So umm… Disgaea 5 happened. Won’t be translating during the next few weekends.

And with the post-exercise maintenance, preparations for overseas exercise and stuffs in the next few weeks, I don’t have much time to translate in-camp either.

In short… Woops! Chapters will be delayed! Don’t worry, I will make up for them~

By the way, for those playing D5 as well, anyone has a good way of farming Statisticians? The faster I cap my Statisticians, the faster the translations~

31 thoughts on “Ahahah…!

  1. Siny says:

    Wah, the main reason I was hurrying back from the office today was to pick up my LE copy of D5 too~ (*>o<*)
    *fondly rubs face on the artbook*
    …though too bad I'll be only be able to play for real during the weekends. Since I'm deadbeat by weekdays. (-_-;)


  2. TamaSaga says:

    Speaking from a D1 POV, I found that farming those guys required levels. If you couldn’t get into higher level maps, when they showed up in weapons, it was often in horribly low quantities.


  3. Read DxD says:

    I’m honestly surprised anyone can still enjoy Disgaea. I loved 1,2, and 3 but then 4 came out and I literally felt sick every time I tried to play it. It takes some seriously reused shit to make me even notice the existence of gameplay much less feel sick from it. Its really a shame too, 4 looked almost as good as 2 did but I just couldnt stomach the gameplay to experience it. I hope someone makes an SSLP of 4,D2, and 5 someday so I can experience them.


  4. starlight barricade says:

    Now we have reached the absolute.
    There is nothing left for us here.
    Let us erase this pointless world, and move on to the next.


  5. DMR says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t add a new novel to translate if your so busy and all… 2 novels is tough enough (I actually tried translating… took me too long and I gave up)


  6. ryuuseigami says:

    lol~ i only play disgaea 1 & 2 [cause i don’t have ps3+ T.T]
    makes me remember in my middle school days when i and my friend grinding D1 till 1K H+ lol~
    Statisticians? is that still for EXP? i only grind Gladiator[ATK] & Armsmaster[wea] lol~
    if you want lv up fast i think [from D1 VOP] after you clear story line grin in higher lv area.. and if you have good equipment you can begin power lv up…rather than grinding exp%+ [just beat more enemy and higher lv guy~ (^_-)-☆]


  7. Kureyn says:

    In chapter 9 you get the Innocent Farm which is like the pokemon daycare. It’s mostly better for stat-increase Innocents though.

    Aside from that, keep in mind that unsubdued Innocents can now be moved (but not fused), so you can shove all the level 1 Statisticians you find into a Fairy Dust or something, plow through it to double them (or more, if you have the Hunter Squad), and remember to set the Route to Innocent Boost when you hit floor 10. Keep a few low-level, hopefully Rare or Legend items you can just blast through and skip floors on for when you’re hunting Innocents you’ve shoved into it.


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