Week-long Absence

Heya, wassup. Scrya here.

Just a reminder, I’m heading off for a week-long exercise later tonight, so I won’t be able to respond to any comments or stuffs for the next week or so, since I won’t be able to use my phone freely.

I stocked up enough chapters that will last up to 3 August (Up to Chapter 20), and have them scheduled at 8am (GMT+8) as usual, so you guys don’t have to worry about not having daily chapters while I’m away~ Dang, it was tiring. And it’s going to get even more tiring after this, ahahaha.

So yeah, I will be taking a break from translating in this few hours until the start of the exercise, and will probably get some rest after the end of the exercise as well. So, see you guys in about a week’s time~

28 thoughts on “Week-long Absence

  1. Juices says:

    Thanks for the heads up, we appreciate it. Oh and thanks for soon-will-be of incoming chapters too hehe..
    Good luck on your stuff !!


  2. Tim says:

    And then he somehow messed up the schedule and all the chapters get released at once and we all celebrate… until we cry in misery for the rest of the week.


  3. Loli Lich says:

    Oh god for a second I thought you were going on a week long haitus the day I found this place. Thank god that’s not the case.


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