[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 16

Hmph. For chasing situations like this, I have asked Ms. Mari’s comrades to create a very convenient tool!

【Night Vision Device】!

“Purewhite, hold onto me tightly, we’re going to accelerate!”


I wore the 【Night Vision Device】, and grabbed onto Purewhite.

Immediately after, I extinguished all of the light sources in the vicinity!

“【Shadow Sneak】!”

Within the darkness, my speed is unparalleled!

Accelerating, I instantly zoomed right behind the toad.

“Maaaaaaaaaaaster! It’s so daaaaaaark!”

Purewhite, who was in my embrace, was trembling constantly. It seems like she’s really afraid of the dark, huh.

“Don’t worry! Just hold onto me tightly. It’s going to end really quickly!”

With that said, I quickly rushed behind the stone toad.

Although my current speed is sufficient to catch it, with our current situation… I feel that it’s best to follow after it instead.

Because when it was fleeing, I saw the wall in front of him opening suddenly, and then, after it passed through it, it closed back. This mean that this guy… is holding onto a key that allows it to control this dungeon at will.

If I were to immediately catch it, it will definitely not tell me the exit, but…

Wouldn’t the problem be solved if I just follow after it?

As we passed through the many walls of this dungeon, the passageways in the vicinity of the dungeon constantly grew wider. Seems like we’re almost there…

Finally, after passing through the last wall, a site that looked like a battle arena appeared before my eyes.

The stone toad rushed quickly towards the stone statue at the center of the arena. I smiled, and, accelerating, I charged right in front of it, and instantly caught it in my hands.

“Sorry, that thing looks really threatening, I can’t have you approach it.”

“Question! How did you get here, question!”

“Because I saw you running, so I simply followed after you. After all, you did promise me a reward. And the rights to challenge the guardian or something. How can I simply let you flee?”

“Obviously, I did not forget about that, question. But, I have to return here to activate the guardian, question!”

“Are you talking about this stone statue?”

“That’s right, that’s right. Question!”

“Alright, let me solve your worries!”

I pointed to the statue.

“【Frozen Light】!”

The blue ray of light instantly shot onto the stone statue. After blasting the ray of light up and down, the entire stone statue was frozen.

And then, I summoned a【Tearing Cross】, threw it at the stone statue, and it stabbed right into the statue.

And then, the statue made a crackling sound. The entire frozen statue shattered into pieces.

“Aaaaaaaah, question, question! You… you… you… How can you destroy the stone statue like that!? How are you going to accept the challenge now!? Question!”

“So just take it as though I have completed the challenge.”

“But this is different from the standard procedure. Question.”

“So what? The challenge is to defeat the stone statue, right? Looking at the outcome, I have already defeated the stone statue. Isn’t that fine?”

“Question, although that’s the case, something just feels a little off, question.”

“Don’t mind such details. Look, that stone statue has been destroyed, you currently have no other way to test anyone else. Doesn’t that mean you can leave this place now?”

“Leave this place? But. Question. After leaving this place, what else can I do? Question.”


I stared at the toad for a long time.

“Speaking of which, other than asking questions, riding this stone statue, and controlling the dungeon, what else do you know?”

“Nothing. Question.”


This child sure is pitiful.

“Then what can you do with the dungeon?”

“Umm… Question. Change the dungeon’s routes, change the dungeon’s entrances, change the dungeon’s size. Question.”

“That’s it!”

I smiled.

“How small you can turn the dungeon into?”

“Question. Probably the size of a pebble. Question.”

“Hurry, hurry! Change it!”

“O… Oh. Question!”

I placed the toad on the ground. It then pointed upwards, and the entire dungeon immediately trembled wildly, as though an earthquake has happened.

Immediately after, the entire dungeon slowly rose. Although it did not completely feel like it was flying upwards, when the entire dungeon rose to about a height of five meters…

The entire dungeon which I could not see the ends of, looked as though it was a wrinkled ceiling in the sky!

As I thought, things, that you could not see the ends of, give off an unnatural feeling.

And in the next second.

The entire dungeon shrank continuously, as though the dungeon was a shrinking sponge. And not even half a minute later, the entire dungeon shrank into a disc that was the size of my fist.

“Just like that, question.”


I picked up the disc and began inspecting it.

On the disc, you could still see the small lines of cracks, which were actually the different passages in the dungeon.

“What about the stonemen in the dungeon?”

”“Those stonemens? Question. They have already became part of the dungeon, so those guys are actually the dungeon itself as well. Question.”

“No wonder…”

Those numbers and their defenses, were basically illogical.

“But, speaking of which…”

I scanned my surroundings.

“Did you see any other humans other than us?”

“Other humans? Question. Totally not. Question. Actually, other than you guys, there hasn’t been any human who stepped into the dungeon for more than 40 years.”

“Is that so…”

Looks like Aliyah and Oyado did not fall into the dungeon.

“Then, why are we here?”

“Question, the exit is actually just here. Question.”

It pointed to the floor, and then, a part of the floor caved in. A stairs leading to the next underground floor suddenly appeared in front of us!

“Hey, hey, hey! We still have to go down!? Just where does these stairs lead to!?”

“Question. I don’t know either. Because I was here the moment I was born. Question.”

Alright then, it seems like going down is the only choice I have…

Main Quest: Ancient Ruins β [Completed]
Quest Objective: Escape the Dungeon of Death.
Reward: Dagger of Death [Received]

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33 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 16

    • connivinglamb says:

      just a quick reply to get the comment up top, so the dungeon instance was changed to a ridiculously small size right? so in theory couldn’t he just squash the golems he left in the dungeon with his finger? is sounds logical as the frog said they were part of the dungeon too, and if you could continuously spawn stone golems couldn’t he just farm them??

      if so seems kinda broken :I

      Liked by 1 person

      • connivinglamb says:

        hmm well if he could kill party members as everyone is neutral, lets say… the freezer. he might be able to get some sort of EXP if not all he has to do is whine to “world” until it does happen XD, but even then im pretty sure he never gained control of the dungeon the frog still kept control in the end he just changes it on request Xp


      • DMR says:

        I don’t think you’d get XP from killing party members… and he can’t harm them anyways….

        He’d be better off asking the world for some Pizza….


  1. Irthill says:

    Few chapters ago in the mines :
    I have no other choice, after all, I don’t possess any night-vision equipment, and I can’t battle just by looking at their names.

    Just now :
    Hmph. For chasing situations like this, I have asked Ms. Mari’s comrades to create a very convenient tool!

    Night Vision Device!

    Well ok, so… Ok…
    Let’s just forget about it…


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