Vol. 4 Chapter 45: Becoming Mercenaries

“A family of four signing up as mercenaries? This sure is a rare occurrence.”

In the noisy Mercenary Guild Hall, after queuing for more than half an hour, it was finally our turn.

The middle-aged man in-charge of receiving us looked at us, sighed and muttered to himself.

“Haah, it looks like it’s really tough these days…”

No, no, no. Although I’m not entirely sure of the situation in this city, but the way we’re dressed right now is definitely not your or your fellow citizens’ fault.

A poor old man, a swordsman, a magician, and an assassin that looked like a little kid… If we leave aside the swordsman sitting at the corner, whose body was thin his bones were showing, and that magician who looked so fat that he might not even be able get up by himself, we probably look like the weakest party here, right?

“A priest, a swordsman, a magician, and an assassin, right? Are your forms filled?”


After replying, we handed over our forms.

Then, he actually started to type in our details onto a terminal, based on what we filled in the forms. Oh my god, this thing is even being used in such a worn-down mercenary guild?

I’m absolutely don’t mean to defame this mercenary guild by calling it worn-down. Even though it’s supposed to be a place where all the mercenaries’ details are stored, it actually looked like a demolished building that was about to collapse.

If I had not seen the building’s supplementary support structure inside the place, I might not even dare to enter the place.

Please, can’t you guys repair the building and make it look a little better? Unless you’re trying to tell me it’s an unique design? Giving the place a old and rough look or something? Giving it a domineering feel? If that’s really the case, then I can only comment that our common sense of the world is utterly different.

But since there are so many people here, I will just trust everyone’s judgment.

Speaking of which, I did think of using Flash Movement to leave the city. After all, it’s the fastest and most convenient way.

But, I don’t wish to have too many people know of my unique skills. I don’t know which category of magic Flash Movement falls under, and the description window did not give adequate information on this either. But, I believe that it’s something close to teleportation, a Spatial Magic.

The people who use this type of magic are rare. If there are any other means available, I will try not to resort to using the skill.

Of course, that does not apply to battles. After all, there are skills such as Oyado’s disappearing skill. If I were to use it for short-range spatial jumps in battles, normal people won’t be able to realize it.

But in my current situation…There’s totally no problem revealing this skill to Oyado. As for Dale… Even though he’s a problem child, he’s nothing more than a Chuunibyou, so I can simply ignore him.

But there’s still Gabriel here, who belongs to an unknown faction. Although I promised to help him find that doll controlling equipment, I can’t possibly guarantee that he will keep any secrets of mine.

I do have the choice of discarding him away, but to the current us, Gabriel is a very powerful fighting force. A LV 56 Light Magician, and he’s even a Priest as well. No matter how you look at it, he’s a very powerful character.

Compared to my basic recovery spells, he can simply recover all of my HP with a single spell. If he has the ability to resurrect, then he will basically be a beast of a support.

Although it’s a little unreliable, but for starters, we should first maintain our relationship as such. It’s beneficial to both of us this way, right?

“Alright, your details have been filled in.”

After saying that, he handed us three badges. When I raised it up to take a look, there’s the name I registered with printed on it.

Sol Feil

Of course, it’s a fake name. I can’t casually use my real name, after all. But I did not simply come up with this fake name just for the sake of it… there’s a definite reason to it.

“Big brother, look~”

Oyado placed her badge in front of me.

Sol Luna

Somehow or another, it sounds like a good name.

“Please wear this badge at all times. They will be your identifications.”

“What happens if we lose it? If someone else were to pick it up, wouldn’t he be able to use our identity?”

“Usually, people wouldn’t do such a thing. And, we have already recorded your appearances here.”

My face was suddenly dripping with cold sweat. Fortunately, our current appearances are not the appearances of the people in Mitchell Kingdom yesterday, otherwise, I would have been utterly embarrassed of myself. Although my current appearance is my usual look in the academy, there shouldn’t be anyone here that recognizes me.

“Of course, for safety reasons, if you were to raise your mercenary rank to B, we will give you a special identification. So please do not worry.”

