Vol. 4 Chapter 44: Bad Guy

“Your Morystria had already been completely ruined by them.”

Why were these disdainful words actually coming out from your mouth.


“There’s no hope for her.”

Why weren’t you people willing to try harder.


“They actually did such a thing to a 17-year-old girl. We’re really pained by it as well.”

Why were you guys actually saying these kinds of words with a clear conscience!


“Even if that’s the case, you will still complete your task, right? As an elite among the saints, you should have the resolve right from the start.”

“That’s right…”

That’s right, I had the resolve right from the start.

The start of everything, the beginning of everything.

I already had that resolve.



I will only wield my sword for her! My blood will only bleed for her!

Anything that scorns her… Anything! I will erase them from this world!

“I will complete… my task.”




“Good morning… Un? Uncle Gabriel, why do you look so tired?”

The moment I woke up, I saw a depressed Gabriel sitting by the bed, and was gloomily looking out through the window.

That pure white hair and those deep wrinkles, basically reminds me of those overpowered elders who hold unique skills in some stories, and they’re the type whereby if a trouble occurs, seeking for their help will never be wrong.

“Morning… I had a little nightmare… So…”

“Well… I understand~”

I nodded.

“Even an adult can be haunted by nightmares. After all, nightmares are unknown occurrences, so instilling fear is natural… But, as a cleric who is able to use Memory Magic, you’re actually being tortured by nightmares… It seems you have a very tragic past.”

“… You bastard.”

Gabriel squinted his eyes as he looked at me for quite a while, before scratching his pure white hair.

“Just who the hell are you? You actually got it right…”

“Well, it’s a matter of experiences.”

Usually, people get nightmares because of certain incidents being projected in their memories, and when those memories are evoked due to some conditions, it’s possible to recall them…

Wait a minute, yesterday night, Gabriel mentioned about that comrade of his. Comrade, huh… A comrade who needs a doll… Un…

“It seems you had it rough~ Is that comrade of yours alright?”

“Was it that obvious? Well, that’s the case.”

“Un, then it’s not hard to understand. But don’t worry, in any case, I don’t really have a use for that sort of thing. If I were to find it, I will give it to you.”

“… You…”

“I know that thing is definitely really valuable, but it’s of no use to me.”

I shrugged, and looked towards Gabriel.

“Since it’s of use to you, then go ahead and take it.”

Gabriel was stunned for a while, and then he laughed.

“… I really don’t know whether you’re a good or bad guy now.”

“I’m a bad guy.”

I bitterly smiled.

“I don’t wish to be issued the nice guy card.”

“Big brother, Dale is currently looking for you. It seems he was questioned by the guards yesterday, and after leaving, he was not able to find us, so he went back home. But it seems he’s now sitting at the dining hall downstairs.”

“Is that so? Un, seems like he worked really hard.”

Finding our titles and names in a city filled with so many people is definitely not something a regular person is capable of doing.

“Then we will first head downstairs.”

“Big brother, what about breakfast?”

After saying that, she shook the bag in her hands.

“I didn’t expect that you would wake up so early to buy us breakfast. Thanks for the trouble.”

“It’s no trouble at all! As long as it’s for big brother~”

“… I’m so touched.”

I suddenly felt like I was about to burst into tears.

“It’s rare to see a little sister like this in this day and age.”


Looking at Oyado’s puzzled expression, I laughed.

“Alright, let’s first head downstairs… Oyado, first go over and greet Dale, the two of us will head down after you.”

“Un, but why?”

“Because… we’re actually poor mercenaries, you know~”


“Which means… currently, the city is still under a lockdown?”

Thanks to Oyado who bought us breakfast, the four of us were currently at the corner of city’s center square, like those mercenaries waiting to gather, while chatting and waiting to depart… Of course, we’re not actually doing that, but we’re indeed waiting to leave the city.

“Un, last night, those guys asked a lot of questions. Well, as a magician, I have the privilege to stay silent most of the time, and only I spoke of the key parts, that’s all.”

“What did you say?”

“I saw the two guys tied inside.”


“That’s all.”

“Hey! Is there really no problem with such a brief statement!?”

“A Magician that likes to talk would actually be more of an issue.”

“Is that so…”

So was my behavior in the past considered as an anomaly? As I thought, the common sense of this world isn’t that easy to grasp. Although I did know that magicians were indeed less talkative compared to others… But wouldn’t they be treated as mutes if they were to speak up so rarely?


Maybe this is a unique trait as well, un.

“Well, then do you know when will the lockdown be lifted?”

“Actually, it’s not entirely on lockdown. After all, the merchants and mercenaries in this city still have to leave.”

“Then… Have they begun to check their identities?”

“Indeed, this is a compromised approach. Otherwise, those mercenaries will definitely act violently.”

“Really… Un… Dale, in this city, what kind of existence is the Smuu household? They’re actually able to manipulate the guards to this extent? After all, their warehouse is actually underground, so they definitely wouldn’t reveal the details so easily, right?”

“Un, because I’m considered as a member of their inner circle, I was told of this. They plan to investigate this secretly. This city’s lord has a deep relationship with the Smuu household, it seems.”

“So that’s it…”

“There’s indeed such rumors of the lord of Helandur City and the Smuu household floating around…”

“This is really a questline that I completely do not wish to pay attention to at all… but, oh well. Don’t we already know the location of their experimental ground?”

“That’s right… We even got hold of something unbelievable as well.”

After flipping through the documents last night, we actually found a import list within the documents… 100,000 battle-orientated dolls, and their export destination was the imperial city. And this document even had the ‘Secret’ label printed onto it, it’s basically…

“The hell. Then we must hurry and leave this place. I have a few friends in the imperial city.”

“Friends? Imperial city? Just what the hell are you?”


I laughed.

“A bad guy.”

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39 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 44: Bad Guy

  1. DMR says:

    Dale’s reaction, translated by me:

    “You have FRIENDS?! What are you?”

    Our MC having friends is apparently a shock… a major one…

    Thanks for the chapter XD


  2. SonodaYuki says:

    Is he going to pull the state magician card?… No wait, that’d lead to him being ‘silenced’…. or at least, a troublesome attempt or two. Actually, there might be repurcussions from screwing around with the ice seal.

    And his guild membership won’t be doing him any favours…


    • Vainety says:

      It’s called the author not being consistent, Asian WN usually have sudden personality changes because the author got bored of his character.


  3. jacobpaige says:

    I wonder if its a revolution or if the Smuu’s are just selling the dolls? It’d be very embarrassing if he destroyed them only to find out that they were the property of his employer 😉


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