[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 28

“I say, Ms. Bai Xiangtian, did you not say that it’s very despicable to hide behind a Shikigami? Aren’t you using a Shikigami right now?”

With a teasing expression, I looked at her and said. But, at the same time, I had already pulled the hotbar of the weapons and skills which I’m used to into a comfortable position, preparing to enter the battle state at any time.

“Umm… That’s because… That’s because I knew from first glance that you’re not an Onmyouji, but a Magician of some sort. If a Shikigami were to be added into our fight, how would it be possible for me to beat you then!? And, as a Onmyouji myself, using a Shikigami is natural.”

“So that’s it. You actually realized that I’m a Magician.”

“That’s natural. I’m the strongest Onmyouji in this academy, you know!”

After saying that, she proudly tilted her head upwards.

Unfortunately, the materials of the Onmyouji’s robes were too thick, which completely prevented me from seeing her figure.

But that’s not the main point anyway, after all, the Shikigami she summoned does not look weak.

Should I use 【Eternity of Frozen Grief】and【Millennium Frozen River】directly to break it?

That’s very dangerous. There’s too many people around us, I would be showing off too much if I were to use such large-scaled spells, and without a【Battle Barrier】, there’s a high chance that I might hit the spectators by mistake.

After all, not everyone was in a party member state with me.

But a small-scaled spell does not deal enough destructive power towards a Shikigami. Although there’s 【Tearing Cross】…

In actual fact, that’s not a magic spell, but a battle skill…

So do I have to expose my ability to use Warrior skills as well earlier than planned?

In a place like the Eastern Continent, for now, I do not wish to expose all of my trump cards, otherwise, I will face big trouble in the future.


Why do I have such a terrible fate? To actually encounter the strongest Onmyouji in this school so quickly… Could it be that this academy is purposefully trying to test our strength…? And, coincidentally, I am…

Right from the start, I even look like an Onmyouji. I was really digging my own grave, huh…

Title [Deathseaker] leveled up!
Current LV: 2

When I suddenly saw the level up notification, the corner of lips twitched.

World-chan, you’re definitely watching, right? Even if you’re watching, don’t use such a way to tsukkomi me!

Staring at the opponent’s Shikigami for a few seconds, I helplessly sighed.

I have no choice. Let’s make a slight compromise, and use some special skills then.

“【Magic Knight Arcane – Ice Mount Summon】!”

You simply told me not to use a Shikigami, but did not refrain me from summoning a magic beast.

A giant blue wolf leapt out of the magic formation on the ground. Immediately after, I reached my right hand and grabbed onto empty air, an ice magical sword, flashing with blue light, slowly gathered in my hand.

Armor? It’s best to forget about it. I feel that sort of thing would hinder me more than the benefit of the high defense it gives.

“Summoning a magic beast? You… Could it be that you’re a Summoner?”

“Hah? Can’t you see the sword in my hand?”

“A Warrior? How? This… Aaaah, I don’t care anymore! Take this! Go, Green Dragon Guardian! Eliminate them!”

Bai Xiangtian frantically pointed at us, and a red glow was suddenly emitted from the Green Dragon Guardian’s hollow eyes. Raising its two blades, with a ‘huaaa’ sound, it came towards us at high speed!

“Partner, go! You just have to restrict its movements, I will deal with its master.”

So as to have it understand, I tapped on it, and pointed to the Green Dragon Guardian.

The ice wolf actually nodded. Its body crouched down, and then, right after, it turned into a blue shadow as it charged towards the Shikigami.

“Now then, what are you going to do next?”

I smiled as I looked towards Bai Xiangtian.

Very quickly, the 【Ice Wolf】 and 【Green Dragon Guardian】 collided in mid-air, and both parties took a step back from the collision.

But, the 【Green Dragon Guardian】 immediately initiated its next attack, crossing the scimitars in front of its chest, it then swung them at the 【Ice Wolf】, and two sword silhouettes were instantly sent flying towards the 【Ice Wolf】!

The 【Ice Wolf】 leapt upwards to dodge the attacks, opening its mouth wide, a magical bullet shining with blue light was shot towards the 【Green Dragon Guardian】!

“Where are you looking at!?”

Hearing Bai Xiangtian’s voice, I instantly erected an 【Ice Shield】in front of me. Immediately after, countless of talismans, like bullets, stabbed onto my 【Ice Shield】. Not long after, thin crack lines filled the 【Ice Shield】, and it looked as though it was about to shatter!

“Oh, pretty impressive.”

I stabbed the Ice Shield onto the ground, and sprinted to my right. At the sant time, a chain of【Ice Flowers】sprouted out from the ground on the left, and they headed towards to Bai Xiangtian to pierce her!

“Are you a Warrior or an Elemental Magician!?”

Bai Xiangtian shouted as she made hand-seals, and then, she pushed her hands to the front.

“【Destiny】! 【Harmony】! 【Golden】! 【Seal】!!!”

The surrounding air suddenly trembled, and a golden shield facing all four directions suddenly appeared in mid-air, and they closed up in front of Bai Xiangtian!

At the opening in the center, a white-glowing defensive barrier appeared in Bai Xiangtian’s surroundings!

All of the ice spikes rudely pierced onto the defensive barrier, but not even a scratch could be seen on it.

Incredible, an intermediate-grade magic spell【Ice Flower】would still be able to weaken an intermediate-grade magic shield, but looking at the earlier situation, it seemed like【Ice Flower】was not even able to weaken it.

Onmyou Arts, interesting! I have to definitely learn some of it, otherwise I will be letting myself down!

Seeing that those ice spikes did not pierce through her barrier, Bai Xiangtian heaved a long sigh.

“Oh, then, why don’t you try this?”

Hearing my voice, she turned to look, and realized I had already circled around her back while she was setting up defensive barrier.

With my ice sword, I stabbed into her barrier, while I pointed to the sky with my other hand… A gigantic 【Ice Totem】 suddenly shot out from the magic formation, ruthlessly striking onto the hilt of my sword!

Of course, I retracted my hand the instant before it struck onto the sword. I don’t wish to be struck by my own 【Ice Totem】, after all.


With a crackling sound, my ice sword shattered into pieces.

But the trembling, caused by the striking of my 【Ice Totem】 to her barrier, made Bai Xiangtian subconsciously retreat to the other end of the barrier.

“Don’t worry, here’s another one.”

Stretching out my hand, I summoned yet another ice sword and positioned it.

“In any case, I can summon them easily, so we can take this slowly.”

“You… You bastard! You can’t break it open like that! Stop scaring people!”


I looked at that thin ice sword, and could not help but nod.

“I guess you’re right. An ice sword is too fragile, and the strength of an 【Ice Totem】 isn’t very powerful either.”

“Hmhm! I’m glad you know that!”

“But you can’t win either, right?”

I pointed to the 【Green Dragon Guardian】 and 【Ice Wolf】 who were exchanging blows back and forth.

“Are you planning to hide in there forever?”

“You… Fine, then I will let you witness my ultimate skill!”

“I’m thinking the same thing as well~”

I pointed to the sky.

“I suddenly recalled that I have learnt a spell that’s much stronger than Ice Totem in the past. But, because it’s too slow, it’s not usable on enemies with fast movements, however… It’s best used for an opponent that hides in her own barrier. Come, summon! 【Arcane – Ice Warship】!”

The sky slowly dimmed, and in the center of the darkness, a blue magic formation slowly appeared!

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    • Sicill says:

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  1. Phantom Starlight says:

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