Vol. 4 Chapter 16: Freezing Point City

“Dark Chill, the 4th Demon God of the Abyss that leads the dead, your humble servant here summons you to open your domain, and allow us to be lead to your embrace. Activate, Ice Abyss.”

The dark sprite muttered a weird chant, and immediately after, the Fissure which was blowing cold air emitted a deep blue light.

Countless black characters floated out of the fissure, and circled around the fissure, which acted as the center. Countless black sparks constantly jumped and flashed out of the characters, gradually forming a giant black magic formation.

After that, a strong force was emitted from the magic formation, and and the formation turned into a vortex teleporting gate.

How did I know it was a teleporting gate? No matter how I look at it, it’s definitely a teleporting gate, right? Firstly, this is an entrance, and this shape… it totally looks like the teleporting gates in games, alright.

Geez… There’s totally no innovation at all.

Notification, about to be teleported to the lowest floor of the Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon. State: Neutral Sector

Looking at the notification window’s message, I laughed.

“Alright, the gate has been activated. Let us go.”

The dark sprite spoke, took the lead and entered the gate.

“How is it? Have you somewhat adapted to the body?”

I asked Ms. Snow.

“Un, I feel it’s alright. Only the sensing functions are weakened quite a bit. As an archer, it seems like I will have to take quite a long time before I can recover my former ability.”

“Speaking of which, an undead body is indeed like that. Zombies, for example.”

“Yeah. But as a Snow Elf, an elf of the purest form, I actually turned into an undead in the end. What irony.”

“There’s not the slightest of problem at all. In my eyes, you’re still a Snow Elf.”

This is an actual fact. Only a new title [Undead Elf] was added to Ms. Snow Mystel’s list of titles, and her former Snow Elf title did not disappear.

And, there was another bracketed word ‘ (Elwyn) ‘ above her name. I really can’t understand what is going on with the system.

“Is that so… Hahaha, then I’m the Snow Elf with the darkest skin.”

“Having a buckwheat-colored skin is pretty good too, you know. I quite like a healthy and fit young girl… Ah, I didn’t mean it that way. I was saying it in general, in general!”

Crap, I almost revealed my hobby of liking athletic and air-headed girls.


This time, Ms. Snow was laughing pretty enthusiastically.

“If you didn’t have a girlfriend, most probably, I would have taken you for myself, you know.”


What is she talking about? I don’t have someone like that since forever… If I really have to say it, I do have a fiancee.

“… I see, so it was like that… Well, it’s pretty interesting that way as well.”

She suddenly said something strange.

“Well… let’s keep it this way. Alright, let us go as well.”

“Ah, alright…”

This girl, why do I have a sudden…

dangerous vibe…?

———– Teleporting Dividing Line ————–

“This is… the Abyss?”

Suddenly, my mind wasn’t working any longer.

The moment we entered the Abyss, I suddenly had the impulse to flip a table.

Is this a joke or something? This is the Abyss? Could it be that the current Demon King actually comes from our former world as well!?

“Uncle Orlando…”

“Don’t call me Uncle! I’m not that old!”

Hah? Are you kidding me? You’re not that old? Even though you have been observing Snow for over 600 years? Your age shouldn’t be that much off from hers, right!?

Do you know how old I am!? I’m completely far off from your three-digit figures, you know!?

“Alright then, Orlando…”

“That’s too disrespectful! Call me Big Bro Orlando!”


Hey hey, you’re at least older than me by 665 years, there’s no need for that right?

But oh well, there’s no use being frustrated over a mystical creature like a sprite anyway.

“Alright, Big Bro Orlando. I want to ask, why does the demon world look so… modernized?”

That’s right, the current scenery in front of me could only be summarized with the word ‘modernized’.

Our current location was something that looked like a central square, and behind us was the teleporting gate. Occasionally, other creatures were walking out of it.

And beside us, there were countless skyscrapers and an endless human crowd… Ah, no, that’s not right. They’re not a human crowd, but a demon crowd. I won’t go into detail. Sprites, Goblins, Kitsune, Birdmen, Devils, Beastmen, with a single glance, it was giving me a Halloween vibe.

The main point was those skyscrapers! Skyscrapers! Are you kidding me!? How did you guys come up with the formula for reinforced concrete? Where did those bricks come from? Isn’t the Abyss supposed to be a hell-like place where ruins and flowing lava are everywhere!?

The reason why I did not feel like I waltzed into the wrong studio, was because the things running on the roads were not cars, but horse carriages!

If Aliyah and the rest came here, they will definitely be pretty shocked. This wasn’t mystical any longer, but to the point of being illogical!

