[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 31

‘Careful, that person has a much higher level than you!’

That’s right, just when Aliyah accepted the duel, they quickly dispatched a competitor as well.


That person is actually level 30!

Aliyah is only level 25, and although she’s about to hit level 26, there’s still quite a difference from level 30.

‘Ah, I know. But my opponent is a Sword Artist as well, so there shouldn’t be a problem.’

That’s right, Aliyah is of the Dual-Swordsman class, and her speed is extremely quick.

But, if the opponent is a strong ranged specialist, then her opponent might have kited Aliyah from a far distance.

If that’s the case, even if Aliyah is able to withstand the first wave of attacks, if she gets harassed constantly, she will still be defeated.

With this thought in mind, I looked at her opponent.

Haidao Qianben
LV 30 Sword Artist
Female | 20 Years Old
[Neutral] [Wild] [Sword Artist] [Murder] [Destroyer] [One-Hit Kill]

And, she’s not your average Sword Artist. The weapon she’s using is the same as the one Bai Yueguang is using, a katana.

This sure is a duel between slashes, huh. On one side, a loli who loves to randomly slash at things, while on the other side, is a big sister who uses the strongest slashing weapon – the katana.

You girls, enjoy your time slashing… It’s great that this site is rather spacious.

“【Arcane – Iai Slash】!”

Qianben initiated the attack, and the katana next to her waist suddenly flashed!

But, the moment her opponent unleashed her attack, Aliyah had already dodged to the side!

As expected of the speed-specialized class – Dual-Swordsman, it’s comparable to the speed displayed an Assassin, another of the combat classes in the Western Continent!

“【Arcane – Dual Splitter】!”

Aliyah swung out her two swords, her body flipping skyward, two sword silhouettes, like lines cutting through a screen, were emitted out from her two swords, and they instantly cut across the entire cave!

And evidently, her opponent did not dare to take on the attack, and dodged the attack with a flip in mid-air!

However, the two sword silhouettes did not stop, and continued to fly towards the edge of the cave!


One of the elderly outside the area of battle stretched out his hand, and the two sword silhouettes were blocked by an invisible wall, rebounded to the side, and they struck onto the wall of the cave!

The entire cave trembled for a moment!

This girl sure is frightening… But, although the attack was powerful, it has a weakness.

Because I saw that her MP bar had already decreased by half!

A Dual-swordsman’s battle depends on speed, by using the strongest attack to eliminate the opponent in a flash! But, all of a Dual-swordsman’s skills are usually high in output, but high in costs as well, just like my Arcane skills and spells.

And, Aliyah seemed to have sneakily learnt a Super Arcane skill. If she were to use it, it will definitely deplete her MP bar entirely in an instant.

With another strike, Aliyah will lose her chance of using strong attacks.

But… Aliyah still continued to approach her. Taking the opportunity when the opponent had dodged towards the air, she speedily charged towards her opponent.


Sounds of metal clashing rang. Her opponent seemed to have seen through Aliyah’s intentions, as she used her katana to block Aliyah’s dual swords.

But, Aliyah made use of her short stature, flipping upwards, she sandwiched her opponent’s head with her legs!

“Fly away!”

With a sudden push, she used her waist strength to actually swing her opponent into the air.

“Arcane… 【Hell Criss-Cross Strike】!”

Aliyah’s dual swords instantly turned red, countless red sword silhouettes continuously flew out from the dual swords Aliyah was swinging about!


Her opponent quickly swung her katana about, although she barely managed to block two waves of attacks, she was unable to block the rest…


Red sword silhouettes continuously to strike Qianben’s body, she instantly smashed onto the ceiling, and the remaining sword silhouettes continued to strike upwards.

Did Aliyah win?

!I squinted into the smoke surrounding the ceiling, and I was able to clearly see it a moment later. She actually still had a hint of HP left!

Ah… This is bad…

I once heard from Bai Yueguang… If a Katana user were to have a single drop of HP left, then that person’s battle strength will…

“【Arcane – Windspeed Lightning Evanescence】!”

Like a flash of lightning, Qianben instantly descended from the ceiling! In but a single moment, she struck onto the floor beside Aliyah!

No, wait! Aliyah had predicted the direction of her opponent’s attack, and had dodged away from her attack!

But, The light armor on Aliyah’s right shoulder broke apart, and it flew off.

Fresh blood began to splurge out from the wound on right shoulder. If not for her quick dodge, Aliyah’s right shoulder would have been lost right there.

A difference of five levels, the attack strength of her opponent is beyond ordinary, and Aliyah is unable to recover her MP in a short span of time.

Next up is a harsh battle, huh.

Her opponent is only left with a single drop of HP, and could be defeated with a single strike. However, with the current Aliyah, she’s basically unable to compete with her.

Or I should say, she’s in a state where she could accidentally be defeated at any moment.

It’s either she gets defeated, or her opponent gets defeated. That’s the current situation they were in.

The slashes made by Qianben, who had increased her speed by nearly two folds, had become even more frequent. Earlier, she was still continuously suppressed by Aliyah’s slashes, but currently, it was a complete reversal.

Aliyah speedily dodged her attacks by moving to the side, while at the same time, used potions to heal her wounds and recover her MP gauge.


Suddenly, Qianben’s figure flashed, directly appearing behind Aliyah’s back!

“【Super Arcane – Shattering Tremor – Collapse】!”

With a loud bang, Aliyah was sent flying out, her light armor shattered completely, and even her dual swords had been broken into pieces.


Aliyah smashed onto the wall, resulting to countless dust and dirt flying around.

“Victory has been decided!”

The instructor who was in-charged of judging the match shouted out loudly.

“Hoho, it seems our Eastern Continent’s martial arts is still superior.”

Mr. Haoran laughed and said.

“Oh, really?”

I laughed as well.

Because, I saw it. Aliyah’s HP… she still had a bit of HP left as well!


Her name had undergone a change.

Aliyah (Fire Wolfman & Awakened Berserker)
[Unknown Data]

A pure red figure walked out from the middle of the dustcloud. The two red flashing objects in her hands seem to be 【Magic Chainsaws】?


The instructor who had declared victory was frightened by the view in front of him.

Before he could even react, the red figure took a deep breath, and as though it had been extinguished, it vanished… But, an instant later, the fire lit up behind Qianben.


Aliyah simply let out a furious roar.


Qianben’s body instantly burned up, and she fell onto the ground, constantly rolling around!

“Are you not going to extinguish her flames yet?”

I asked Mr. Haoran.

“Ah… Right, you people! Hurry up and extinguish the flames!”

Mr. Haoran instantly shouted loudly.

But, Aliyah is really too much. Isn’t it just to gain EXP? Why the need to disfigure her?

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  1. Sicill says:

    Wonder what people think a good song for this now form is? I know I had the Excalibur clash theme from Fate/Kaleid playing in my head.

    World-chan, it looks like you fell asleep on your keyboard there.


  2. felipe says:

    ok I know that she always had the fire atribute and that she got the wolf form from that quest but when did she became a berseker? (also wondering how fir would be as a berseker undead holy winged ghost wolfman……)


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