[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 13


Suddenly, I woke up within the darkness.

After looking at my surroundings, I quickly threw a Flash magic spell upwards.

When the white magical ball of light shone the entire space, I could not help but be startled for a moment.

“Could it be… an actual traditional dungeon has appeared?”

。That’s right, my current position was actually the center of a long passageway, and on my left and right, their ends could not be seen at all.

The walls were made out of deep green bricks, and it was clear that they were artificially made.

Only a few small scratches could be seen on the smooth floor, and when I touched it, it felt as cold and firm as jade.

And when I looked up, I was unable to see the ceiling of the passageway as well.

Just how high did I fall from?

It sure is a miracle that I did not actually fall to death!

And suddenly, my quest notification actually rang!

Main Quest: Ancient Ruins – β
Quest Objective: Flee from the Dungeon of Death.
Reward: Dagger of Death

Oh my god, I actually once again accidentally fell into an underground dungeon?

After leveling up so much in the academy, I thought I would not have the need of killing monsters any longer. I did not expect that I would be unable to escape the fate of killing monsters in the end, huh.

As expected of an RPG-like world.

I have no other choice, let’s hurry up and think of a way to leave this place.


Before I could even take a step forward, suddenly, someone forcefully grabbed onto my hand!

“Don’t… Don’t leave me. It’s dark here! I’m scared!”

When I lowered my head to lock, I was actually startled to see Purewhite curled up in a ball beside my leg. With one of her hands, she grabbed onto me, and then, she watched me with a very pitiful expression.

Why was I startled? Obviously it was because she was a Shikigami which abnormal strength, and she was also a Shikigami with self-awareness. In usual cases, it would be really useful to have such a strong battle potential, but…

This is really my first time seeing a Shikigami hiding herself by curling up into a ball because she was afraid of the dark.

So cute, I really wish to hug her and console her!

No, I have to show some restraint!

Otherwise, it will definitely lead to bad things happening. In times like this, I have to keep my calm!

And she’s a Shikigami. Wouldn’t I be a pervert if I were to have feelings for a Shikigami…

“Alright, don’t worry.”

As I said that, I once again summoned a few more balls of light, and had them placed around us.

“Isn’t this much better? Don’t worry, you just have to follow my lead.”

“Un, thank you, master… Ah no, Mister Fir.”

“Don’t call me ‘Mister’. It sounds really strange, you know… Well, in any case, let’s select a direction to head towards to.”

I looked at the entire passageway, and then, I looked at Purewhite.

“Purewhite-chan, which way do you think we should we go?”


“Well~ Just treat it as a form of nickname. In any case, where do you think we should go?”


Purewhite slowly got up from the ground, and then, she said after looking at the two directions.



“I don’t know…”


I unconsciously stroked her head.

What a honest and good girl…

“Alright, in that case…”

I tapped on the skill hotkey to open my wings… but, I was stunned.

My wings actually did not open up!

Space Restriction – Unable to Fly.

And then, this notification actually appeared!

Oh my god, there’s actually a restriction like this here? This is too frightening.

Looks like the person who designed this dungeon is not that simple, to think the person could actually set up a space restriction.

Interesting, then let me have a good look at this place then!

”Then… Let us first head in this direction. Let’s go!”

I pointed to the left.

“Why did you choose this way?”

“Because… the passage on the left seems to be cleaner than the right?”

Looking at Purewhite’s shocked expression, I laughed, and then, said with a shrug of my shoulders.

“Just kidding, let’s go!”

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26 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 13

  1. silver says:

    damn really third.
    anyway this could lead to another hint into Fir’s past or more of the same from the end of vol. 5. ether way it should be pretty good.


  2. DMR says:

    So he’s falling for another cute girl…. no wait… he ADMITTED to falling for another cute girl….

    The guy that usually denies it admitted it?!

    Fir, this is called a step in the right direction XD

    And we all know your a perv… everyone knows 😛

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    Liked by 2 people

  3. stelvis93 says:

    When I read “So cute, I really wish to hug her and console her! No, I have to show some restraint!” I think that I ended by mistake in slave harem but the tittle was right xp
    Ty for the ch^^


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