[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 8

【Flash】! 【Flash】! 【Flash】!

Simultaneously casting and shooting three 【Flash】 spells, they landed on the nearby rocks, illuminating the space in the vicinity.

I have no other choice, after all, I don’t possess any night-vision equipment, and I can’t battle just by looking at their names.

And after Aliyah pulled out her twin swords, red flames instantly erupted from her body. She charged directly into the pack of wolves, leaving behind a trail of flames on the ground!


Aliyah directly clashed with the pack of wolves, and countless wolves were being sent flying just by the blast caused by her charge alone!

Oh my god, are you still a Dual-swordsman? Are you certain you’re not a Berserker?

Your battle style is completely that of a Berserker’s right!?

After charging into the pack of wolves, Aliyah twisted her body, and the two swords in her hands accurately slashed across the necks of two wolves.

The two wolves groaned as blood splurged out from the cut on their necks, their bodies collapsed onto the ground.

And then, Aliyah did a somersault to the back, her two swords stabbing into the chests of the two wolves nearby… The places she stabbed were probably where their hearts were.

Without an exception, the HP bars of the four wolves instantly depleted. Looks like, to these demonic beasts, if they suffer a fatal wound, they will instantly die.

Just what kind of skills did she choose? To think she could accurately pinpoint their weaknesses…

Impressive, the skills she added points in are really incredible.

What’s more frightening was that, after she killed the four wolves, she tumbled to the side, and leapt onto the high ground next to her!

And then, with a loud blast, the four wolves’ corpses actually exploded! The other “innocent” wolves nearby were instantly blasted into smithereens.

Alright, Ms. Terrorizing Berserker who aims for one’s weaknesses, Aliyah, you have crafted the most perfect monster-grinding skill.

In contrast, on Oyado’s side, she suddenly appeared behind a wolf, stabbed her dagger into its nape, and then, her figure disappeared once again.

The entire process did not exceed five seconds, and the wolf died before even making a single sound, it’s basically a perfect example of an assassination.

As for me…

The wolves basically could not even approach me. Before I could even attack them, all of the wolves would be cleanly killed, I basically did not have the chance to act at all.

There’s not even a tint of excitement here at all. It looked as though I’m just an useless baggage, and was just watching a show right in front of me.

With this thought in mind, I instantly released the spell【Restrictor of the Frozen Earth】, at least, I could reduce the speed of the nearby wolves…

But, because of the large difference in levels between me and the wolves, I caused a few bleeding wolves to instantly freeze to death.

Can’t you guys provide me a decent challenge at all?

As though to respond my thoughts, an ear-piercing roar was suddenly released from the center passageway. A snake which had the width of a well charged out from the deep with the mines… No, it looked more like a dragon, as it had a pair of legs in front.

Demonized True Snake – Wood
LV 28
A python which possesses poison-based attacks. Because of special genetic modifications, it had demonized into something close to a dragon.

Oh my god, something like that is possible as well?

Genetic modification?

What the hell, it seems like people have brought over some unbelievable technologies into this world, huh.

Hopefully, nothing like Resident Evil will break out…

But, poison-based attacks are really no good at all. If I do not have any antidotes on hand, it will be really troublesome.

“【Arcane – Unlimited – Millennium Frozen River】!”

A blue light instantly enveloped the center passageway, and in the next second, a large ice sculpture of a gigantic python was beautifully crafted within the passage.

“【Super Arcane – Punishment – Tearing Cross】!”

Immediately after, I threw the red cross in my hands, and the red cross instantly pierced into the ice python sculpture’s head.


The entire ice sculpture instantly shattered into countless pieces!

As I thought, instantly killing opponents like this sure feels good.

Usually, I would not use this sort of skill combo, as, one, if the opponent isn’t big enough, even if I turn it into ice, I would not be able to instantly shatter it with a knock. Two, this is simply too immoral, I will definitely be discriminated if I use this sort of killing technique.

As I thought, it feels good to kill monsters.

And after completing this attack, I looked at my vicinity.

Without me noticing, those demonic wolves had already been exterminated completely.

And the two girls were currently staring at me.

Battle concluded.
Party EXP: 20 x 45 = 900
EXP Gained from killing Demonized True Snake: 4,000
Total EXP Gained: 4,900

“Big brother! Why did you kill the strongest monster!? In times like this, you should be relying on me!”

“That’s not right, I’m the one who should have killed it! Fir, you’re already so strong, you should have let me earn some EXP instead!”

“You two… Geez, that thing was really dangerous, obviously, I have to instantly exterminate it.”

“Then there’s no longer any point to it!”

Facing the two girls’ rebuke, I helplessly shook my head, and then, pointed to the two passageways.

“Then, which way should we go?”

“The right passage!” x 2

This time, the two girls actually had the same proposal!

“Big brother, when you see that sort of monster again, you must definitely leave it to me.”

“I have to definitely earn more EXP!”

Listening to the two girls’ declarations, I helplessly shook my head.

“I think the left passage is much…”


“Alright, alright…”

As I thought, it’s really scary to bring along two violent girls.

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24 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 8

  1. Trannon1 says:

    I feel like the RPG story has slowed down too much. I hope they will quickly get past this particular section of the story, because I feel like the wolves are being transformed by players, hence why they know English. I have a really bad feeling about this. Instead of having adventures and fighting bosses for fun, Fir might be pulled into going against other players and breaking the light-nature of the story.


    • ertulio says:

      Actually, I think that it won’t break the light-nature. It’ll probably become some sort of “even if they’re killed they will be fine” or “new quest” development as it happened with that strange “robot” some chapters ago


  2. Robbini says:

    First, he complains that they instakill the enemies.
    Then he instakills the toughest enemy, and enjoys the revelation of instakilling.
    Then they complained that he killed it, because they want more exp.

    To be honest, i’m not sure who’s the biggest hypocrite.


  3. bakaleaf says:

    Now I understand why he wanted only one to accompany him
    maybe next time he should realize he most go solo lol

    Thanks for the chapter!


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