[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 12

The Shikigami behind me was wearing a white kimono, and it’s definitely impossible to not call her cute.

Even though that’s the case, she should have been a Shikigami which do not possess any self-awareness at all, so how…

“Master, why are you looking at me so strangely?”

The Shikigami girl asked this while tilting her head slightly to the side.

So cute. I can’t look at her in the eyes at all.

“Wait a minute, what’s your name?”

The reason why I asked this was because, in my eyes, the name above her head was still【Empress】.

“Me? I don’t know either~”

“With an answer like that, you’re not supposed to say it with a smile, right?”

“Then, master, please give me a name.”

“Giving a name, that isn’t my specialty… Wait a minute! Why did the topic suddenly changed to giving a name? Shouldn’t the current problem be about your sudden gain of self-awareness?”

“Although I’m not really sure, in my memories, there’s this vague explanation.【After killing a certain number of enemies, borrow the soul fragments of others to construct a new soul. 】~”

“Is that so… But you only threw a bottle of liquid nitrogen earlier… Or was the number of enemies you killed in your previous battles counted in as well?”


Just when I was in deep thought, she actually walked right in front of me, and her eyes which were filled with curiosity were staring right at me.

Unconsciously, I took a step back.

“Master, do you hate me? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, it’s not that. I was just a little startled when you suddenly approached this close to me.”

“Is that so? That’s good to hear~ If master is angry and decides to dismantle me, I will be really lonely.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t dismantle you, and, I don’t know how to either. Speaking of which, did you only become self-aware earlier, or did you have it all along?”

“I only became self-aware earlier.”

“What about memories?”

“Other than the memories about the explanation earlier, there’s nothing else.”

“Battle style?”



Looking at her skeptical expression, I helplessly shook my head.

And then, I used the earlier mind sync, and commanded her to attack the wall beside us.

With vigorous strides, she charged over, and struck the metallic wall with a punch.

After a loud bang, the entire wall caved in, and a large hole appeared.

“Un? What just happened to me?”

The Shikigami looked skeptically at her own hand, and then, looked at the wall.

“What just happened, master?”

“… Alright, it seems like a part of your battle system is under my control, so you’re incapable of using it. Oh right, let’s call you Purewhite then.”

“Purewhite? It sounds pretty good~”

After saying that, the name above the Shikigami underwent a change in an instant, and the initial【Empress】turned into【Purewhite】.

So you can actually give names just like that? This sure is convenient.

“In any case, why don’t you return into my ring…”

“Don’t wanna!”

I didn’t expect to get rejected instantly!

。The other dolls instantly returned into my ring after I gave the command with the mind sync, but, this girl actually rejected me.

And the ring did not take her in either.

What kind of joke is this?


“Because… staying all alone in the ring, feels really scary.”


Looking at her expression… It seemed like that was indeed her real thoughts.

In other words, a Shikigami with the battle power capable of breaking open a hole through a metallic wall is telling me, she’s afraid of the dark.


“Alright, then, just follow by my side then. But, you’re not allowed to do any strange things, alright?”

“Un, yes, master!”

“Oh right, don’t call me master. Just call me Fir. It sounds more natural that way.”

“I understand, Fir!”

It still feels a little strange, ah whatever, let’s just leave it at that.

“Oh right, next up, let’s find the other two girls…”

With this thought in mind, I swept my gaze around the mines, but, there were no traces of their names anywhere.

I opened the messaging system.

‘Where are you two?’

‘Below you.’

I looked beneath me, and just at this moment, a huge crack line suddenly appeared on the floor!

I hurriedly opened up my pair of wings, but when I turned to look, Purewhite was screaming as she was falling into the hole!

I quickly reached out my hand to grab her, but, the moment I grabbed onto her, I realized…

She was actually heavier than metal!

Hence, the two of us screamed as we were pulled into the darkness.

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37 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 12

  1. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    So, her name was originally “Empress”….. so Fir’s job is to now conquer the world and build a harem….

    But we already knew that, didn’t we…

    I guess the real purpose was to show that this girl cannot be on top…


  2. Kureyn says:

    I wonder if the author is mixing metaphors here. This one is Empress, maybe the next one will start off being named Priestess or Star or even Fool?


  3. Mcknowlesey says:

    Instead of ‘pure white’ cant you change it to ‘shiro’? Or some other name which means white? At least the others sound like names.
    Thanks for the chapter.


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