Bai were sad when “little bai” got mentioned it’s like the girl who called bai that died, but from what I remember or understood she hasn’t died or parted ways with them….


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