[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 10

Countless wolfmen surrounded us, and these were merely the ones that were being shone by the light source in my hand.

But in the places where my light could not reach, countless of green glowing eyes were staring straight at us. And in my vision, the red names were about to blind my eyes.

Geez, why are you guys rushing to give us EXP?

I snapped my fingers, and a strong chill instantly filled a large half of the mines!

“【Restrictor of the Frozen Earth】!”

All of the surrounding wolfmen instantly received a ‘frozen’ status, and after I estimated the numbers in the vicinity, I waved the magic wand in my hand.

“【Arcane – Chaotic Shadows – Ninety-Nine Ice Arrows】!”

Countless ice arrows flew in all directions like fireworks, and then, countless of ‘damage received’ numbers floated above their heads.

They were merely level 27 ~ 30 wolfmen. After an attack like that, their HP immediately plummeted down to a third!

“Go! Restrain them!”

The man in red and white robe immediately commanded the wolfmen to attack. Earlier, my ice arrows had almost taken him down, but fortunately for him, he reacted quickly, and had the nearby wolfmen to take the arrows for him.

Geez, this bastard who uses other people’s lives as shields…

Looking at that bastard, I had already issued him a death sentence in my heart.

“Geez, big brother is acting cool all by himself again.”

After slightly leaning over to the back, Oyado transformed into a black shadow and charged into the horde of wolfmen!

Like a lawnmower, in every single place she passed through, the red names of those wolfmen nearby would instantly turned grey.

This meant that those wolfmen were instantly stabbed to death by her!

Just what kind of speed is that…

And when I turned to look at the other side, Aliyah had already disappeared.

And a while later, I saw a part of the cold air dissipating in the vicinity. A sea of flames had already took over the ice-cold cave.

Hey, hey ,hey, don’t burn up all of the oxygen, otherwise, we will be in big trouble.

And when I raised my head to look, that bastard in a red and white ribe seemed to have disappeared without us noticing.

Damn it!

I opened up my pair of wings and chased after him. Even if I’m seen in a place like this, it doesn’t really matter.

Flying to the top of the mines, I realized the place that bastard in red and white robe was standing at, had a passageway behind him.

Pulling out demonic blade 【Bloodmoon】, I immediately flew towards the passage.


“This cave sure is troublesome.”

Although I was able to see his name, due to the complicated passages of the mines, I felt like I would not be able to reach his position no matter what I do.

Despicable, to think he would not dare to fight me head on. If you have the capabilities, then let’s duel! Why you are you running for!?

Without a choice, so as to recognize the places I have walked on before, I periodically placed markers made out of 【Flash】 spells on the ground.

After after walking round and round, I found out that I have arrived at a new passage.


If I were to express it in words, this was no longer a cave or a mine, rather, it was an even more illogical place.

Because, when I looked over with my eyes, all four walls of the mines were plated with metal, like a warehouse.

I walked over to the metal plated wall in front, touched it, and from its glossy metallic texture, this place seemed to have been moved here only recently.

Strange, just what is this bastard planning? Do these mines actually possess something that would make him do something like this?

With this thought in mind, I continued forward. Not long after, I understood part of his reason.

A gigantic robot appeared before me, and looking at its side, it was even linked to a power supply unit and a case.

I stared at the robot, and then, I finally realized their true goal.

“This is… used to refine aluminium robots?”

Next to the robot, there were countless of metal parts stacked over there, and they looked rather new.

When I touched them, the parts were described as aluminium.

Oh right, although this world possesses Lightning Magic in the first place, they should not possess the knowledge of aluminium electrolysis.

A long time ago, because there were limitations to aluminium electrolysis technology, the price of aluminium were even higher than gold at a certain point in time in our world.

If this technology had just appeared in this world recently… even if there were bauxite found in the mines, people would believe they were just useless stones.

And in actual fact, there were many ways to use aluminium.

“In other words, there’s bauxite in these mines, so it was targeted?”

“You actually know these are bauxites?”

A loud bang sounded. I turned and actually saw the metal wall behind me opening. Behind the wall, a robot with a metal chariot as its lower half appeared. This thing seems to look rather familiar, but I can’t recall what it’s called…

“Hahaha! You’re speechless, right!? This is a new weapon I bought with a large sum of gold! I shall have you understand the power of this weapon that’s beyond this era! Since you know about the bauxite in this place, it means that you’re definitely not that simple. So, please die here!”

“Is that so?”

I pushed up my glasses.

“What a rare coincidence, we actually have the same idea in mind.”

I quickly tapped on the menu, and then, took out items that have been stored in the inventory for a long time.

A Shikigami and six battle dolls immediately appeared before me.

“What? Unless you’re from the Smuu household…”

When he saw the items I took out, he said frantically.

“Well? In any case, please die here.”

After doing a slight stretch, I charged towards him with the seven dolls.

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