The sky was dark, and occasionally, lightning flashes across the sky. This was also the only thing that makes it feel like I’m in the Abyss.

“Modernized? Oh oh, right. Our great lord, Demon King, did use this word to describe it before. Well, you need to know that decades ago, the Abyss wasn’t like this. After the new Demon King was appointed, an order was passed down, forcing the Abyss to undergo this so-called ‘Modernization’. Isn’t this your first time in the Abyss? How did you know about this?”

“… Well, about that, probably because I might know your Demon King.”

Un, I can’t say we come from another world, right?

“What!? You…”

“I can’t say for certain either, so you shouldn’t make any wild guesses. Alright, firstly, what are we going to do?”

“Well… Let me think. You’re an Undead Holy Angel, and belongs to one of the minority races…”

“Hey hey, and where did you come up with the term ‘minority race’?”

Before he could finish, I immediately threw out a tsukkomi.

“Oh, as expected, you actually know of this term as well. This is also one of the few laws that our current Demon King passed down. He said he wanted to protect the rights of a few minority races, and maintain the diversity of species. As expected of a Demon King, the things he knows are many.”

“Hahaha… Yeah…”

That guy totally treats you guys as animals! What diversity of species!

And minority races whatever… No matter how bored he is, he shouldn’t have a need to do something like this, right…

“Alright, let’s not talk about this for now. One of you only turned into an undead recently, while the other was an Undead Holy Angel who lived for god knows how long and had never been to the Abyss. No matter what, let’s first create your identity cards.”


I could feel the corner of my mouth twitching.

“Could this identity card actually be used to travel in public buses and subway trains?”

“Public buses? Subway trains?”

Orlando looked at me weirdly.

“Are you referring to the rent-able drake carriages? Indeed you can. Because there are identity differentiating crystals in the identity cards.”

“… Alright, I knew it.”

I really have the urge to represent the entire human race and collect the copyright fees from you.

“It sounds pretty interesting, eh! Let’s go, let’s go!”

Ms. Snow beside me was actually really excited, and her two eyes were looking everywhere.

“Haah, alright.”

I sighed, and then asked the dark sprite.

“Then let’s go. But… I have to ask, even you’re so bored, you shouldn’t be helping us like this, right? You’re hiding something from us, aren’t you?”

“Well… Since you already asked, then I shouldn’t hide it any longer. Before we head over to settle your identity cards, let us find a place to have a nice chat. After all, this isn’t a good place to talk.”

“No problem.”

“The chain of coffee shops that our great lord, Demon King started up, is pretty good. Let’s go to one of them.”


I nodded, but I had this thought in my mind.

Where the hell did you find coffee beans!?

————— A Dividing Line that belongs to today’s very long chapter ————-

Looking at the coffee in front of me, I suddenly felt that I was really stupid.

This is after all, a magical world. If something like HP Recovery Potions exist, then something like coffee shouldn’t be strange either.

From the color to its smell, everything was exactly the same. But how the hell was it made?

And when I drank it, I actually felt vitalized. Is there actually a doping ingredient in it?

“Not bad, right? This is made from a method came up by our great lord. And it quickly became a great hit among the demon races.”

“… Is that so, hahaha…”

Although I don’t know who the Demon King is, but I can only say this: ‘you won the game.’

“Alright, tell me, just what are you doing this for…”

“Obviously to obtain much stronger helpers!”

He laughed.

“I knew it. But we’re not as strong as you think we are.”

“That’s because you were in the continent of humans earlier, so as an Undead Holy Angel, you were not able to unleash your true abilities. But… Undead Holy Angels are actually one of the strongest races in the demon world. As long as you find people of your race, and seek help from them, I believe you will definitely quickly become a very strong combatant.”

‘I see, I understand now.”

I nodded, so in other words, he will help me find the other Undead Holy Angels as well?

That’s great. Other than magic, it’s not a bad deal if I’m able to learn racial skills as well!

“That isn’t a problem, and I don’t mind as well. Ms. Snow, what about you?”

“Me? I don’t really care. This cake is pretty delicious, want a piece?”

“Cough… You can have it.”

Looking at the girl who was happily eating beside me, I helplessly shook my head, and then looked towards Orlando.

“Alright, currently, I still have another question.”

“Oh, what is it?”

“The Demon King’s name… what is it?”

“This, huh… Indeed, it’s natural that you don’t know. The current Demon King killed his way up to his current position, and his name is Piccolo Lucifer.”

The hell, you watched too much Dragon Ball! Seriously!? Great Demon King Piccolo!?

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