[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Quest Begins


When I once again used the 【Recovery】 spell, and a ‘Faint’ Status Removal Potion, Aliyah suddenly leapt off the ground.

“Yo, morning.”

“Morning… No, wait! Why did I jump out from a bed!?”

Aliyah who had reacted, looked at the situation around her, pondered for a moment, and continued to ask.

“You… What did you do to me!? Why did my clothes turn into a modern Western dress!? This is completely wrong!”

The reason why she did not attack me directly is because she knows that, even with giving me a punch, she wouldn’t be able to do any damage to me, probably.

I shrugged.

“You can’t blame me for that. The one who helped you change was Ms. Mari. I’m simply in-charge of waking you up.”

“Hohoho, is that so~ Fortunately, she’s not the one who woke me up. Otherwise, I would have definitely punch the daylight out of her! To actually have me wear such a frilly dress! Damn it!”

“What about it? Even though you like to shop, you don’t like to wear clothes like this?”

“That’s… That’s not the case either.”

Aliyah slowly shifted her gaze to the side.

This girl, just what is she thinking about?

“You don’t have to care about it. Ah, it doesn’t matter anymore, let’s leave it at that for now. Speaking of which, how did the battle go in the end? I remember burning that girl, then I can’t remember anything else after that.”

“Is that so… Speaking of which, you actually used the Wolfman’s gene, huh. And you even used it alongside the Berserkify skill. Hence, you went thoroughly berserk.”

“Berserk… Well, a price must always be paid for strength.”

“And you killed people.”

“… Eh!? I killed people!? No way, right!? Me!? Oh my god! I killed people in front of such a large audience! I’m going to get persecuted!”

“I’m just joking.”

Seeing Aliyah’s troubled expression, I satisfyingly nodded my head.

And then, I was punched in the face.

Although I did not lose HP from it, it hurt…

“Even if you want to punch me, you should have warned me about it first.”

“You bastard! You actually dare to joke with me!”

Two Magic Chainsaws were instantly grabbed in her hands.

”“Speaking of which, I really want to test this out. Since your HP will not be affected in a party, I wonder if I’m still able to slice you apart with my chainsaws~ What do you think~?”

“Wait, don’t, don’t do it! An experiment like that, it’s best that you don’t test it out at all!”

I hurriedly stop her.

“Oh right, we’re currently heading to the city to stroll! We’re about to head off! Do you want to come as well?”

“Well~ Since your recovery speed is so fast, even if you’re injured, you should be able to heal quickly, right~?”

After saying that, her chainsaws actually began to rumble!

Oh my god! This girl really doesn’t think about the consequences of her own doings!

Do I have no choice but to use that ultimate technique!?


“What is it~ Even if you beg for forgiveness, I won’t forgive you, you know~”

“No, I have been wanting to say this. Your wolf ears… are rather cute.”

“… You… What did you say?”

“Touch them yourself, and you will know.”

“You… If you’re bluffing me, I will tear your corpse into thousands of pieces, alright!?”

“Yes, yes, yes. In any case, why don’t you touch them for now?”

The 【Magic Chainsaw】 in her right hand disappeared, and her empty hand reached out to her head.

After pausing for a moment, she touched the place where her ear was at.


The 【Magic Chainsaw】 in her other hand fell onto the ground as well, instantly turning into fragments, and disappeared.

And then, she hugged her head and squatted down.

Of course, she was pressing on her wolf ears when she squatted down.

“Aaaaaaaaah! Why!? Why did I grow out wolf ears!?”

It’s a pity that they’re not cat ears… Well, it’s fine as long as it’s cute.

“Eh~ What a pity. Even though they’re so cute, why are you using a hat to hide them?”

Ms. Mari, in times like this, it’s best that you don’t fan the flames. Aren’t you afraid that Aliyah would once again go berserk and burn everything in the vicinity?

But, speaking of which, the current Aliyah sure is cute.

