[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Purchasing Books

“Is that so? Is there any legends stating a deity descending from the sky, and staying inside the mountain?”


Hearing my question, Bai Xiangtian evidently stunned for a moment.

“That is…”

“It’s just a guess of mine… Umm… Seeing that this mountain has so much spiritual energy, I feel that it might be possible that a deity had descended from the heavens, and had cultivated inside till now, thus, causing this place to change into its current state.”

“That’s right!”

Suddenly, Bai Xiangtian suddenly grabbed onto my hand, and said excitedly.

“That’s my thoughts as well! According to the notebook left by my ancestors, there’s a legendary deity deep inside this mountain. But, the origin of this deity is completely unknown. However, according to the records passed down in my household, this deity isn’t that kind. Those who have disappeared after entering the canyons, it’s been rumored that they had been swallowed by him, that’s why they disappeared.”

“Ah… I-is that so?”

Seeing my awkward expression, Bai Xiangtian then realized she had been grabbing onto my hand since earlier, and hence, she hurriedly released her hands with a blushed face.


“It’s understandable, it’s understandable. It seems like you greatly value the records that was left in your household, huh.”

I looked at our surroundings, and confirmed that other than the few of us here, there were no one else who had heard our conversation earlier.

It’s great that those lazy people in Skybreak Academy did not follow us. Like this, I can obtain quite a lot of information from Bai Xiangtian here.

“Un. because… Because that is the only thing my father had left for me, so…”

“Then do you want to find out the truth inside the canyons?”

“Eh? Find out the truth?”

Bai Xiangtian revealed a difficult expression.

“Umm… It would be troublesome to have you guys fall into danger, and…”

“But don’t you want to know about the secret to what’s inside?”

“… Un.”

“Then that settles it. Then we shall find another opportunity to enter it. Don’t worry, we won’t enter the place at this time, otherwise, it will cause you trouble as well, right?”

“… Un. Looks like you’re not as bad as I imagined, huh.”

“No! He’s a bad guy and an idiot!”

Aliyah suddenly cut between us and said.

“Even though he’s an idiot, he still acts smart all the time!”

“How can you say that about big brother!? You’re only randomly spouting such things because you can’t compare to big brother, right!?”

“Hah!? You damn bro-con! Why don’t you pay more attention! I’m the smart one here, alright!?”

“Alright, you two. You two stop arguing. Bai Xiangtian, then I will leave them to you, I will do some small investigations on my own. I don’t feel like shopping anyway.”

“Ah, oh!”

Bai Xiangtian was still in a daze. When she heard my words, she hurriedly responded.

“I’m coming too, I’m not someone who likes to shop anyway.”

I didn’t expect Bai Yueguang to say the same thing as well.

“Eh? Even though Little Bai, as long as you apply make-up well, you can also…”

“Are you joking!? I’m a man, you know!”

Bai Yueguang’s body trembled, and without even turning back, he ran off.


“Hey, I haven’t left yet, why are you rushing for!?”

Although I said that, I still immediately followed after him.

“If you people encounter any problems, contact us any time!”

Of course, I said that to Aliyah. In times like that, it’s obviously much faster to send a message using the system.

Looking at Aliyah snorting, I shall just take it as she had heard it.

I caught up to Bai Yueguang in just a few steps, and I immediately pulled him. Then, I said.

“Let’s go to the bookstore.”

“Hah? Why?”

“Obviously, to learn skills! Do you think I’m heading there to check the dictionary?”

“Skills… Skillbooks? In the Eastern Continent, things like skillbooks are usually kept in places like the sects and the various academies, how would a bookstore…”

“This means you do not know the essence of this world yet. Do you think all these stores would only sell things that are displayed in their shops?”

“Isn’t that a matter of course…”

“Just follow me.”

I gave a good look at this entire street, and then, I sprinted to a bookstore at the very end of the street.

This store only has a single storefront, and it looks very cramped.

And, without carefully looking at it, it’s basically impossible to realize this is a bookstore. If this bookstore had not been called【Word-Heart Pavilion】, it might have been slightly indeterminable.

