Vol. 4 Chapter 41: Infiltration Start

It’s good to be in a city where all sorts of people gather. No matter who you are, as long as you do not do anything weird, you won’t be noticed. Hence, after strolling around the city without any purpose for an entire afternoon, we finally arrived at that disguised weapon shop, right before it closes.

“Dear customer, we’re already closed.”

Seeing Dale walking into the shop, the man who was sweeping the floor called out. But after seeing the card Dale was holding in his hand, the man’s expression stiffened. He stopped with his cleaning activities, and pointed to the door at the side.

It looked like a back door leading outside, but after the inspection earlier, I realized the building actually had a structure with two layers of walls.

Dale laughed as he kept the card, and then walked over to the back door and opened it.

But before he went in, Dale suddenly stopped, and then looked over to the man who resumed cleaning.

“Oh right, what time is it right now?”

“The time…”

The man furrowed his brows, although he did not know why Dale would ask such a question, he still turned to look at his watch.

“The time right now is…”

“10 in the evening!”

Just when Dale distracted the man, Gabriel had already flashed into the shop, and the moment the man turned to look at his watch, a grey ball of light was shot out Gabriel’s hands, and into the man’s body.

And then, as if he was turned into stone, he stood motionless at his position.

Because the shop was about to close, the shop’s entrance was already more than half-closed. Hence, it’s impossible to see what was going on in the shop from the outside. While the man was motionless, Oyado and I walked directly into the shop.

“Once he wakes up, he will think that it’s 10 in the evening.”

Gabriel laughed.

And then I looked at my own watch, and currently, the time was only 9 in the evening.

“You first cut off his perception, and then use suggestions to create a time difference in his mind? That’s a really good method.”

I nodded, and then looked towards Dale.

“Dale, then you should stay in your current position. The three of us will head downstairs and search the place.”

“Un, then I will be in-charge of plundering the stuffs in the shop.”


I looked at him disdainfully, and then looked towards the man who fixed in his current position.

Swordsman LV 12
[Neutral] [Bodyguard] [Employed]

Well, at least you made your appearance~

“Don’t forget about the cash register.”

There were a total of three people downstairs. I found this out from inspecting the locations of the titles earlier. And because of the difference in the size of their titles, it was evident that they were in different floors.

This sure is troublesome, huh. Looks like there’s a couple of things to do within an hour.

Quietly going down the stairs, the first basement actually looked like a storehouse. A large number of boxes of various sizes filled the entire room, and other the pathway at the center, there were no other spaces.

Oyado pulled the corner of my sleeves, turned her head and pointed upwards.

I nodded. With a light jump, she jumped right towards the ceiling of the room and somersaulted towards the top of the goods.

As expected of Oyado whose filled with many different types of skills. With her set of skills, compared to Altair, I wonder who’s stronger?

Removing these unnecessary thoughts, Gabriel and I continued on.

Swordsman LV 14
[Neutral] [Bodyguard] [Employed]

Because the entire room could not be considered as big, we would definitely be discovered if we were to talk. Hence, I’m lazy to explain as well, main point is, we headed downstairs while making occasional turns, and quickly reached to the floor where the person mentioned above was stationed.

But is this guy the brother of the man cleaning the shop? This name, and these titles… Why do they feel so similar?


The guy here was actually reading a magazine while humming to a certain tune. Just what the hell is he doing? Just what is he in-charged of? If you’re idling here like this, you will definitely be eliminated, you know…

This thought had only flashed through my mind just earlier, and then, I heard a sound that gave a disturbing vibe.


A red blade appeared out of his back. The poor passerby’s HP immediately dropped to 0, and he fell onto the ground.



“Un? What’s wrong, big brother?”

As I thought, in front of the fallen corpse, Oyado appeared with a dagger in her hand.

What I saw was her using Marlandur’s clothes to clean off the bloodstains on her dagger, and after that, she happily walked over.

“Umm… It’s not good to casually kill people, you know?”

Although there’s no ‘Do not kill a single person’ achievement to begin with.

“But he’s of no use, right?”

“No no no, our objective is to steal data without anyone noticing. Why else are we carefully infiltrating this place?”


“And a girl who casually kills people will be hated by people, you know? So next time… it’s enough to prevent them from moving or talking, do not kill them, alright?”

“Hey hey hey! Your educating method isn’t right, you bastard!?”

Gabriel who was beside me finally tsukkomi’ed. Looks like he couldn’t stand it any longer…

“Don’t mind the small details~”

I shook my head, and then stored the corpse into my ring.

“Really, don’t give me this sort of unnecessary baggage.”

Then, I turned and looked towards them.

“Alright, without being seen, speedily rob… no, search this floor! Begin!”


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