[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 18


When I got out of the hole, I was shocked by the view in front of me.

The view that came into my eyes was a city street!

“Oh my god… Wait a minute!”

We turned around, and realized the hole behind us vanishing in an instant!

“Oh, it seems like that exit instantly located a city and threw us here.”

“That seems to be so~ Big brother, I will be investigating the area~”

“… Alright, but, be careful. We have already arrived near the Eastern Continent.”

“Eh?” x 3

The three girls looked at me at the same time.

“How do you know that?”

“I don’t feel any sense of discomfort in this city, but, some of the people here are wearing clothes with traits from the Eastern Continent, and there are even buildings which had traces of an Eastern-style building. “

I pointed to the brick house which had a wooden structure in the vicinity.

“In other words, we took an underground passage, which allowed us to directly arrive at the Eastern Continent without taking the very long route.”

“Oooohh, then that sure saves lots of trouble!”

Aliyah instantly retreated and hid in the shadows. And then, in a flash, the clothes she was wearing changed into a red kimono!

“Then I will be investigating the area as well! If there’s anything you need, contact me directly!”

After saying that, she instantly ran away.


She actually ran right after changing? This girl sure doesn’t pay attention to the current situation at all, huh.

I turned and looked towards the only person who was left, the Shikigami Purewhite who had gained self-awareness just earlier.

“Un? What is it, master?”

“It’s nothing… Speaking of which, do you have any memories of this place?”

This place is confirmed to be somewhere really near the Eastern Continent. Purewhite, who was born in the Eastern Continent should know something about this place, right?

“No, master. Because my memories only began after I met you.”

“Is that so…”

I laughed bitterly. Opening my menu, I picked out an attire that could not distinguish where I came from, and changed into it. I also changed my hair color back into black, and walked over to one of the restaurants in the vicinity.

“In any case, let’s first get something to eat. We don’t know how much time we spent in the underground dungeon either.”

We entered the mines during the night, and when we came out earlier, the sun was already high up in the sky. In other words, we have spent at least an entire night and an entire morning in the underground world.

When Purewhite and I entered the restaurant, I suddenly felt a sense of nostalgia.

After all, in the Western Continent, all of the restaurants are very western-style, and restaurants like this which are furnished with various small wooden tables and stools are nowhere to be seen.

That’s why I had this sense of nostalgia.

“Welcome, what may I do…”

The person who welcomed us was a youth who was in his late teens, and he was wearing an apron completely stained in oil.

Zhang Ye
LV 16 Chef | LV 3 Swordsman
[Kind] [Hardworking] [Alone] [Lorsande Kingdom Citizen]


Wait a minute, there’s completely no problems with his levels and classes, but, there’s something really terrifying about his titles.

That last [Lorsande Kingdom Citizen] title…

Why does that name look so familiar…

Back then, the incident where a pair of druids disguised themselves as our academy’s students, and caused a dispute between the Western and Eastern Continents, the druids seemed to have been from the Lorsande Kingdom…

I did not expect that we would instantly arrive at the intersection between the Eastern and Western Continent… Lorsande Kingdom, is it?

As I thought, underground passages are the most convenient things ever!

“Umm… Dear guest…?”

Realzing that he had been staring at me, I coughed a few times and said.

“You guys are still open, right?”

“Ye… Yes. What do you wish to order?”

As he said that, he glanced at Purewhite beside me.

“What are you looking at?”

“Aaaahh! Sorry, dear guest. I definitely do not have any evil intentions! It’s just my first time seeing a Shikigami, so…”

“Oh? You’re actually able to discern that she’s a Shikigami?”

“That… About that. I did study in the past, after all, so I’m able to recognize the mark on the back of the Shikigami’s left hand.”


I turned to look, and just as he said, on the back of Purewhite’s left hand was a light-colored mark.

And I thought it was an unique tattoo… So it was an identification symbol?


“Alright, this isn’t the time to study her. Hurry and bring out some good dishes, I’m famished.”

“Yes! Please… Please wait a moment!”

The youth hurriedly nodded and ran to the back.

“Purewhite, is it really strange for a Shikigami to be here?”

“Master, I…”

“Ooohh, you don’t know either, huh…”

I laughed, and then stroked her head.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry. Anyway, let’s have something to eat for now. But, Purewhite, do you eat?”

“Un, I’m able to absorb energy by eating food as well. Of course, using magic stones or spirit stones are much more effective.”

“I see…”

After taking our seats, not even half a minute later, Zhang Ye brought out two baskets of steamed buns.

“The steamed buns are served a little faster than the rest! The rest will take a longer period of time to prepare. Umm, are only the two of you eating?”

“Un, but, just serve them all. There’s no worries.”

Looking at the prices labeled on the wall… They were basically dirt-cheap.

In the academy, one can get their fill with just a few silver, but looking at this menu, where a basket of buns was only a few copper, I could already feel my face cramping.

And I heard from Bai Yueguang that other than using paper currency here, it’s possible to use metallic currency as well, in other words, gold, silver and copper.

Simply by removing the word ‘Western Continent’ on a silver coin, it’s impossible for anyone to find out where we come from.

Why don’t I want others to know where we come from?

Obviously it’s because it’s more interesting this way!

For example…

There seems to be a couple of people outside, looking for a fight!

“Zhang Ye! I see that you have guests in your restaurant! Hurry and hand over your protection fee!

Geez. Can’t I eat in peace? And they don’t really give much EXP as well. This is so depressing…

I looked at them with pitiful eyes, and then, I silently continued to eat my buns.

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