[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 27

“Those are the touring students from the Western Continent? Why are there a few of them who are dressed about the same as us?”

“They’re probably exchange students, or they had moved over with their family.”

“That might be possible… Look, those two are Samurais right? And there’s a Spirit Archer. But… That guy who is really strangely dressed, there’s a Shikigami following beside him, could he be a High-Grade Onmyouji? Why would such a person be in an academy at the Western Continent? Could it be that they have learnt Onmyou Arts?”

“I don’t know…”

The moment we entered the place, we could hear the soft discussions from the nearby students. Looks like it’s really a rare occurrence for people from the Western Continent to come over to their academy.

But, because I have changed into modern clothes earlier, I had turned into someone that did not look like he was from either the Western or Eastern Continent.

Well, whatever.

“I guess it must be your first time coming to our Skyview Academy, right?”

Old man Haoran who was walking in front suddenly said.


All of us nodded one after another.

Are you kidding me? A place like this where you have to ride an escalator that goes straight up and down without any handrails, who the hell would be so bored to come here!?

Unless if there’s some sort of Boss which could be used to grind for epic-grade equipment, otherwise, wouldn’t it be extremely wasteful to come here!?

“Un. Our academy’s aim is to gather all of the martial arts and mystic arcanes in the world, so to this Western and Eastern Continent skill exchange programme, our Skyview Academy treats it with great importance. Our academy hopes that, with this interaction, we will both be able to learn things that we wish to know about.”

When he said that, his sharp gaze swept past Bai Yueguang, Tai Shixi, Hei Luoli and me.

Geez, what does this has to do with me? If you suspect me as someone of the Eastern Continent because of Purewhite who was beside me, then you’re too naive. Other than controlling Purewhite, I basically do not have any sort of Onmyouji skills on me, you know.

“Big brother, there’s many people who are filled with hostile intent nearby, looking at us.”

As we headed towards the large hall in the middle, Oyado suddenly whispered.

Hostile intent?

I did not receive any attack warnings, so I thought we’re rather safe in the vicinity. When I looked carefully, on a building next to us, the countless of people looking through the window were actually red-named!

Geez, in times like this, we will actually encounter enemies as well?

But, because they were too far, I completely could not discern their names. I was only able to see red spots.

Hopefully, these people will maintain their hostile intent, otherwise, it will be troublesome if I can’t recognize them next time.

“Un. I saw them. Strange, why are there enemies here?”

“Their focus seems to be on Little Bai. Big brother, do you think it’s possible that they are Little Bai’s enemies in the Eastern Continent back then?”

“This… they shouldn’t be. After all, he’s currently disguised, so there shouldn’t be anyone that’s capable of recognizing him.”

“But their eyes are indeed focused on Little Bai~”

“… Forget it. For now, let’s just observe. We can talk about it later.”

But, just when my attention was moved from that spot, someone suddenly charged out from the large hall in front of us. With a swing of her hand, countless talismans, like fluttering snowflakes, surrounded every one of us!

“Master! Watch out!”

Purewhite’s eyes suddenly emitted a red glow, she placed her hands together, and then, quickly made hand seals.


At the same time, Purewhite chanted words that I completely could not understand. Then, pointing to the front, countless white circular formations appeared around Purewhite, and then, they were shot ruthlessly towards the surrounding talismans!


A strong charging force engulfed the surroundings, and after the charge, our surroundings were filled with fluttering pieces of paper!

“Hmph! So it’s simply someone who relies on a High-Grade Shikigami to battle, and it’s even an Automatic Shikigami. I thought you were an expert, but I didn’t expect you were actually trash!”

The one who assaulted us was an Onmyouji dressed in white robes… But regular Onmyoujis are dressed in white robes as well, right?

But, when she assaulted us, Old man Haoran and Ms. Domyuu did not seem to have any comments…

“Bai Xiangtian! What’s the meaning of this? If you wish to compete, you can duel to your hearts content in tomorrow’s skill interaction meeting! Why did you have to act now!? Do you even know the rules!?”

When old man Haoran saw that our side had nothing to say, he cleared his throat and said that.

“Teacher, if these people are too weak, there’s basically no need to interact at all! Look, the Western side only sent two Warriors, and not even a single Magician. The rest are simply people who have learnt the skills and arts of our Eastern Continent. What’s there to be fear them about!?”

“Bai Xiangtian! Why haven’t you stepped down!? Our academy is an academy that promotes ‘etiquette’, in times like this, do not do such impolite things.”

