[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 6

Even if I wasn’t looking over, I  knew he was looking in our direction.

Because from the corner of my eye, I could already see his name, and it was yellow in color.


Interesting. It seems like he is not just someone who is capable of controlling a horde of wolves.

65 Years Old | Male
LV 13 Blacksmith
[Neutral] [Pitiful] [Blacksmith]

Hey, hey, hey. Although I don’t know how and under what conditions these titles appear, but there’s really… too many things omitted out, right? World-chan, you’re just too lazy, right? Why are you not doing your job properly?


Well, in any case, this probably means that this guy isn’t really a very important individual, right? Well, that can be considered as a sort of hint as well, I guess.

“Actually, we can simply have him restrained, but, there might be other people hiding nearby as well, so as a precaution, I sent Oyado over to watch him.”

“It sounds more interesting than I thought. Alright then.”

After saying that, Aliyah loudly declared.

“Then I will be going on a walk over on this side!”

Then, she turned to the opposite direction and ran off.

But, after she reached the back of an alley, she immediately jumped onto the roof of a much taller building at the side. Then, she made a turn back.

However, at this moment, I suddenly saw another guy who was at a nearby shop making a turn, and then, he ran towards Aliyah’s direction.

His name instantly turned yellow as well!

He’s actually able to escape my detection?

No, earlier, he was more than 15 meters away from me, so my skill was unable to reveal it.

Interesting, looks like our opponent has quite a number of spies in the village.

‘Aliyah, another guy is currently pursuing you. I will leave him to you.’

‘Ooohh, alright!’

Looks like that guy is in for a beating.

Next up…

I looked around my vicinity, and then, I directly turned towards the person called Baldoven, and walked over in huge strides.

He was evidently shocked by my action, as he hurriedly turned and sprinted off to the alley nearby!

Do you think you’re able to flee?

Activating Accelerate, I immediately charged over. Then, I went into the shadows of the buildings nearby, activated Shadow Sneak, and instantly charged right in front of him.

“Yo, uncle Baldoven.”

I appeared right before him, and said with a smile.

He was evidently frightened quite a bit. He hurriedly stepped on the brakes, but, he still crashed into me.

Then, he fell flat on the ground, looking at me with a very terrified expression.

“You…. you… you…”

“What about me? Haven’t you been looking at me? Or have you been looking at the two girls beside me? How can I allow that~ If you harbor some sort of ill intentions towards the girls beside me, forget about me for now, they might exterminate your entire existence, you know~ Oh right~ This isn’t a good place to talk, let’s change our location.”

Although I don’t know about this guy’s identity, if this guy’s class is a Blacksmith, then, he might be someone from this village. It would not be good if someone else were to see this.

After saying that, I grabbed onto him, and teleported us directly into the forest.

“Eh!? Gua!? This… How is this…”

“Alright, I will give you one minute to explain why you were staring at us.”

I pressed him against a nearby tree, and then, used my Ice Magic to freeze him together with the tree!

“I… I don’t know anything! I’m only…”

“You don’t know? If you don’t know, why were you staring at us?”

“Someone simply told me to watch you guys. If you guys plan to head to the mines, I have to report to him about it.”


Very good, we have gotten our clue.

Speaking of which, earlier, Ms. Mari said it as well. All these happened right after someone went over to the mines to investigate.

Interesting, looks like there’s a need to take a look at the mines.

“Who is that person? Why do you have to work for him?”

“That person… That person wears a red and white robe. He suddenly visited my home two days ago, and he said if I do not listen to his orders, he will kill my daughter!”

“Oh, he kidnapped your daughter?”

“No, but he tied something weird on her neck, saying that if I don’t listen to him, it will explode and kill her!”

“Geez, say that sort of thing from the start. Where’s your house?”

“It’s the second floor of the building to the right of us earlier.”


I ruthlessly gulped down a Quick MP Recovery Potion, grabbed onto him, and teleported once again, appearing at our earlier position.

“Oyado, the little girl on the second floor, retrieve the necklace tied around her neck!”

“Understood, big brother!”

A black figure flashed, and a little girl’s scream sounded from the window of the second floor. Then, a necklace was instantly thrown out of the window!

“【Ice Arrow】!”

With a flash of blue light, the necklace was hooked onto the ice arrow and was sent flying high into the sky. Then, an explosion sounded!

“What… just happened!?”

The village elder anxiously ran over.

“There’s someone threatening your villagers, and had even planted a bomb on a child’s body. Damn it. Village elder, you best have a talk with your villagers, he might have planted even more spies in the village.”

“There’s actually something like this happening! Alright, I will have a talk with them.”

“You best hurry. Currently, you guys are already being surrounded. If you guys don’t work together, you guys will definitely be doomed.”

“Un… I know.”

The village elder’s expression was filled with seriousness, and then, he began to gather the people nearby.

And currently, I began to contact Aliyah.

‘Aliyah, how’s the situation on your side?’

‘That guy was actually a dummy.’

‘A dummy?’

‘After running for a while, he suddenly fell over. Then, he became a dummy.’

‘Body Substitution Technique? Return for now! Otherwise, it wouldn’t be good if you’re ambushed.’

‘Un, how’s things on your side then?’

‘Not good as well. In any case, it seems like we have to pay a visit to the mines.’

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  1. Zero says:

    Thanks for the chapter! 🙂 Really someone just shows up puts a bomb on your daughter’s neck and you don’t even know what it is?! How does that work?


  2. DMR says:

    “There’s actually something like this happening!”

    Shouldn’t it have a question mark instead? Like this:

    “There’s actually something like this happening?”


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