But to actually be able to keep this shop in business in such a popular commercial street, and to actually be such a torn-down looking store, it must definitely have some opportunities to exploit.

“Boss, what good books are there?”

Entering through the door, I hurriedly asked.

The person watching the shop was an old man wearing a robe. Pushing up his glasses, he said with a smile.

“Anthologies, light novels, and calligraphy books. I wonder which type is dear guest looking for?”

“Martial Arts Guidebooks.”

In this place, it’s not called skill books or anything of that sort. However, every single person has their own different way of calling out for skill books. But, according to the guidelines placed by the black market, the skill books in the Eastern Continent are all called Martial Arts Guidebooks, and as for the Western Continent, the skill books were split into two categories; Magic Arcane Classics, and Special Arcane Classics.

The boss was evidently startled for a moment, and then, he said with a smile.

“My little shop does not sell any Martial Arts Guidebooks, if there’s a day when we…”

How about a 100 gold for each book?”


Evidently, the boss was stunned for a moment. After staring at me for a good while, he sighed.

“This dear guest, you’re really making it difficult for me. Looks like you know that our shop is facing a difficulty with its finances. But a 100 gold per book seems to go against the regulations…”

“Don’t worry, if neither of us say anything, who would know about it?”

I looked at Bai Yueguang who had only been watching, and continued.

“Or are you telling me, a business like this, even I fork out five times the price, you’re still unwilling?”

“Five times the price… If you dare to put them on the table, why wouldn’t I dare to follow up? If others were to know that I make such a killing by selling these, it will definitely bring about influence to my shop’s reputation. But I’m currently… Alright then. 50 gold per book. My condition is, you must definitely not expose any details regarding this trade, how about it? Neither can your friend over there!”


I smiled in a kind and friendly manner.

Finally, I have obtained the skill books of the Eastern Continent in my hands!

44 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 34

    • Sicill says:

      Do feel a bit bad for Aliyah in this. Fir either has lucky guesses/breaks, or is almost directly being fed lines by the system and because of that gets taken for a savant by the people of that world.


      • Darke says:

        If you remember what World said(or implied) he is in some way a ‘Special’ person unlike every other person who was transported(World can’t interfere with his memories for some reason, it can with every other person). Of course World will blatantly help him, it’s either curious or he is the one who made it.


      • Sicill says:

        Really makes me want to take off her hat and pet her wolf ears.
        To comfort her of course.

        *gets impaired by a molten sword that crossed the worlds with an accompanying whisper saying “human trash”*


  1. DMR says:

    He just needs to look at all the skills, right? Not actually buy everything?

    And having Lil’ Bai run away crying… good way to split the group up without being suspicious… OP bros killin’ some enemies and gaining skills 😛

    Thanks for the chapter

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jyazen says:

    Ah, Fir, using quest info (or quest title in this case) to figure things out~

    Though have to admit, some quest titles in tons of games are blatant spoilers. Like a gathering quest titled “The Ambush”… they’re not even bothering to hide the twist that you’ll be ambushed and get into a battle, rather than it being a normal gathering quest.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Phantom Starlight says:

      Once upon a time you had to keep track of your quests on your own.
      Now you get games with a floating arrow over your head.because apparently you don’t know where the “Northern Forest” is.


      • Phantom Starlight says:

        By keep track, I mean there wasn’t a “quest tab” that lists all your quests and where and what needs to be done. (in case it wasn’t obvious what I meant)


      • Jyazen says:

        Those were the times when you talk to town people and if they hint of some weapon/item/location hidden somewhere, it’s just that, a hint (that is probably true, in some cases many many discs/chapters later).

        Nowadays, you’ll get a popup of a quest to find said item, and no matter how supposedly hidden it’s supposed to be, there’ll usually be a floating arrow telling you exactly where to go 😛


  3. AnimeLover says:

    I like the fact that hes buddies with his fellow players and just imagine! So many classes and skills whose about to be able to learn Omnjou Magic and Palm martial arts!!


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