“Is that so? Thank you.”

I bitterly smiled as I looked at the letter F on my badge, and then stored it into my ring.

I guess I might have opened up the route of increasing my mercenary rank. Speaking of which, I have yet to raise my magician rank. I wonder what rank I’m considered to be in now.

“Then we’re first going to accept some missions~ Date~”

I smiled as I looked towards Dale.

Sol Date, this is Dale’s new name.

“Al… Alright…”

A cheap deep blue magician robe and a pair of thick black-rimmed glasses. This is Dale’s current disguise.

This guy said that he was a scientist in the past… Now that I look at him, he does look the part.

“Let’s go, let’s go~”

“Don’t run about…”

Gabriel had currently completely entered his father role. Sol White, that’s his current name.

Walking towards the request board, I looked around for quite a while, and finally found an escort mission, and it’s destination was Kalimarl City, which was rather close to the imperial city.


“This mission is really suitable, huh. Our luck isn’t bad.”

Dale, who was beside me, spoke up.

“But it’s very dangerous.”

“Dangerous~ Dangerous~”

Gabriel and Oyado walked over, and said as such after glancing at it.

“Why do you guys say that?”

Dale immediately asked.

“Because it does not have a rank restriction. A mission like this means that… it requires a large number of cannon fodder.”

Although I’m not entirely sure of the rules of this place, it’s hard to not notice the implications that come with this request. Even though it does not have a rank restriction, it’s an A-rank mission. This means that people under A-rank are basically courting death.

I did a simple survey of the levels of the mercenaries around us earlier. LV 1~5 are F-rank, 6~10 are E-rank, 11~15 are D-rank, 16~20 are C-rank, 21~30 are B rank, 31~40 are A rank, and as for S rank, I did not see a single one of them.

In any case, we’re considered to be C-Rank Mercenaries, and we even have someone that’s at the S-Rank level.

Although Oyado’s level jumped to 7 in the earlier battle, she’s… still an E-rank. But her battle ability cannot be measured by levels alone, and she definitely has battle ability that’s beyond mine.

“But, even if we know of that, we still have this accept this mission, right?”

“That’s right, that’s exactly the case.”

Interesting, at the same time, I really wish to know… just how is a mercenary’s life like!

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27 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 45: Becoming Mercenaries

  1. ninthlite says:

    meanwhile the teacher is lonely at the college while waiting for him, the princess is crying at the historical monument while waiting for him, and the elf is in the middle of hell waiting for him


    • memerou says:

      the princess (and others) aint crying … they’re more on the Mad and Angry side since Fir is so taking his time to come back . . . he did mention to red-loli that he has another way of escaping from the Abyss so . . .

      wouldn’t you be mad and angry too if that person is taking his sweet time of returning?

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      • alusarle says:

        More than mourning for him, she must be really angry.
        She let go of her bow (that she used for thousand years) for one a level higher that the demon lord offered.
        The MC borrowed the new bow for a match, and died… and I don’t think the bow dropped then, so she must be really pissed.

        Liked by 1 person

      • connivinglamb says:

        haven’t read ahead currently but i wonder if the memory erasing also erase also affects accomplices as well if so we might be dealing with some no game no life esc type thing except the roles are reversed so she is the only one that is effected and everyone else isn’t, if that happens god save us all because when the others notice there will be hell to pay.


  2. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    And I wonder… why doesn’t he have the priest and Oyado teach him their skills…

    He could learn all of that stuff and get a large number of abilities….

    And he should stop by a bunch of libraries and learn more…


    • DMR says:

      P.S. How is Dale’s false name pronounced? Is it “Day-t” or “Da-tay”….

      I’m guessing “Date” as in what a guy is supposed to do with his girlfriend pronunciation…


  3. RKain says:

    What’s this? An unrestricted, highly difficult mission that probably requires tons of cannon fodder? There is NO WAY that anything problematic could come out of this. They’ll be FINE. Really.

    My thanks to you, Scrya.


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