[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 11

Although the robot looked really big, in actual fact, he seemed to be skilled with its controls.

Like a whip, its right arm was swung towards me, and at the same time, it’s other hand began to spin, and it actually turned into a gatling gun.


Gatling gun?

Flashing to the right, I dodged its right arm’s attack, and the metal fist struck onto the floor beside me.

But this is not a game, the opponent can still issue another attack in the split moment after it attacks.

Quickly tapping on 【Shadow Sneak】, I speedily hid into the shadows.

And in the next second, the sound of the rumbling gatling gun instantly resounded through the entire cave. And the place I was standing at earlier shattered into pieces in just a few moments.

Oh my god, that attack power is not fake at all.

Just which immoral bastard actually made this sort of gundam with our technology, just for the sake of money?

And he actually sold it to an inhabitant of this world. Is he trying to incite a war?

I hurriedly controlled the Shikigami and dolls to dodge the attack. Although they were really sturdy, I did not dare to be certain that they could last against the gatling gun’s attacks.

But I have a rather deep sense of fear towards these firearms. After all, something like that is already considered to be one of the strongest modern firearms.


If that bastard have brought over the technologies from Metal Storm, then I will definitely flee for my life.

I have no other choice, let’s first divert its attacks!

Two battle dolls rushed quickly towards it from its flanks, while the other four dolls circled around it near the walls behind the robot.

After all, the Shikigami and I are capable of flight, so we do not need to run about like the battle dolls.

Simultaneous controls like this actually feels like playing Dota. Although I don’t know how the inhabitants of this world control them, after I obtained the rights to control these seven dolls, I was able to number them individually, and then, by issuing them commands mentally, I’m able to make them move.

The robot controlled by the man in red and white robes instantly reacted to the two incoming dolls. It’s right arm spun and turned into a gatling gun as well, and the robot shot towards the two dolls!

As I thought, it’s not that much different from how I predicted it.

With this thought in mind, I quickly made them tumble into the blind spots I have perfectly planned out, and at the same time, the four dolls immediately jumped onto the two gatling arms, instantly causing the arms to be pushed down.

And while the arms were being suppressed, the two dolls which had rolled into the blind spots immediately rushed out. At the same time, I came out from the shadows, and in my hands, was a magic grenade with three fire magic spells compressed in it.

Of course, for more convenient use, like a sticky grenade, I added a part onto the grenade that would allow it to stick on my targets, and then, I threw towards its back.

There were two other battle dolls that did the same action as me as well.

Right before the battle even began, so as to increase their battle power, I had already equipped them with different Connect Weapons, and at the same time, the slots that were initially used to keep magic scrolls were now stuffed with various grenades.

In an instant, a couple of grenades landed right below the robot, and at the same time, the Shikigami which had been lying inversely on the ceiling immediately flew out. Taking out an unique thermos flask, it poured out the liquid that was inside it onto the robot.

A moment later, smoke was emitted out. This was a matter of course, after all, liquid nitrogen did just make instant contact with the metal plates.

That’s right, using my 【Unnatural Flames】, I slowly liquefied refined nitrogen. Although it’s incapable of dealing a fatal blow to the enemy, just from its effects alone, it could be said to be more effective than using spells like 【Restrictor of the Frozen Earth】.

Especially on things made out of metal, its joints were instantly frozen, and it was no longer capable of moving. And taking this opportunity, the dolls and Shikigami had already retreated from the robot’s side.


Suppressed Fire Magic spells cannot be taken lightly, as their strength is much bigger than an actual grenade. And, most Fire Magic spells bring about ‘burn’ damage, in other words… Even if that bastard does not explode to death, he will still be burnt to death.

The flames instantly engulfed the entire robot, and when it was just about to raise its hands, they went limp and fell back down.

It seems like the systems inside have already been cut off due to the flames. Pitiful.

And the HP of that bastard in red and white robes constantly decreased. A moment later, that bastard made his last scream, and turned into dust, along with the robot.

Un? Why did I not extract information from him?

Are you joking? A quest came with this incident, why would there be a need for me to extract information personally from him?

Quest Completed.
Side Quest: Eliminate the Demonic Wolf (Personal)
Additional Quest: Exterminate the Magician in a red and white robe.
EXP Reward (Fixed) : 10,000 [Received]
Item Reward (Fixed) : Demonic Wolf Research Data [Received]
You leveled up!
Current LV: 35

The notifications popped up, immediately after, a very new-looking notebook appeared in my inventory.

Seems like this is that so-called ‘research data’, right?

It’s actually a new notebook as well, looks like this research indeed only started recently…

But when I opened the first page of the notebook, I was given a shock.

“What… is this?”

The language used in the book, was actually not the human language we usually use in this world, but…



I kind of feel like I’m doing an English Comprehension Test here…

Looking at the chunk of text in front of me, I made a difficult decision, and kept the notebook back into my inventory.

For now, let’s first meet up, and have Ms. Mari take a look at it. In any case, I won’t be able to stand reading the entire thing…

With this thought in mind, I sent all the dolls back into my inventory as well.


But I suddenly felt something was wrong!

“One, two, three, four, five, six… Where’s the last one?”

I looked at the dolls in my inventory, and suddenly recalled there was supposed to be one more of them…

“Master, are you looking for me?”

I jerked my head to the side. The Shikigami girl which I summoned earlier was standing behind me, and looking at me with a smile on her face.


“What the hell?”

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  1. Zero says:

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  2. DMR says:

    Oh no… one of his dolls came to life… so Fir will now play with Dolls… and he’d also “play” with dolls… if you get what I mean…..

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        Fir is also a “closet” pervert (in quotes cause he isn’t fooling anyone)…

        And what misunderstanding? It’d be the truth… the cold hard (guess warm hard in this case) and perverted facts…

        Fir will just claim them false, but he can’t run from the truth… that a bunch of women are going to kick his ass!!!!

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