[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 29

A blue magic formation opened up in the sky, enlarged, and then, several new circular magic formations slowly floated out of the center of the magic formation, like a slideshow, the magic formations folded layer by layer at the front of the giant magic formation.

Rays of blue light flashed past the center of the many magic formations, creating a gigantic figure!

Cold air slowly gathered at the figure created by the rays of light, and a moment later, a gigantic warship, that looked as big as a palace, appeared within the countless magic formations. With just a single glance, it looked as though those magic formations were the securing devices in a shipdock, holding the warship in place.

Immediately after…

Those magic formations instantly shattered in mid-air, and following after the shattering sound, the gigantic warship in the air began to fall towards our direction!

It’s target was exactly Bai Xiangtian, who was currently being protected by her own barrier!


Seeing this spectacle, Bai Xiangtian let out a trembling voice.

“Ms. Bai Xiangtian, weren’t you going to use your ultimate technique? If you don’t use it now, you won’t have any other chance to do so.”

“I… I…”

She seemed to be hesitating a lot.

“My ultimate technique doesn’t seem to be able to go against your ultimate technique, but…”

Seeing the ice warship beginning to slowly accelerate, her expression seemed to have instantly turned resolute.

“It’s not like I don’t have any way to defeat this technique of yours!”

“Oh, is that so? Then, why don’t you do it!?”

“… Fine! Then I shall have you witness my……”

As she said that, Bai Xiangtian reached out into her sleeves and took out a dagger.

“Stop! Stop your attack! This match is your victory, Magician who came from the Eastern Continent.”

Suddenly, an old Onmyouji appeared in front of me, and he seemed to have appeared out of nowhere!

As he told me this, he did a gripping action at Bai Xiangtian’s barrier.


Following his action, the barrier tore apart, and the gigantic shield plates shattered into pieces at the same time as well, disappearing in the air.

“Bai Xiangtian! What were you thinking!? Did I not tell you can’t use the Forbidden Art!?”

But…… I…”

“No buts! Let’s go! Stop embarrassing yourself here!”

After saying that, the elder grabbed onto Bai Xiangtian’s hand, and looked as though they were about to leave.

“May I ask who you are? Even though it was Bai Xiangtian who wanted to duel with me, you actually popped out and suddenly interrupted out duel without naming yourself. So the ‘etiquette’ you people are promoting is something like this, huh.”

A hint of dissatisfaction appeared on the old man’s face, however, after looking at current situation around us, he snorted.

“My name is Hengchuan Zhaiye, a Dragonflow Onmyouji. The duel this time is indeed an overly rash decision made by Bai Xiangtian. We shall apologize for this once again… If there’s an opportunity for it another day, why don’t you people talk then?”


This guy actually directly pushed back the choices back to me.

“Umm… Since Mr. Hengchuan put it that way, naturally, I do not have any objections.”

“Un, then we will first take our leave! It’s too much of a hindrance to have that thing above our academy, let me help you out with that!”

As he said that, he swung his hand, and a roaring green dragon flew out from his sleeves.

Not even two seconds later, it had already flew right beside my【Ice Warship】, then, it circled around my【Ice Warship】and wrapped it entirely!


【Ice Warship】was instantly wrung into pieces!

The scattered pieces flew about in all directions, and they turned into small pieces of ice shavings as they descended from the skies.

Under the sunlight, the view looked strangely beautiful…

But this destructive power…

Is too frightening!

Hengchuan Zhaiye
LV 56 Onmyouji【Specialized】
Male | 76 Years Old
[Neutral] [Trembling] [Devastating] [Onmyouji] [Destroyer] [Forbidden Art Possessor] [Green Dragon Restrictor]

This level is rather frightening as well. His battle strength is simply too astonishing.

This should also be why he’s able to bring up Bai Xiangtian, the strongest Onmyouji in the whole academy, right?

Bai Xiangtian
LV 30 Onmyouji
Female | 16 Years Old
[Kind] [Stubborn] [Naive] [Prideful] [Onmyouji] [Forbidden Art Possessor] [Golden Attendant] [Spiritual Blood Veins]

I looked at them as they left for the interior of the academy, and a moment later, old man Haoran suddenly said.

“Everyone, please do not mind. Hengchuan has always done whatever he pleased. If he had offended anyone, please forgive us.”

“No, no, no. To be able to have a spar with an Onmyouji, it has helped in raising my abilities a little as well.”

“Is that so? Then, that’s good. That’s good.”

But when he said that, the corner of his mouth evidently twitched for a moment.

After all, compared to Hengchuan Zhaiye, old man Haoran was still a little weaker than him.

Zheng Haoran
LV 51 Wanderer
Male | 56 Years Old
[Neutral] [Firm] [Bitter] [Extraordinary] [Palm-Martial Artist Wanderer] [Azoth-stage] [Arcane Art Possessor]

Un, but it seems like this old man is one of those legendary practitioners. Incredible, although back then, I had heard of what deity cultivation was, this is the first time I see a practitioner in the flesh…

No, wait, using ‘flesh’ to describe him would be a little too strange, I should say this guy is an deity cultivation expert. Un.

I wonder if I’m able to learn a little deity cultivation skills as well. After all, I’m still rather interested in those mystical arts and flying swords in the xianxia-type games I played in the past.

But what he’s trained in seems to be Palm-type Martial Arts, however… Qi or whatever should be the same, I guess.

Anyway, later, when we reach their library, I might be able to obtain them after looking around the place.

I pondered for a moment, then, I approached old man Haoran and said.

“Mr. Haoran, I see that most of your Qi is circulating near your palms, you must have trained in Palm-type Martial Arts, right?”


The old man looked at me astonishingly.

“What a surprisingly talented youth. This is the first time anyone have seen through my Martial Arts before I even throw a strike!”

“That’s because the Qi in your body are all gathered in your hands, but most people should only be unable to determine if it’s a Palm-type or Fist-type Martial Arts. However, earlier, I saw that when Hengchuan acted, Mister Haoran’s hand subconsciously straightened into a palm. So I was able to determine it.”

“I see. Young man, your observation skills sure are great. Your name is Fir, right?”

“Yes, this is junior’s name.”

“Un, come. I will bring you guys on a good stroll around the campus.”

It seems like his mood has gotten much better.

‘Apple polisher’

Suddenly, I saw the message Aliyah sent.

‘This is a good opportunity to differentiate people. Seems like this academy isn’t monolithic.’

I smiled, and replied.

“Then, I will have to trouble you, mister.”

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  1. mecharos says:

    Thank you for the Chapters~
    Finally done reading all Vol. 5 and Vol. 6 that has been translated so far.
    Can’t wait for the tour! and poor Fir, he still has a really long way to go~


  2. GonZ555 says:

    lol.. meatbun stand corrected that new loli doesn’t have interest in sailor uniform. better try something else.. maybe you should try wearing a western sttyle cloth or wizard’s cloth to impress her, she seems more eager with intercontinental stuff
    thank you for the chapter 🙂


  3. Masterejas says:

    is volume 6 the end?? just started reading this few days ago,now i am at volume 4. Really nice novel, hate to see it end so quickly. Thanks for chapters!!!!


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