[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 25

All of a sudden.

I felt that the existence of storage rings is really a wonderful thing.

All the things these girls had bought could all be stuffed into the rings, they’re really too wonderful.

Only Purewhite stayed behind me and simply looked around the entire time. Seems like she, who lacked the knowledge of shopping and wants, although she has the appearance of a young girl, other than that, she has no other traits of a young girl.

I really don’t know whether this is a good or bad thing.

Although Lois was not as hyped up as Aliyah, but, after looking at Aliyah’s figure, Lois unconsciously began to shop crazily as well.


In less than a single minute, she learnt what was crazy shopping, after all…

I seemed to have given her 1,000 gold as allowance in the past…

Ah whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore.

But, this is not the most important problem.

The most important problem was the fact that these people were shopping crazily, and all of them were rather cute. It might be possible that they were being taken as some rich girls of some big influential households who were on a shopping trip together.

While Purewhite and I…

Are probably taken as their bodyguards or something, right? There’s no helping it, I forgot to cover up the Shikigami marking on her left arm, after all.

In other words, with a simple glance, I currently looked like a Onmyouji Bodyguard, a rather trending occupation in the Eastern Continent.

The Onmyouji occupation in the Eastern Continent is basically hereditary, in other words… The occupation of an Onmyouji is basically set when one is born.

But the problem lied with that system as well. After all, some people are not willing to be an Onmyouji that stay in their houses their entire lives, so, Onmyoujis that venture out to be bodyguards, guardians, and even assassins have been increasing.

Well, this is natural as well, I guess. After all, Onmyoujis and Taoist Priests could be considered to be magicians of the Eastern Continent. Although among the wanderers, there are some who use elemental attacks… after all, that’s not what they really specialize in.

Regarding things like this, we will probably receive more detailed explanations when we arrive at their academy. What we have to currently deal with, should be the people whose names have been constantly turning red.

Ah, this is so troublesome. Why do these people have to seek their deaths? Even though I planned on becoming a kind and lawful citizen.

No, wait a minute, self-defence or whatever isn’t against the law, right?

Then that’s really wonderful.

“Aliyah, Oyado…”

“I know, I can see those people as well.”

After glancing to the side, Aliyah continued to look at the clothes in front of her.

“That’s right, big brother. Even I’m feeling rather hot-blooded from their killing intent, where are we going to kill them?”

“Haah. You girls are really… We’re such upright citizens, how can we do something like throwing them into a well and eliminate them?”

“From the way you’re saying it, you haven’t done such a thing before?”

“Of course not. I have always eliminated them head-on…”

I’m not wrong, right? I didn’t remember them incorrectly, right?

“Alright, even if you haven’t, what are you planning to do then?”

“About that…”

I scrolled through my skill list, and then, I tapped on a Warrior skill that I learnt a long time ago.

Decrease the targets’ reasoning abilities by 50%, incite the targets to attack you.

The moment I tapped on the skill, a red circle emitted out of my body, and then, like a water ripple, it slowly expanded outwards!

“Hand over the money!”

“Hey! Why did you go out first!”

Suddenly, a Rogue suddenly leapt out of the crowd, and the cold light in his hand was thrust towards my back.

Why was I able to see the attack?

Because this guy’s speed is too slow, hence, when I saw the attack warning, I immediately turned and saw his movements.

Oh, I forgot to explain.

These people are mostly in the level 10 ~ 20 range, there’s completely…

No point in battling them at all!

I directly extended my hand and grabbed onto the dagger in his hand. And then, I swung my hand to the side, and sent him flying to the nearby wall!

When the crowd saw my movements, those who raised their weapons suddenly stopped coming over, and then, they simply surrounded us instead.

“Hey hey hey! You idiot! Couldn’t you have just let him stab you? Look, they don’t even dare to attack us now!”

Aliyah said resentfully as she kept the clothes in her ring. And then, she pulled out her two swords.

Is it really fine for you to steal those items so openly?

“Big brother, don’t worry, I will exterminate them in an instant!”

“Don’t act yet, Oyado. I say, you people, why are you attacking us all of a sudden? And, if you want to rob, hurry and attack us already, otherwise, we will be bored.”

“There’s something wrong with you guys instead, right!? As the party being robbed, aren’t you guys too arrogant!?”

One of the Warrior suddenly shouted loudly.

“Although I don’t know why we would suddenly jump out and surround you guys, as the ones being robbed, you guys should…”

“Too much nonsense… 【Restrictor of the Frozen Earth】!”

Shrugging, a large amount of cold air instantly froze all of them up.

All of the commoners in the vicinity had fled, and there’s no friendly fire, hence…

This skill is really too convenient.

“What are we going to do now that you froze them up?”


I pondered for a moment, and said.

“Why don’t we head to another part of the city and grind another set?”

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23 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 25

    • flame says:

      I just loved it.. “Shouldn’t you guys me a little more.. I don’t know.. scared?” kind of reminds me of “Boss.. I think this may be a trap…” “what makes you say that?” “He thought it was going up against laughing coffin but still only brought him self and a small child”

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  1. Zero says:

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂 I never really understood why people pay for things if they have a storage ring either. I’m not a thief but if I knew I would 100% not get caught swiping some stuff I would do it as naturally as breathing.


    • DMR says:

      Ya, but these worlds would normally have a safe guard against the average thief… and the stronger guys.. well, it wouldn’t matter even if they didn’t have storage rings…


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