[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 17

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Following the stairs, we walked straight down.

It felt as though the stairs were an endless spiral, but, the cracks on the wall beside me told me that we were not trapped in a loop.

After walking for about fifteen minutes, we finally saw light emitting out from the bottom of the stairs!

Increasing my speed, I charged right down. Then, suddenly, my feet stepped on empty air, and my entire body instantly fell!


“Oh my god! What is this!?”

There was a scream, but the scream did not come from me.

And in the next second, I felt as though my entire body was suddenly raised, and I was heavily thrown aside!


A white figure suddenly rushed over and caught me!

“Master, are you alright!?”

Purewhite, who caught me, looked at me with a very worried expression.

“I’m fine, I”m fine. But, put me down for now…”

My current posture is really embarrassing. Being carried by a girl who is shorter than me by a head, simply looks really terrible.

“Ah! Big brother! Big brother, why are you here!?”

“It really is that idiot Fir. And here I was thinking who else would suddenly fall from the sky.”

“Hey, hey, hey! When did I ever have the setting as the person who had fallen from the sky!? Do you think I’m Sheeta!?”

After Purewhite placed me down, I looked at the two girls in the room.

Aliyah and Oyado. I did not expect to actually encounter them here.

And, currently, we’re in a room with four white walls surrounding us, and the walls were even glowing white, bright enough to light up the entire room.

And the place where I fell from… The spiral staircase actually stopped right at the ceiling. It’s no wonder I would step on empty air and fall.

“If the idiot Fir came from the top… It means that it’s a dead-end above us, right?”

“That’s right, above us is a dungeon. But, after I conquered it, it disappeared.”

I picked up the toad beside me, and placed it on Purewhite’s shoulder.

“That toad is the controller of the dungeon, but it has now turned into our companion.”


The two of them revealed expressions of utter disbelief.

“You even subdued the controller of the dungeon? Then what about the way to get out of here?”

“I don’t know, it told us to come down here, and then…”

I looked at the toad, but it actually looked as though it did not know what I was talking about.

“Speaking of which, what about you guys?”

“Us? We fell into a dungeon as well, and then, after smashing all of the walls of the dungeon, we finally found a ventilation duct, which dropped us here.”

“Smashing all of the walls in the dungeon… That’s sure your style, huh.”

I shook my head.

“But, since you people are here, doesn’t that mean there should be a way out in this place?”

“I guess so… But! Who the hell is that girl over there!”

Following the direction she was pointing at, I turned my head over.

Was she referring to… Purewhite?

“Her? She’s our new companion, Purewhite.”

“New companion? You sure like to collect new companions, don’t you? Hahaha…”

“What are you talking about? Purewhite is the Shikigami we took from those people back then.”


Aliyah inspected her carefully, and then, she looked at her name.

“There’s actually such a thing… What did you do to her?”


I shrugged.

“I don’t know either, she suddenly gained self-awareness after killing some monsters. I don’t really know the exact details either.”

“It just happened to gain self-awareness?”

“… The way you put it is rather ambiguous, but that’s indeed what happened.”

“How is that possible…”

Aliyah once again looked at her, and then, after looking at her name again, she revealed a frightened and shocked expression.

“Alright, but speaking of which, this girl is even shorter than me, just what kind of mindset did the person who created her have?”

That’s right, Purewhite’s body was like a loli’s. Although she’s taller than Oyado, she’s a little shorter than Aliyah.

“Well, who knows. In any case, Purewhite is currently our new companion. Everyone, get along, alright?”

“Please… Please to meet you.”

Purewhite hurriedly bowed and said.

“Big brother, big brother~”

Oyado walked over to my side and said.

“I’m the only little sister big brother has, right!?”

“Eh? Ye… Yeah.”

“Then that’s good~”

Why are you even worried about that… Ah whatever, it doesn’t matter anymore.

“But… How are we going to…”


Suddenly, a hole appeared in the wall.

“… leave this place.”

It basically did not give me a chance to finish what I wanted to say at all!

“Un, let’s hurry! I’m hungry.”

After saying that, Aliyah immediately walked out of the hole.

“Me too, big brother~”

“Alright… Let’s go, Purewhite.”


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42 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 17

  1. DMR says:

    Really, the author makes her a loli??? Don’t we have enough f***n lolis? Almost half the women are lolis…

    But we got less than 2 MILFS and not enough big boobed characters…


    Thanks for the chapter XD

    Liked by 3 people

      • DMR says:

        Japanese works also have tons of big boobs and tons of girls that aren’t lolis with flat chests, and tons of girls that don’t have big or small breasts….

        They have girls of many sizes….

        Liked by 2 people

      • shortykilz says:

        I’m pretty sure that’s just Aliyah wearing some traditional clothes since it’s a festival fan art though?
        I’m basing this off the fact that Aliyah’s defining features are twin tails and red eyes, and the fact that the new loli’s only description so far is white clothing…


      • flame says:

        @DMR it’s official I grabbed it from one of the chapters

        @SHORTYKILZ Really I thought the only thing we knew was her name.. or was her being in white the reason for her name.. anyway couldn’t that mean she might also have white hair if he calls her snow(or white or what ever).. Anyway I feel it’s at some point.. wasn’t she said to be wearing some fancy dress or something ?


      • DMR says:

        “Lil’ Girl finder” I think is more appropriate… most girls fall for him regardless of age…. he just finds more lolis than anything….

        And a few of them are legal lolis (so they look loli, but are of legal age).

        And yes, a few of them have potential…. but who knows how long that’d take….

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  2. parth37955 says:

    I do love how Fir has gotten almost every variety of girls in his harem: Princesses, childhood friend/ex-fiance, a robot (androgynous), a mischievous world-chan, a yandere little sister, a very dependent daughter-like loli, lolis in general, an somewhat dumb tsundere, an shotacon teacher, an elf servant/subordinate, a nun, wacky alchemist, a criminal, sis-con, girl with a mace, etc…
    and it’s only the the beginning (more or less) of the 6th volume…how in the world does he not have a harem maker title? or skill atleast.

    Now I know some of these aren’t officially in his harem, but it’s pretty likely they’re going to be in there.


  3. GonZ555 says:

    huh?! where is this? why is meatbun alone in this button filled room? ..ooh! buttons! maybe some delicious food will come out~ *press**press**press**press* *hears someone screams* huh?! whats that? …oh well.. *press**press**press*

    Thank you for the chapter~


  4. crashclown says:

    well my doll all of a sudden came to life…I named her purewhite, for the record no she isn’t some kind of strangler that practiced voodoo, I know she told me twice.


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