Is it really fine for you guys to keep up with your pretense?

I can’t bear to watch this any longer, you know.

I looked at the surrounding people.

Bai Yueguang and the two girls are giggling at the side as they looked towards the sky, Aliyah and Lois are currently discussing where they are going to stroll after this… Ms. Mari, is actually looking down and reading a light novel! That’s right, and she even placed the light novel in front of her notebook!

Are you sure this is really alright!? This attitude as though the matter did not concern them, was evidently implying ‘The enemy’s target is evidently you, hurry and go, we don’t care at all.’


“Let’s do it this way, Mr. Haoran. Since she wants to understand the essence of our Eastern combat style now, then why don’t we have a small spar now?”


“Hmph! You have a backbone, alright. But, are you going to stand behind your Shikigami and watch it battle!? Hahaha!”

“The miss called Bai Xiangtian over there, I have to say you completely do not have a lady-like demeanor… No, wait, you should belong to… a demeanor of a Nadeshiko? Well, it doesn’t matter. But, you guys have misunderstood two things.”

I let go of Oyado’s hand, and loosened my shoulders.

And then, I tapped on the robe in my equipment inventory!

“One, I’m not an Onmyouji. Two, who told you we didn’t have a Magician?”

“Master… I…”

“Purewhite, you don’t have to worry. For someone like her, you basically do not need to help me.”

“Hah!? What do you mean by someone like me!? You’re the one to talk! Even though you were a Magician, you actually disguised yourself as an Onmyouji! Fine! I will have you now understand the terror of an Onmyouji!”

After saying that, she waved her hand, and countless of talismans flew out from her sleeves. They then gathered in the sky!

A moment later, a giant spider made out of talismans appeared before me.

“Mr. Haoran, can I take it as I can freely battle her?”

“Ah… Un… Umm, I’m really sorry. The tempers of some of our students are really…”

“Of course, of course. I can relate… Because my temper is a lot worse~”

As I said that, her spider had already charged towards me as though it was flying!

You said I was going to hide behind my Shikigami or something, but doesn’t it seem that you like to use summoned creatures as well?

Although it could be said that I had eliminated their strongest Onmyouji, this is not why I do not fear Onmyoujis.

As to why I could accept this challenge so casually, it was because… she was just level 30.

Although someone at the level of 30 could be considered as a strong foe in Gray Academy…

To me, she’s just someone with no experience to gain from at all…

“【Ice Totem】!”

A blue magical formation opened in front of me, and a giant ice totem smashed towards the spider!

The 【Talisman Spider】 was not fearful as well, as it collided directly with the ice totem!

Idiot, she actually took the bait…

“【Ice Flower! Bloom】!”

With my command, flowers which carried thorns instantly bloomed on top of the ice totem, and all of the thorns stabbed onto the 【Talisman Spider】!


Immediately after, frost spread across the 【Talisman Spider】, and completely enveloped it!


With a grip of my right fist, the entire 【Ice Totem】, and even the 【Talisman Spider】, shattered into pieces!

“Alright, next up, if you have anything else to throw at me, do it!”

“…… Hmph! Do you really think I’m only capable of this!? Come! 【Green Dragon Guardian】!”

A Shikigami dressed in a dragon-marked armor appeared before her, and in its hands was a thin and long scimitar, as it looked at us with hollow eyes.

Haah, in the end, isn’t it still a summoned creature… This is so dull~

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  1. Zero says:

    Thanks! 🙂 Where do you find these characters that attack people and called them weak despite not knowing the existence of the mc factor? I wish to meet one to see if I qualify as an mc 😛

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  2. dbm says:

    “… someone suddenly charged out from the large hall in front of us. With a swing of his hand, countless talismans, like fluttering snowflakes, surrounded every one of us!” — this confused me for a while since the person in question is later implied to be female; were there actually two attackers?

    Suggest either “With a swing of her hand …” or something more gender-neutral like, “with a rapid hand motion, the attacker surrounded us with countless talismans like fluttering snowflakes!”


  3. Phantom Starlight says:

    I hate when a chapter focuses on a fight, but most of what you get is the prefight trash-talk with the main fight in the next chapter.
    Luckily for me Scrya is awesome and releases a chapter everyday 🙂


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    is volume 6 the end?? just started reading this few days ago,now i am at volume 4. Really nice novel, hate to see it end so quickly. Thanks for chapters!!!!


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