Firstly, it’s because she kept wearing that light armor in the past, there’s now a sense of contrast when she suddenly changed into a cute Western dress.

And then, there’s the big top hat she’s wearing. The hat itself doesn’t really mean anything, but when I imagine that her pair of ears is twitching underneath it, that feeling… I have the feeling of wanting to take down her hat, and then, spend a good time stroking that pair of ears!


“What… What is it!?”

When I regained my senses, I realized Aliyah was currently staring at me furiously.

I didn’t say anything earlier, right? The one who spoke was Ms. Mari, you know? Why did you bring me up?

“You… Just now… What were you thinking of doing to me?”

“Eh? Me? I didn’t think of anything at all!”

“You evidently did! You pervert!”

After saying that, her fist was already thrown towards me.

Haah, geez…

I dodged the attack by stepping to the right, and then, after using Accelerate, I took a step back.

“Are you two done fooling around!? I’m working hard to be your guides, you know!”

Hearing Bai Xiangtian’s words, Aliyah snorted as she pulled her fist back.

This girl, definitely learnt some sort of mind-reading skill. Otherwise, how would she have known my thoughts earlier!?

Too frightening, I think it’s best if I stay a little further away from her.

And Bai Xiangtian simply stared at us and sighed, then, she continued to walk and explain.

“A thousand years ago, Skybreak City was just a regular mountain. But, on a certain day, the vicinity suddenly underwent a change, it’s also what you people are seeing right now. Certain parts of the mountain began to float in the sky, and on top of the mountain, practitioners are able to feel as though they are filled with energy.”

According to the state of the battle earlier, the so-called ‘filled with energy’ is just an increase in MP and HP recovery speed, it’s like a recovery rate increase buff that activates when one enters the area.

Although I don’t know what actually happened in the mountain, if this buff can be used properly, it’s indeed able to increase the rate of leveling up.


It seems like there are already some people who had found out of this point. From the equipment placed next to the teleportation formation earlier, it can be seen that otherworlders other than us had already found out the uniqueness of this place.

And this buff is actually not shown as a status effect, so the possibility of it being found out is quite low.


I’m really interested as to what this thing really is.

But, up till now, I have yet to see any quest notifications, and there’s no hints either. So, it’s currently still not the time yet, even if I want to study this thing.

“Hence, our Skybreak Academy was built with the mountain in mind, and it continued until today. As our academy developed in this thousand years, a large number of students who trained in the academy slowly gathered together, and not long after, the town around the academy turned into a city, from a city, it turned into a fortress, and finally, the result is the Skybreak City today.”

“The situation is about the same as our academy, huh. But the place around our academy can only be considered as a small town.”

Ms. Mari nodded and said.

“That’s of course. We’re after all, an institution with a thousand year old history.”

Bai Xiangtian pridefully said.

“Then there must be many well-trained experts, right?”

I continued to ask.”

“That’s of course. The people that trained here, eight to nine out of then people turned into leaders or renowned chivalrous people in the various countries, and there are even those who turns into deity practitioners.”

So there’s really deity cultivation here, huh… But, it should be the same as turning into a god, right?

I suddenly recalled the Demon King that I encountered back then. That guy actually turned into a Demon King. Could it be that it’s easier to walk on the evil path than the standard path?

Ah nevermind, let’s talk about it when the time comes.

“Umm… Just how did the mountain turn into something like this? Is there a legend about it or something?”

“About that… There’s this legend, where it’s said that a deity had left a divine weapon within the mountain, and there’s another legend where it’s said that the mountain body had produced a divine treasure after thousands of years of accumulation. But as to how this change actually came about, no one knows for sure. Because, those who thought of leaping into the cracks to investigate the depths of the mountain, either they were forced out due to an invisible force, or they never came back. So…”

Side Quest: Fallen God
Quest Objective: Find out the truth of the mystical phenomenon behind Skybreak City
Reward: Unknown

It’s here! The quest is here!

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  1. gohankuten says:

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    • silver says:

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