[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Bounty Hunter

Although I figured out the general contents of this quest, when deciding how to go about doing it, it’s actually really difficult. After all…

World-chan is watching…

If I were to really kill everyone and then steal away all the stuffs, then, titles like【Murdering Great Demon King】,【Auction Blood-Washer】,【Number One Wanted Person】would probably be added, right?

And my current title is already nearing【Neutral】. If I were to do something like that, it might turn into【Evil】or something along those lines.

When that time comes, even if I want to change it back, it will be too late!

Although the people opening a private auction like this can’t be good people, it would be indeed too much to crazily slaughter everyone like that.

And, in actual fact, we’re not from this world anyway. If we were to directly participate in the matters of this world, wouldn’t we be interfering too much?

It sure is hard to make a decision, huh… If only it was a main quest with only a single route, then I wouldn’t have to choose like this.

‘Fir! Hurry and get over here, I realized I’m being followed.’


Suddenly, I saw the message Bai Yueguang sent.

Being followed?

What’s going on?

Are our enemies in this place as well?

Although I don’t know the exact reason, I still quickly closed the terminal, and then, left the store after paying up.

Sweeping my gaze across the surrounding titles, I quickly found Bai Yueguang’s name at a corner not far away. And behind him, a yellow name was slowly following him.

When I took a careful look, she was actually a teenage girl with green short hair, wearing a magical windbreaker, she was even using the collar to cover her face.

‘Isn’t it great to have such a cute girl following you?’

I poked fun at him, while I walked towards them.

‘Are you kidding me? That girl is evidently a slaughtering machine.’

Hearing Bai Yueguang say this, only then did I give a careful look at the girl’s titles.

Zangetsu Kurosashi
LV 45 Assassin
Female | 17 Years Old
[Evil] [Extreme] [Brutal] [Bounty Hunter] [Song of the Charming Night] [High-Grade Wanted Person] [One-Hit Kill] [Arcane Skill Possessor] [Alpha Descendant]

‘You sure are capable of offending a big shot huh. Just what did you do to her? Touch her butt? Sneaked a peek at her underwear? Or…”

‘Are you kidding me!? Why would I dare!?”

‘Are there actually things that you don’t dare to do? Clearly, you’re even the【Kidnapper】or whatever in our party…”

‘Enough nonsense! Hurry up and help me!’

‘I’m already beside you guys, how are you planning to do this?’


After a moment of silence, Bai Yueguang suddenly put down the item he was looking at in his hands, and then, with an Accelerate, he passed through the crowd, immediately sprinting towards the direction of the exit!

Hey, hey ,hey! You’re actually going to flee right away!?

And the girl behind her, almost at the same time, accelerated and chased after him as well! Looks like she has him deadly locked-on.

Should I say, as expected of the Assassin class?

Looks like it’s inevitable, in times like this, it’s best to help him out.

Taking the opportunity when everyone was watching them, I instantly used Shadow Sneak, and instantly flashed towards the exit of the black market.

Immediately after, Bai Yueguang instantly ran past me, and I pretended to make a casual turn, colliding with the girl that was chasing after him.

She actually took a step back from the collision, and then, instantly fell and sat on the floor!


The girl looked at me skeptically, as though she was confused that she actually did not see me earlier and collided with me.

“Are you alright?”

I pretended to use a low voice and asked, and then, I stretched out my hand towards her.


She shook her head, and then, got up from the ground by herself.

Damn it, it’s actually someone who doesn’t talk, and she doesn’t even take out a little book and write down what she wants to say. How am I going to communicate with her then!?


Looking at her titles, I suddenly thought of someone.

Kamiochi Yuon!

That’s right, the name of this girl’s guild is the same as Kamiochi Yuon’s guild. In other words, even an Assassin Guild from the Western Continent is participating in this as well?

Speaking of which, one of the routes for the quest is to ‘participate in the robbery’, which means, the incident this time is much more important than I imagined, huh.

Alright, since that’s the case, let’s slightly change our course of action then.

“Un? Aren’t you Kurosashi-chan? Could it be that the 【Song of Charming Heart】 is participating in this mission as well?”

I purposefully approached her slightly, and then, asked her softly.


She hurriedly took a step back out of shock, and then, looked at me with a very terrified expression.

Although she looked like that on the surface, I knew she had already took out her dagger from under her windbreaker, because, her name had already changed into red.

“Kurosashi-chan, I’m not your enemy. I found out about you from Kamiochi.”


Hearing Kamiochi’s name, her name actually instantly turned from red into white!

Hey hey hey, what’s your relationship with Kamiochi…

“This isn’t a good place to talk, why don’t we change locations?”

She nodded.

“You’re really a good and obedient child, let’s go.”

Firstly, let’s leave the black market for now.

Of course, at the same time, I sent a message to Bai Yueguang and have him hide a little further away. Although I don’t know why he was found out, I guess I will find out in just a moment.

At the same time, I searched the players in the vicinity, and as I thought, that woman Kamiochi Yuon’s name indicated that she was nearby.

As expected, when there’s a place with a violent incident occurring, she wouldn’t miss out on it, huh?

‘Yo, you’re here as well, huh.’

I sent her such a message.

‘… Eh?’

Only after about half a minute did she finally reply.

‘Why did you come to the Eastern Continent as well?’

‘Robbery? Gaining EXP?’

‘… Your main questline sure is pleasant and fun, huh.’

’‘You sound as though it’s not the same for you… Oh right, your Kurosashi-chan is in my hands. How much are you planning to fork out to take her back?’

‘… Hah!? What did you do to my Kurosashi!?’

‘Nothing much, just find us at the inn at the eastern commercial district later.’

After saying that, I cut off the messaging system.

“Kurosashi-chan, let us find Kamiochi then.”

As I said that, I removed the strange black cloak from my body.

She nodded, and was not shocked in the slightest. She simply nodded, and then followed after me.

Is… Is this the development where I will earn the Kidnapper title?

48 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 37

  1. mecharos says:

    I’ve been wondering. but, whats wrong with his quest? it keeps on going the weird way. like stealing books from library, kidnapping, find the way out of dungeon (not the “Clear Dungeon” one. lol), etc. I guess, the purpose of the quest generated with how the people think of what they should do.
    anyway, Thank you for the Chapter!


  2. Jyazen says:

    To be honest I would go for 【Murdering Great Demon King】,【Auction Blood-Washer】,【Number One Wanted Person】 but I guess 【Kidnapper】 works too… whatever goes~

    I also like how he clearly admit he’s here for Robbery.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Diamona says:

    I get the feeling he’s just going to go the “Whatever Goes” route. Like, indiscreetly burst in, steal the few things, report auctioneers to the constables and “accidentally” incite a riot that kills the two targets. My chips are on that Fir wings it.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. flame says:

    “Should I say, as expected of the Assassin class?” – I was really hoping for a pun with that set up…

    “Damn it, it’s actually someone who doesn’t talk, and she doesn’t even take out a little book and write down what she wants to say. How am I going to communicate with her then!?” – http://i.imgur.com/SJYdZCP.png (eu)


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