Vol. 4 Chapter 15: Pryn, Coming Back to Life

PoV: Pryn Snow Mystel


Today was really weird. Not only did I hear weird noises all day, I could hear screams as well.

Was it because I had been alone for so long, and I’m beginning to hallucinate?

As I thought of this, I picked up my cup of tea. When I was about to take a sip, I heard a loud bang, and the entire floor began to shake!

Oh my god, what in the world is going on today?

I looked at my surroundings, and at the corner of the island, a white smoke seemed to be spreading around.

Did something fall onto this island? Was it one of those drakes from the dungeon above?

I took out the bow the I hadn’t used for a long time, and sprinted towards where the white smoke was.

——- 1st Part Dividing Line ———-

“I see, so it has already been 665 years. That’s really a long period of time, huh.”

When I finished hearing their story, I laughed as I replied.

But, my heart still sank for a moment.

665 years, huh… I didn’t expect that back then, when I wanted to try blocking off the Ice Fissure, I ended up sealing myself for over 600 years.

I”m really an idiot, to think I would go ahead and do such a thing.

But these two people… Looks like they’re about the same as me. They actually challenged the Ice Fissure’s strongest Ice Profound Flame. Is this what they call birds of the same feather flock together?

It’s been 600 over years… Even if my body has been sealed in the ice, but it will only be able to preserve the physical form, right? If the seal is really going to released, then my body will…

Oh well, I guess this is fate.

I drank a sip of my tea, and looked at the two people staring at me from the other side of the table. Somehow, I felt that I wasn’t hurting as much as before.

As I thought, being together with someone else feels so much better~

————– 2nd Part Dividing Line —————


After a flash of light, when I saw the scenery outside, I realized, we had already flown out of the seal.

After heavily falling onto the ground below, I slowly felt it – the feeling of the cold chill with a physical body.

“We’re actually out…”

That young girl called Aliyah said.

I nodded, and looked at my surroundings. Dozens of eyes were staring at us.

“Snow White… returned?”

One of the old men said with a shaky voice.

“Geez, even though I didn’t like that name…”

Before I could finish, suddenly, a young girl with a similar figure as Aliyah sprinted towards me, and asked as she stared at me.

“Where’s Fir!? Fir didn’t return with you!?”

Looking at her clothes, she’s probably someone with a royal standing, why would she… Eh, unless that Fir…

Just when I was thinking of this, I suddenly felt that my body was slowly beginning to weaken.

I looked at my own arms, and cracks were slowly forming on them. Tiny ice elemental particles were slowly leaving my body, causing my body to deteriorate.

So it was as I expected, huh? But this rate of deterioration is really quite fast. And here I thought I would have at least a few hours to roam the world for a bit…

“Snow White, you…”

She pointed at my hands and exclaimed.

“Don’t call me Snow White! My name is Pryn Snow Mystel!”

“Ah… Alright.”

The young girl was startled for a bit, before responding.

“Umm… Ms. Snow Mystel… Were you… saved by Fir?”

“That’s right. Thanks to that guy, I was able to return and have a glance at the current state of the Ice Empire before my death.”

I slowly stood up, but it was as if countless of lead were wrapping around every single joint of my body, and moving them was extremely difficult.

“But my body’s condition seems to be worse than I imagined it would be.”

“Your highness, Snow Mystel, please endure for a while more. The magic container will arrive really soon, as long as you enter it…”

The old man at the side walked over quickly and told me.

His looks… It feels like I have seen him before a long time ago. But there shouldn’t be any humans that could live for over 600 years, right?

He’s probably one of his descendants.


I loudly protested.

“I’m already going crazy after staying in this seal for over 600 years! And you actually want me to continue living in the coffin you guys developed!? You’re kidding me!”

“That… You will only be inside temporarily, then we will do some modifications on your body, and after that…”


I laughed coldly, and then glared at him in the eye.

“The people of this era are actually afraid of death to this degree? Earlier, I couldn’t recall your identity. But since you brought up modifications, I finally remembered who you are. You’re Nightisyoung, right?”

“Cough… As expected of one of the Snow Elves, the leading Elf Race. You could actually recognize me even after such a long time.”

Nightisyoung smiled bitterly, and then continued.

“But actually, weren’t you Snow Elves who first began researching the techniques of human modifications? A thousand years weren’t enough to satisfy your people…”

“Alright, there’s no use debating these with me. In any case, I will definitely not use the ice coffin.”

The sound of a heavy object being pushed over could be heard, and when I turned to look…

“I was only referring to it as an ice coffin, but I didn’t expect it to be an actual coffin.”

A pure white ice casket was actually pushed over, and this design…

It was indeed the type of flashy appearance that the people of my race loved.

Actually, this thing was completed a long time ago, right? The remodels every year were only for the sake of making the outer appearance flashier.

Geez, those bastards, couldn’t they have pioneered something more useful the time I was gone?

“This is actually your Elven technology’s latest work. I honestly thought you would love it.”


I shook my head, and then took a pendant off my body.

“I don’t wish to become someone who rely on those disgusting pendants and other people’s lives to live on! Even if I have to become an unliving creature!”

After saying that I pressed the button on the necklace.

A grey light flashed, and my entire body collapsed in an instant! With the necklace as a medium, I immediately turned into a soul floating in the air.

“Soul movement? You actually had that thing with you? No wonder everyone could not find it even after a few hundred years. It was actually on your body!”

“That was something I had to do. Otherwise, you guys would have taken it long ago. Alright, I have said enough, I will now take my leave.”

And then, I turned to my side.

“Young girl, what’s your name…?”

“Me? I’m Michelle Afungus.”

“Is that so.”

I smiled.

“Fir is very interesting. I will protect him with the best of my abilities, so for now, lend him to me, alright~”


Leaving the dispirited Michelle, I immediately flew to the side of the Ice Fissure.

“I know I will not be able to flee from this altar. But, I did not plan on escaping in the first place… Let’s meet again in hell.”

———————- 3rd Part Divider ———————–

“Oh my god…”

I looked at the arm which was slightly darker than my former skin color, and sighed in awe.

“So this is what it feels like being an undead. My body’s sensing functions are weakened, and to an archer like me, this isn’t a good thing.”

Then I turned to look at the ice block beside me.

“Eh? Isn’t this my face? How could this be?”

“The physical body is merely a vessel. The soul is actually life’s main body. Girl, have you not heard of this saying?”

The sprite beside me answered, and then inspected me.

“Un, as expected of elves, their souls’ compatibility is really good. Your soul actually adapted in an instant. Oh right, you had that mystical thing which allowed you to move your soul. It would have been weird if the resurrection did not succeed.”

“Is that so…”

I looked at the necklace in my hands, and smiled bitterly.

“Catch it.”

I threw the necklace over to Fir.

“Hey hey, you can’t just casually toss something valuable like this.”

“I’m giving this to you. It can protect your life. Now, express your gratitude.”

“Protect my life…”

Fir looked at the necklace, and was stunned for a while.

“Then I will happily accept it.”


I smiled and nodded.

I really can’t understand. This Fir, is he a good or bad person?

If he was a good person, he wouldn’t have kept a fresh corpse, and he wouldn’t be chatting this energetically with a dark sprite either.

But if he was a bad person… Impossible. This guy is definitely not a bad person. If he was a bad person, an idiot like him would have already been killed by someone else.

I really can’t understand you at all…

“Then where are we heading next? The Abyss? Or Hell?”

I asked.

“Of course we’re going to…”

He smiled.

“take a single step at a time!”

Hehe, him being a bad or good person isn’t important at all. What’s important is, this guy, is really very interesting.

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