[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 32

But… I suddenly felt Aliyah’s state was a little strange.

Even though she had struck down her opponent, the title above her body were still random numbers leaping about.


And she actually raised up the weapon in her hand, pointing straight at Qianbian, who was still rolling about on the ground.

That girl… has she lost her reason?

Just when the weapon in her hand was about to fall, the elder who had blocked Aliyah’s slashes earlier suddenly flashed into the site, with a blue ball of light flashing in his hands, he sent Aliyah flying!


Aliyah let out a loud roar, she swung the two Magic Chainsaws in her hands about, and her body turned into a ball of flames as she flew in the air!

Hey hey hey. What the hell is with that state of yours?

“Haah. It seems like I’m up.”

Stretching out my left wing, I flew directly towards Aliyah in the air. At the same time, my right hand flashed with a blue light as I summoned an ice sword.


The ice sword collided against the two Magic Chainsaws, and not even a second later, my ice sword instantly shattered into pieces.

Well~ It’s within my range of predictions. I can’t hope to use an ice sword to block against a fire attack.

But, it’s enough to weaken her charge.

Summon! 【Ice Armor】!

Summoning the ice armor, I instantly grabbed onto Aliyah. Ignoring the chainsaws that were hacking towards me, I aimed at Aliyah’s chest, and a ray of blue light shot towards it.

【Frozen Light】!

The block of ice quickly surrounded us, creating a gigantic iceberg in mid-air.

Of course, we can’t ignore the laws of physics, hence, we fell towards the ground!


The iceberg was instantly smashed apart, and the two of us fell out of the iceberg.

“… Eh?”

Earlier, Aliyah’s light armor was totally destroyed, and adding her burning earlier, she’s actually stark naked!

Damn it, fortunately, I have tons of clothes.

I hurriedly took out a cloak from my ring, and wrapped Aliyah with it. Then, I used a Light Magic spell to heal half of her HP.

“Ms. Mari! Why are you still standing there!?”

“Oh… Oh…”

Ms. Mari hurriedly ran over and carried Aliyah up.

While I walked over to Qianben at the side who was burnt earlier. With a Recovery spell cast on her, her HP was instantly restored by half.

At the same time, her wounds had begun to close at a fast rate.

“Impressive. So this is the Recovery spell of the Western Continent?”

The physician who had hurried over could not help but let out a sigh of astonishment.

“Hurry and have her drink this. Otherwise, there will definitely be scars left on her body.”


“Are you guys still worried I would poison her!? If I want to kill her, I basically won’t use something so troublesome!”

“Oh, sorry. It’s just that I have never heard of a medicinal potion that could heal scars.”

That person said as he poured the potion he took from my hands into Qianben’s mouth.

Almost at the same time, the scars closed up, completely disappearing without a trace, as though she had returned to the time before she got injured.

Hoho. It’s normal if you have not heard of it. This is a new product that Lanya had made accidentally when she was practicing alchemy in her laboratory. Lanya said that this product would definitely make a killing in the market, so she was currently mass-producing it. By my estimates, it should not have hit the actual market yet.

But, in the next second, the light reflected from a blade flashed, and a thin blade was held next to my neck.

When I turned to look, it’s actually another katana-using youth.

“You… What did you do to her, you Western Continent bastard!”

“I didn’t do anything to your sister. I simply helped her prevent having any scars left on her body.”

Haidao Mingren, that’s the name of this person. No matter how I look at them, they’re definitely siblings.

“Then why did you have to harm her earlier!?”


“Aren’t you the one who harmed her!?”

“Of course not.”

“You actually still dare to deny it! Are you still a man!? Take this!!”

After saying that, he actually really slashed towards me!

I looked at the people beside me… They completely do not have the intention to help me explain at all. The lot of you, are really…

Too disgusting, you know?


His katana was suddenly grabbed by a hand that was stretched out from the side. And then, with a twist, the katana actually broke instantly.

“Any actions that harm my master, I will definitely not allow it!”

The person who intervened was exactly Purewhite, she actually took action before I could even react.

“It’s actually a Shikigami…”

He took a step back. When he was prepared to say something, Mr. Haoran from the side walked over and said.

“I think it’s best… if I explain.”

“So that’s what happened! I’m really sorry!”

Good, this is a normal person. After hearing the explanation, he immediately apologized.

Great, it’s really great that I don’t have to use strength to deal with the problem.

The EXP is too little, I don’t wish to fight at all.

I looked at Aliyah. The battle earlier had raised her level twice. Looks like earlier, she was indeed at the borders of level 25, hence she managed to leap to level 27 instantly.

Well, next time, we should form a party when there’s a battle like this instead. I still feel kind of sad to see her wounded like that.

And it was a situation where both of them were girls too.

“A lot has happened today, but it’s great that we can settle everything peacefully in the end. And since dear guests have came here from afar, I guess you shouldn’t only be interested in things like training.”

Hearing Mr. Haoran’s words, it sounded as though he was not here when the battle was being conducted, even though he was the one who incited the battle earlier.

“Next up, let’s have the students bring you to the city for a stroll, so that dear guests can understand the living situation of the common citizens of our Eastern Continent.”

After saying that, he looked to his side.

In the end, when I looked over, my spectacles fell.

Because the person he was looking at was… Bai Xiangtian?

Are you kidding me?

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  1. flamedog says:

    I did some stats the other day.. so fa Scrya you’ve done…

    dates are for the volume start date
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  2. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chapter XD

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  3. GonZ555 says:

    when fir fought, he didn’t want to show most of his ability. when aliyah was in beserk state.. grows a wing, summons ice sword&armor, heal people, have a shikigami doll protect him..
    yeah.. low key right..
    Bai Xiangtian? is new character? and watch out whoever you are, that Mr.Haoran Looks dangerous
    thank you for the chapter 🙂


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