[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Puzzle

“You actually have such a convenient tool as well? How did you get it?”

Bai Yueguang looked at my spectacles with an unbelievable expression, and asked.

“It’s from the Rogue’s main questline. Form a party with someone who has the Rogue class, and then complete his or her first quest, then you will receive it.”

“It’s actually that troublesome? Haah, if the opportunity arises then. I really want to have a pair of spectacles that can allow me to see through the weak points of others, so that I can defeat my opponents with a single Iai Slash.”

“Do you think this is an【Eye of Instant Death】?”

“If there’s such a thing, that will be so much more awesome.”

“Alright, let’s stop with the idle chatter… Coincidentally, there’s no one around us right now. Let’s hurry up and head over.”

I instantly headed over to one of the outer walls of the pagoda, and then, with an Accelerate, I passed through it.

Of course, in my eyes, there’s a grey door that was currently opened over there, so naturally, I was able to instantly pass through it.

After passing through that door, the surroundings instantly turned dark.

I changed into the black cloak I wore in the black market in the past as well, and then, I covered my face.

Although it’s possible to use the Disguise technique as well, it’s evidently more professional this way.

Seeing my look, Bai Yueguang fiddled around for a moment as well, and changed into a set of ninja attire! (With a mask)


“What’s with that get-up of yours?”

“In the past, I encountered an idiot who tried to assassinate me on the road, and after I killed him, I realized his equipment was not bad, so I kept them.”

“Is that so? You might as well take up the Ninja sub-class then?”

“When the opportunity arises. It’s too troublesome to pick up another class.”

Bai Yueguang waved his hands in irritation, and I stopped bringing up that topic as well.

Like the other black markets, after walking along the dark passageway for not even a minute, we arrived at the black market that was hidden inside the mountain.

Probably because of the rocks in this mountain body being firmer and stronger, they even dug up holes in the walls to set up their stores.

This kinds of similar to the cities of gnomes in the games I played back then. Or is this place designed by actual gnomes?

“You can just look around for now, I will be using the terminal for a while.”


After saying that, that guy actually instantly turned and headed in another direction. Could it be that he had found something interesting?

Ah whatever, it doesn’t matter. Currently, it’s best to deal with my quest.

Sweeping my gaze around the black market, I found a terminal at the corner, and then, I walked over with quick steps.


There’s only a single terminal in this black market, and it’s actually being used!

Walking to the entrance, and as usual, I signaled to the manager, and he allowed me to first wait at the side.

Just who is actually using it as well… Eh?

After looking at her carefully, I actually found out that she was actually someone I know!

Although she changed into a black cloak and wore a mask as well, it’s completely impossible for the titles above her head to be concealed.

I should say, even if it’s concealed, my Eyepiece of Truth will be able to display them as well instead.

Although earlier, I felt she was a little suspicious…

I didn’t expect that it would be Domyuu!

But currently, she did not have the odachi carried behind her back, it’s unknown as to whether it’s hidden in her ring.

Speaking of which…

This woman’s class clearly states that she’s a Wandering Heavenly Sword User, yet, she carries an Odachi… Just what is going on?

And adding that currently, she actually appeared in this black market… Interesting.

So as to prevent myself from being exposed, I took off my Eyepiece of Truth. At the same time, Domyuu completed her communication, turned and left the store.

After exiting the door, she turned her head to look at me, before leaving.

I should not have been… exposed, right?

I pretended to be calm, and walked into the terminal store.

At the same time, I sent a message to Bai Yueguang, hoping that he could check on Domyuu’s whereabouts.

Turning the terminal on, I hurriedly opened the machine’s usage history and communication log. Although it stated that they were deleted… I instantly entered the administrator’s menu, and looked at the deleted records.

“This mark… should belong to the Western Continent. The ID she used earlier… is registered by someone called【Sibeir Mu】? Who is this guy?”

I hurriedly used the terminal to investigate, but…

Sibeir Mu
Male | 65 Years Old
Witts Empire State Magician

Dead? To actually have a dead person use the terminal, this should be a stolen account, right?


One of Domyuu’s title suddenly flast past my mind, and I felt cold sweat flowing down my back.

Returner… Could it be that person is actually a zombie that has been possessed?

Looks like things have become really interesting. Great. Now, let’s look at the missions on Momiji’s side as well.

After inserting the Momiji’s plugin, the screen entered the Momiji’s main page.

“As I thought…”

Almost all of the Momiji’s missions in this sector are related to the auction.
Momiji’s Missions:
1. Kill the host of the auction – Heimdor Fournights
2. Kill a participant of the auction – Zhang Yuan
3. Kill a participant of the auction – Sevenday Plain
4. Steal an item from the auction – Silent Flowerbox
5. Steal an item from the auction – Sky Moving Halberd
6. Free someone who is about to be auctioned – Li Fang
7. …

The hell, this quest sure is troublesome. There’s actually such a long list.

Are you kidding me?

After thinking deeply for a moment, I made a wise decision.

“So, after killing all of the hosts and participants, I have to steal all their stuffs, and release all those people that are going to be auctioned off?”

I shook my head and laughed.

“This sure is challenging.”

30 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 36

  1. parth37955 says:

    “So, after killing all of the hosts and participants, I have to steal all their stuff, and release all those people that are going to be auctioned off?”

    All in a day’s work for Fir. Maybe he’ll pick up more harem members?

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  2. RezaStillAlive says:

    After thinking deeply for a moment, I made a wise decision.

    That’s not a damn wise decision!!! You just combine them all!!! 😡


  3. JMK says:

    Does anybody else notice the complete 180 “i wont be an assasin” *new quest* “hrm, what looks to give the most rewards… Everybody must die!” i wonder if evil points warp them to be more likely to do evil or if he is just showing his true colors


  4. Aloo says:

    Participate in the auction, participate in the robbery. (Increase affinity with the Western Continent)
    Sneak into the auction, steal all of the merchandise. (Rogue Main Questline)
    Sneak into the auction, complete the Momiji’s quest. (Heart of the Momiji)
    Isn’t he gonna complete all these questlines at once?


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