[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 26

“Just what the hell are you guys doing?”

Hearing these words, I knew that our wish to grind another set of mob characters could no longer be granted.

“Ms. Mari, you sure are rather efficient. Are you already done contacting the academy?”

When I turned to look, they were exactly Ms. Mari and Tai Shixi who had ran to contact Skyview Academy.

Behind them were two other people. One was an old man in traditional chinese garments, while the other was a woman in samurai armor.

The woman was even carrying a two-meter long odachi on her back. Are you planning to challenge Doragyurosu or Rathian?

“Of course. Let me introduce them. This is Mr. Haoran, and this other person is Ms. Domyuu.

“Welcome everyone from the Northern Continent’s academy, who are here for exchange studies with our academy. Let us lead the way to our Skyview Academy. Oh, before that, there’s probably a need to explain the matter regarding these frozen people to the guards, right?”

Just when the old man called Haoran was speaking with us, several guards had already charged over from the sides.

I snapped my fingers, and the the ice encapsulating the surrounding people was instantly removed, and they fell onto the ground one after another.

Currently, they were all trembling. Well, that’s natural. After all, they were not actually dead, and were simply in a frozen state.

Kill them?

What’s the point in killing them? Their levels are so low, so there’s basically no EXP to gain from them, right?

“So… Sorry, we… we should not have tried to rob you people.”

They curled up into a ball as they said in a low voice.

“Just what the hell happened here!?”

One of the guards asked loudly.

“This big bro, these are the people who tried to rob us, but in the end, got their asses handed to them instead.”

“This… many people?”

The guard looked at the dozens of people in the vicinity, and helplessly shook his head.

This is not my fault, after all, the people who wanted to rob us was just too many.

“Alright, we will deal with the matter here.”

The guard said while nodding, but, I realized that his eyes were looking towards the old man called Haoran.

Seeing the old man silently nodding his head, the guard and his companions cuffed the hands of the people on the ground, and then, they left the scene one after another.

“Then, please follow us. We will bring you people to the academy for a tour.”

Domyuu said with a laugh, and then, she did a ‘this way, please’ gesture to the right, before leading the way.

“Mistresses, shopping will have to wait till next time.”

I laughed while looking at Aliyah and the rest.

“Let’s go.”

As we walked along the street, after a while, the shops in the vicinity began to decrease. It seemed like we have moved from the commercial street to the residential district.

And the merchants and tourists, who were dressed in various ways, walking along the street, had changed into people who were dressed in kimonos or traditional chinese clothings.

And they all had the title【Skyview Academy Student】among their titles. This pretty much mean that, we were closing in on the academy.

“Next, please enter our【Air Floating Formation】.”

Old man Haoran said as he entered.

All of us looked at each other, before entering as well.

“Quick steps into the heavens! Go!”

And then, with his voice command, I felt a feeling of acceleration like that of a rising elevator, and our surrounding scenery was quickly becoming smaller as we flew up!


Purewhite suddenly hugged onto me.

“What… What is this…”

“Don’t worry, just treat it as though we’re riding an elevator.”


“Well, in any case, you don’t have to worry about it… Eh?”

Suddenly, I felt my clothes being tugged on. When I turned to look, Oyado was currently grabbing onto my clothes as she looked at me.

“I’m feeling afraid as well…”

She said softly.

“Un, Oyado, you don’t have to worry as well.”

“I understand. I just have to hold onto big brother.”

As she said that, she immediately grabbed onto my hand.

Silently letting out a sigh, I smiled and stroked her head.

The formation continued to rise, and we constantly passed through the layers of clouds in our surroundings, as we flew high above.

But, even if that’s the case, by looking down from the corner of the formation, it felt as though I was looking downwards from inside an airplane, and there’s no railings to hold onto on the formation…

It’s totally causing people’s legs to go jelly, oi!

No, this can’t do. My legs must definitely not wobble, otherwise, it will definitely be embarrassing to death!

And just as I was praying as such, the formation began to decelerate, and it flew towards a platform and landed there.

Great, if it had continued for a while more, my legs would have turned jelly!

“From now on~ Welcome to our【Skyview Academy】.”

Old man Haoran said as he pointed to the building in front of us.

“The principal is waiting above. Please.”

From afar, I did not really feel anything special, but…

After arriving here and looking at building up-close… Without raising my head, it would basically be impossible to see the top of the building!

So scary, just how did the people here construct such a building? And it’s even on a floating rock such as this.

“Let’s go, what are you still looking at, you idiot!?”

Only after hearing Aliyah’s voice did I finally realize that everyone had left. But, Oyado and Purewhite were still standing beside me, not moving at all.

“Un, let’s go!”

With that said, I and everyone else had stepped into the huge door with a height of five meters, and entered Skyview Academy.

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