[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 30

“Earlier, we have really let everyone see something embarrassing. Next up, please follow me for a tour around the academy.”

As expected, earlier, I’m simply said those things casually, and Mr. Haoran’s attitude towards us became much better.

Although Ms. Domyuu at the side seemed to have understood my intentions, she gave an indifferent expression.

I really don’t know what she’s thinking… Wait a minute, the meaning behind that title might be…

LV 48 Wanderer – Heavenly Sword User
[Neutral] [Pointless] [Shattered] [Confused One] [Returner] [Forbidden Art Possessor] [Murderer]

[Returner] and [Confused One]huh?

I have never seen these two titles before, but, I kind of feel that there’s something’s off about them.


This person carries an aura that I feel a longing for.

I kind of feel that I have felt it before not long in the past, but I don’t have any impression of it.


if there’s no quest notifications about it, it means that it’s not something I have to take note of. Let’s just leave it for later.

“This entire building is called【Heaven-Passing Hall】, it’s a place where normal disciples learn various knowledge. If I were to put it in the terms used by the Western Continent, it’s something like a classroom.”

Following his gaze, I indeed see a few dozens of students currently studying in the room of the hall. And, in the entire hall, there’s dozens of the same room.

And the entire hall has dozens of floors as well. In other words, Other than the building style, it’s not actually bigger than our academy.

Tch, and I thought it was some unique place.

“Next up, please take a look at our training area.”

Aah, it’s really making me anxious.

I really want to know where’s the Book Collection Pavilion.

But it’s best to not directly ask such a question. After all, if I were to ask, and they realize that that there were people who infiltrated their Book Collection Pavilion, I will definitely become their prime suspect.

Following after them, we arrived at the ninth floor of the large hall, and there’s actually a gigantic teleportation formation!

That’s right! It’s a teleportation formation!

They’re actually able to use a teleportation formation here? And if you people leave it activated like this, wouldn’t it be wasting a lot of energy?

Oh my god, just how did they manage to do this? If we’re able to understand its structure, and bring it back to the Western Continent… It will definitely earn us big bucks!

“Alright, please follow us as we teleport to the【Abyss Cave】.”

Abyss, huh… That’s really a name with bad taste.

And just when I approached the teleportation formation, something suddenly caught my attention!

Beside the teleportation formation, there’s actually a box with a metallic texture. The rows of signal lamps on it were constantly flashing, and it looked just like a router!

This thing… No matter how I see it, it’s not a technology from this world…

But, in times like this, it’s a must to act as if I do not know anything. But, I have already speedily used the screenshot function, and sent what I saw to Ms. Mari.

Although we’re quite a distance away from Luorande Kingdom, but if it’s Ms. Mari, she’s definitely able to send it to Dale.

After this, I will simply leave those two to frustrate about it, I don’t specialize in something like that, after all.

After a flash of light, from the four walls earlier, the surrounding scenery turned into blue skies, and…

A strong wind blew over from the side, and I was almost unable to stabilize myself.

When I took a careful look, our position was at the side of a mountain, near the entrance of a cave.

A place like this… As expected, it’s more convenient to have a teleportation formation send us here, otherwise, flying here is the only other option… But, how could regular people fly?

“Please follow me.”

Following the path of the cave for a good while, we arrived at an empty space in the interior of the cave.

“So spacious… How was this created?”

The entire interior of the mountain cave was more than the size of three football fields, and there’s even countless of small caves at the surrounding stone walls!

After taking a careful look, I realized that there were people meditating in those small caves.

And at the center of the site, five groups of people were standing at different positions, facing each other. They looked at each other, yet, they did not move at all.

Wow, could this be the duels between experts in legends?

LV 34 VS LV 38
LV 23 VS LV 27
LV 35 VS LV 31
LV 40 VS LV 37
LV 28 VS LV 28

Looks like there’s many experts in this school, and these are only the ones dueling, while the surrounding spectators… there were already dozens of them who were above LV 30!

If we’re going to war, will the Western Continent be alright? Why are the people in our academy so weak…

“This is our academy’s training site, students who continuously cultivate and train themselves, constantly duel in the middle. They will gain deep understanding in the martial arts they learnt by battling, and the spectating students at the side may gain insights in their own martial arts by watching the duels.”

“Seems like a very workable and effective method.”

“That’s right. Through this education method, our academy has brought up generations and generations of experts, and among them, some have even surpassed our standards, and began to study even stronger martial arts.”

Looking at Mr. Haoran’s prideful look, I could only nod my head constantly.

But… In other words, these people here are constantly training here? And only training?

So pitiful. No wonder the people here have much higher levels than the students in our academy. If they constantly cultivate and train, it would have been strange if their levels were not high.

But, if that’s really the case, we have to watch out during the Western and Eastern Intercontinental War in the future, after all, their students are already so strong.

“If you wish to have a duel, this is a good opportunity. There’s no problems if you were to compete here.”

“Duel? Now?”

Ms. Mari frowned.

“We have just arrived here, and you want us to duel so quickly?”

“No, of course not. It’s just that it’s a little inconvenient to come here. After all, only with a staff of our academy leading the way, could you use the teleportation formation. So, this is a good opportunity.”

“I see. Then, people like us who use the Eastern Continent’s martial arts have no need to take part, right?”

Bai Yueguang laughed, and then, he leaned against the wall behind him.

“Haha… Of course, you’re welcome as well. After all, you might have learnt some unique martial arts in the Western Continent, right?”

“But, it’s much better to have someone who was born from the Western Continent to participate, right?”

After saying that, he looked towards me.

Geez, in times like this, you still wish to give me trouble, huh?

“Then, I will go.”

Aliyah suddenly said with a smile.

“Allow me to experience your Eastern Continent’s martial arts.”

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22 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 30

  1. Masterejas says:

    is volume 6 the end?? just started reading this few days ago,now i am at volume 4. Really nice novel, hate to see it end so quickly. Thanks for chapters!!!!


    • Sicill says:

      Aren’t there 12-13 volumes total? where did you hear that volume 6 is the end?
      At the very least a quick machine translation of the chapters page seems to show that there is much more yet to come.


  2. iamviruz says:

    Welp, Aliyah making a grand entrance~~~
    It’s your time to shine Aliyah! Welp, it’s not like I ship you..but..I don’t know who to ship since there’s so much female characters lol.

    Thanks for the chapter~~


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