[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 22

Five minutes later, on the empty space west of the city, a white airship that was slightly bigger than a football field slowly descended.

If one were to look at it carefully, it could be seen that the outer structure of the entire airship was very similar to the one personally used by Princess Michelle. But, the current model was much bigger, and there were much more equipment installed as well.

Especially the eight railguns installed on both sides. When Dale installed them, did he think that we would use this airship to attack a city?

The door to the airship slowly opened, and the first person who came down was Dale. Looks like he had been staying up late in the nights at the【Sion’s Door】labotorary, as his entire figure looked extremely frail.

And the next person was Lanya. She seemed to be filled with excitement, and…

What’s with those cargo containers behind you?

“Fir! You actually managed to find a position in this Luorande Kingdom, known as the【Middle Passage】, that allows you to start up a business! Hahaha! As expected, I was not mistaken with your potential!”

“I was just lucky. Come, let me introduce everyone.”

I looked towards the people behind me.

“Lanya, this is Xiao Zhe, the leader of the Black Wolf Tribe who has accepted the management of this entire street… No, I should call him chairman, now. And these are the various store owners. But currently, there are still stores that are vacant, as for the detailed situation, you can discuss with them on your own. Xiao Zhe, this is our academy’s most incredible merchant. You two get along now.”

“Of course, of course!”

Xiao Zhe’s eyes had never left from those huge containers behind Lanya.

“How about it? I have all types of magic tools stored in here. Are you interested?”

Lanya said with a smile.

“Of course, how’s the quality?”

“From regular creations by students to high-grade creations by alchemists, I have them all. It just depends on what you want.”

“Un. Very good. Then…”

For some reasons, I felt a very terrifying aura being emitted from their surroundings. Unconsciously, I tried to take a few steps away from them.

However, when I took a single step back, I felt my back hitting on something soft.

But, I was suddenly grabbed, and my entire body was forcefully turned around!

“Hahaha~ Isn’t this my student, Fir?~ You people actually abandoned us and ran over here~”

Appearing before me was Ms. Mari, who was carrying a terrifying smile…

The corner of my lips twitched.

“Of course not, we fell into an underground dungeon, and then, we found ourselves here after climbing out of it. And didn’t I use the terminal to send a message back to the academy after arriving here?”

That’s right, I even sent over the news of a money-making business potential being here. Hence, Dale rode the airship newly developed by【Sion’s Door】over, while bringing Lanya and the rest here as well.

Along the way, they picked up Ms. Mari, Tai Shixi and Lois as well.


The blade of a halberd instantly stopped right before my neck.

“Is that so? To actually leave three young girls…”

Tai Shixi suddenly stopped, and then, she looked at Ms. Mari.

“No, to actually leave two young girls and an auntie…”

“Who are you calling auntie!?”

Ms. Mari instantly pulled out her magic staff and shot out numerous ice arrows.

“Aren’t you one!?”

With a single swing of her halberd, she sliced apart several ice arrows, and then, she charged towards Ms. Mari.

I hurriedly used【Shadow Sneak】and zoomed to the side, leaving the area of battle.

Looking at Lois who was at a loss, I patted on her shoulder.

“How many times did they fight per day?”

“Probably… once every three hours.”

Lois pondered for a moment, and answered softly.

Looks like she’s completely terrified of them. Even though she was a member of a Mercenary Guild back then, she’s actually frightened to this extent. She’s really pitiful.

“Speaking of which, I brought you guys a guide.”

Dale who had been silent the entire time suddenly spoke up, and looked towards the direction of the airship.

“But he’s probably still playing cards on the airship, so…”

“Playing cards?”

“Un, initially, it was just to while away the time. However…”

Looking at Dale’s expression, I frowned as I walked up the airship.

Halfway to the cabin, I heard the voices of the people inside.

“Hurry and play your hand! Why are you being so hesitant?”

“Hmph, I’m currently thinking, don’t bother me!”

“Just honestly admit your defeat! You can never win!”

“Who decided that!? I will definitely show you that I can!”

“Then play your hand!”

“Aaaah! Take this!”

The instant I opened the door, I saw the cards Bai Yueguang placed down. It was actually a straight!

“See this!? This is my power!”

Hey, hey, hey. You’re simply relying on luck, right? And you… After placing down your straight, you still have three cards left on hand. This is extremely dangerous, you know. Your opponent only has exactly five cards left.

“Hmhmhm~ Your struggle is futile.”

Hei Luoli slightly smiled, and then, she revealed the five cards in her hand.



Bai Yueguang’s expression instantly paled, and he fainted on the spot.

Why did I know that? Because, above his head, there was an additional ‘Fainted’ status.

“Are you guys done playing? We’re leaving.”

“Ooooh, isn’t this Fir? Do you want to play a round?”

“No. Unless you remove all of the Aces hidden in your sleeves, definitely not.”

“I was actually found out.”

After saying that, she still gave a cheeky smile.

How couldn’t I find out… She has a ‘Acceleration’ buff icon above her head, you know. Just where the hell was Bai Yueguang looking at…

“I will be leaving this place to you, Lanya. We’re going to continue heading East!”

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  1. Sicill says:

    was the only thing that stopped them from bringing the whole gang over was that two of them were princesses and another was in the church?



      • silver says:

        on a side note anyone know when a volume focusing on that “evil-guild” he joined in vol. 2 will appear? the author has only left bread corms about it and the i am dying for a volume about it


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