[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 38

Chapter 38: You Say You Don’t Want it, but Your Body is Rather Honest

When we just arrived at the inn, we immediately saw Kamiochi rushing over while panting heavily.


“Yo, Kamiochi, long time no see.”

The current Kamiochi was wearing a grey priest robe, and her body was even adorned with various sparkling jewelries.

And currently, her long hair was dyed white, adding her current heavily panting look…

I kind of feel that she looked like a slave elf that was being prepared to be sold off in some fiction, to…

Kuh kuh, this isn’t the main point.

“You’re dressed up quite nicely today, are you planning to go on a date?”

“Date your sister!”

“You’re actually interested in my sister? That’s too frightening!”

“You… Forget it.”

After saying that, she pulled Kurosashi over.

“Kurosashi-chan~ Did this pervert Fir do anything to you?”


“What did he tell you just now?”

“He said… that he would bring me… to look for Kamiochi-chan.”

So this girl actually knows how to talk. However, compared to her body which was filled with killing intent, this girl’s voice is different… it’s unexpectedly tender!

This sort of gentle  voice… Could it be that, Kamiochi, you like this kind of taste?

“Anything else?”



Kamiochi was dispirited for a moment, heaved a sigh, and then, looked at me with a very scornful expression.

“You, you’re only trying to fool me into coming here, right?”

“Well… I simply saw the name of this girl’s guild, which led to me thinking about you. Hence, I called you over as well.”

“You sure are casual about this! Forget it, I’m not going to fuss about it anymore. But, you actually came to the Eastern Continent, is it for that auction quest as well? Your “Momiji Secret Society” guild sounds very familiar, but I have never really seen it.”

This girl is actually able to see my hidden guild information among my titles, huh. Looks like she has chosen the skill that allows her to see through the target’s titles as well.

“It’s a legendary guild. You have best not bring up my guild to your superiors, otherwise, they will definitely be scared half to death.”

“Really? You seem to always find those abnormal and strange things, huh?”

“Birds of the same feather flock together?”

“Is it really fine for you to look for retorts… Ah, this is bad, I can’t chat any longer, I still have a quest on hand. And this is all your fault. Let’s do this then, you’re here for the auction quest as well anyway, so let’s have Kurosashi-chan follow you for now. If you were to anything to Kurosashi-chan, I will definitely erase you from this world!”

“Then I think it’s best if you bring her along with you.”

“Alright, I will contact you again at night!”

After saying that, with a “shuaaa” sound, she ran away.

Clearly she was still panting heavily earlier, yet she actually ran away so quickly…


Kurosashi-chan pulled onto my clothes.

“Pleased to meet you…”

“… You’re sure a very good-mannered child, huh.”

“I got praised… So happy.”

After saying that, this girl’s eyes curved a little, and seemed to have smiled.


This girl! She’s basically an angel!

Just how did【Song of Charming Heart】turn such an angel-like girl into an assassin!? Tell me, please!

I want to learn too!


“Hence, that’s the reason why you kidnapped a girl back?”

Aliyah’s scornful expression looked as though she wanted to kill me.

While Oyado and Lois at the side were currently surrounding Kurosashi-chan, inspecting her from head to toe.

However, Kurosashi-chan who was facing these onlookers, completely did not have any sort of movements, and was simply standing there, looking blankly at us.

“Well~ In any case, we managed to find someone that could assist us in the quest, didn’t we?”

“Hmph! Fine, do whatever you want!”

Aliyah unhappily snorted, and then, returned to her own seat.

Our current position was an especially big guest room in an inn at Daybreak City. After finishing our schedule for the day, we returned here.

But, Kurosashi’s appearance seemed to have caused Aliyah to be very unhappy. Geez, I didn’t intentionally kidnap her back, so what’s the use for resenting me?

“Big brother, is she your new little sister?”

Oyado suddenly turned to me and asked.

“Hah? How is that possible? Aren’t you my only little sister?”

“Un! Big brother is the best.”

“This girl is so cute, can I hug her?”

“Lois, you should be asking her that question!”

“I don’t care anymore!”

After saying that, Lois actually hugged her directly.

Speaking of which, this girl had kept quiet for so long, even I have forgotten she was yuri. So, after seeing a new little girl, she was resurrected from the dead?

But, the instant Lois’ body moved, Kurosashi-chan’s figure instantly disappeared from the spot.


Lois who had leapt into the air, instantly fell onto the ground.

“She… she actually dodged it, wuu…”

“Because… it feels… very scary.”

Kurosashi-chan who had dodged to the side slowly said.

“Wuu… I’m being disliked…”

After saying that, Lois cried as she ran out.

…… This girl really knows how make a commotion, huh.

“In any case, it’s fine for you guys to make a fuss, but don’t cause any trouble for me!”

Ms. Mari said very sternly.

“After all, we’re here on an exchange study, if something were to happen, I won’t be able to save you guys!”

Hearing her say this, I silently sent her a message and asked.

‘What’s your true thoughts?’

‘When’s the auction? When are we going to act?’

As expected of Ms. Mari…

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  1. gohankuten says:

    So then exactly which route in the auction is Fir going to take? Honestly I would love to somehow see him pull off all the routes by glitching the system and then having world-chan tsukkomi him with a title like quest breaker or something lol.


  2. shortykilz says:

    Birds of the same feather flock together?
    Unless Fir botched it, it should be “Birds of a feather flock together”

    And I was expecting carnage when Oyado met new assassin loli, oh well. Maybe next time. Thanks for the chapter!


  3. ? says:

    Uhm well I´ve got a feeling over the past chapters ….. they´ve become shorter haven´t they?

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Nice story.
    Keep up the good work!


  4. AnimeLover says:

    This new girl is so cute!!!~ like a little sister you want to protect. I think that’s how our Assassin Elf sees her


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