[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 14

The length of the passageway was slightly irritating me.

I felt like I had already followed down this passageway for 10 minutes, however, I had yet to see a single place where I could make a turn at.

Just how big is this place…

And while we were continuously walking forward, I had been trying to send a message to the rest using the messaging system.

But, when I pressed on the ‘Send’ button, this notification,【Space Restriction, Unable to Send】popped out.

Looks like our abilities and systems are all under restrictions in this ancient ruins.

But, when I tried to use the various types of magic spells, I was still able to cast them. It seems like only unique abilities are being restricted.

And, my ability to control Purewhite has been restricted as well.

Currently, if I were to try to use a mind sync to control her, it would not be possible. No matter how I try to control Purewhite, there isn’t any reaction at all.

“Speaking of which, just why is there no end to this passageway…”

“Because this passageway is actually circular.”

Purewhite’s reply suddenly shocked me.

“What did you say? This passageway is circular?”

“That’s right, Fir, didn’t you realize it? This passageway isn’t completely straight, rather, it’s a curve. It’s just that the curve isn’t really significant.”

“Is that so? I see. And coincidentally, I didn’t realize it at all. But, you were able to immediately realize it because you’re not human, right? Great work, Purewhite!”

“Un, un, un. I feel happy being praised by master~”

Purewhite happily jumped about.

“By your estimates, how much is the deviation? We might be able to estimate the size of this place with it.”


It seemed like Purewhite did not understand what I meant. I pondered for a moment, and thought of a plan.

“【Ice Totem】!”

A gigantic ice pillar constantly grew upwards, however, when it grew up to about a height of 10 meters, it struck the ceiling!

An invisible ceiling? Fortunately, I did not stand on the ice totem to try it out, otherwise, I would have been already smashed into smithereens.

Decreasing the height of the ice totem by a little, I gave it a slight push, and the ice totem instantly fell onto the ground.

Pushing it next to the wall, I carefully made a comparison, and measured the distance between the center of the ice totem and the wall… Alright, it seemed like this place has an area of at least 10 square kilometers.

This place is a little too freaking big, isn’t it?

Just how did someone manage to create such a big dungeon, and what was his mentality when he made it…

And currently, I have completely no directions to choose from, otherwise, if I were to walk towards the east, I might possibly reach the Eastern Continent from underground.

However, our current problem is, we completely do not have that sort of extremely long passage that could allow us to leave this place. In that case, how are we going to leave this circular passage?

“Purewhite, did you spot any route we can take to leave this circular passage while we were walking earlier?”

“It’s a huge pity, master. The entire passageway is a single complete passage, and there’s no other routes.”

“Then do you know which way is east?”

“… Let me try finding out.”

After saying that, she closed her eyes.

“Just what are you…”

“I’m able to slightly sense the place I was born in. However, in a place like this, I’m not entirely sure if I’m able to sense it…”

The place she was born in… I see, the east, huh?

“I got it! It should be this way!”

After saying that, she pointed to the wall on the right.

“Very good! That’s enough!”

I smiled, and then, raised out my right hand.

“【Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross】!”

A red-cross knight sword gathered onto my hand.


And then, I aimed at the position of the center of the wall, and fiercely stabbed towards it!


Although it did not really do much, the blade was able to stab directly into the gap in-between the bricks of the wall!

Very good. It seems like the wall can be destroyed. Then that’s good.

If something like【Space Restriction,Unable to Destroy】were to appear, then it would be troublesome.

Walking right towards the opposite wall, I pressed onto the wall, and an 【Ice Totem】 instantly grew out from the wall. Then, it smashed into the red-cross knight sword that was still stabbed onto the other side!


The cracks around the knight sword constantly grew bigger. I reduced the size of the 【Ice Totem】, and then, I once again smashed it towards the sword!


A giant hole the size of a basketball court was instantly formed on the wall.

But, that was not enough. I instantly picked up a grenade, and then, placed it into one of the cracks on the wall.

Immediately after, I pulled Purewhite a little further away, and summoned an ice wall to block the shockwave.


The explosion this time felt extremely different, and the tremor caused by the explosion caused me to unconsciously take a step back.

Removing the ice wall, a gigantic cave on the other side of the wall had appeared before our eyes.


The wall was actually slowly recovering at a speed which we could see with our naked eyes!

“Let’s hurry and leave, Purewhite!”

After saying that, I pulled onto Purewhite and instantly entered the cave.

“Master is really too amazing! Just what was that thing you used earlier to instantly cause such a big hole to appear behind the wall!”

“It’s just a small tool. Alright, let us head to the eastern side then… But we have to exterminate some of our guests.”

Looking at the complicated passageways in the vicinity, and the monsters which were walking over due to the explosion I caused, I shrugged my shoulders.

“As I thought, it’s impossible to flee from the fate of clearing a dungeon.”

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21 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 14

  1. Alam says:

    If this series have any more loli, I will drop it. I know it’s meant to be that way.But I almost can’t stand it anymore. It’s like Konjiki no Wordmaster, a great story with too much loli forced into the MC it’s suffocating.


  2. Countrymage says:

    A hole the size of a basketball court was too small? Was it maybe the size of the hoop, or the ball itself?

    Either way, thanks for the chapter 😀

    So how far do you think Fir will end up going this time? He dropped through a hole in the floor of the Mitchell dungeon and found himself in another country the first time, then there was his trip to the abyss…Every time his harem takes him for a romantic walk somewhere, he finds a dungeon with exits into distant lands…


  3. Sicill says:

    ….wait, if fir can’t send out messages now then how did he get one from the others before when they were presumably in the same dungeon?
    Thanks for….
    ….eh? does his glasses have a measurement function? does he have good enough eyes to measure about 7mm when he found the area of the loop?
    Thanks for the ….
    …. how does he know Purewhite-chan was born in the East? Isn’t it possible for Purewhite’s origin to have been in the Ice Empire?
    Now, what was I saying? Oh. Thanks for the chapter!


  4. Phantom Starlight says:

    Pushing it next to the wall, I carefully made a comparison, and measured the distance between the center of the ice totem and the wall… Alright, it seemed like this place has an area of at least 10 square kilometers.

    Sadly Fir, your math may be right, but your answer could be wrong.
    You are making the assumption that the passage is a perfect circle. It could easily be a giant oval or oblong.


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