Vol. 3 Chapter 38: Chatting in the Night

“Human body modifications… It sounds pretty interesting.”

Aliyah pondered for a moment, and then answered.

“So you’re trying to modify your own body?”

“Me? Quit with the jokes.”

I hurried shook my head.

“Even if we’re in another world, and no matter how this place feels exactly like a game, but, the realism of the world is really high. I don’t wish to experiencing turning into a frankenstein.”

“Eh~ And here I thought you have begun to treat this world as your home.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you seem to be enjoying your life in this world, you know.”


I’m enjoying it?

She’s right. I’m really enjoying this world where I’m able to resurrect myself, and where I’m able to experience things that would only happen in games in my previous world.


Occasionally, this world would give me an unrealistic feeling.

“If you put it that way, I’m not able to rebut you. But isn’t that the same for you?”

I shot the question back at her.

“In my case…”

She shook her head.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t like this world.”


“It’s too unreal.”

Aliyah said that as she took out her sword and slashed herself.

In an instant, Aliyah’s snow-white arm was splattered with fresh blood.

“Hey hey! What are you doing!?”

I quickly moved to stop her, but she did not allow me to get close.

“Don’t come over. I’m only demonstrating to you how unreal this world can be. I figure that, after such a long stay, you should have realized that you wouldn’t receive any damage from your own attacks, right?”

After saying that, she raised the arm she slashed earlier.

“Look carefully.”

Just when she said that, the blood on her arm speedily flowed back into her open wound, and in the next instant, the wound illogically began to close at an incredible speed!

“There isn’t any wound, right? The result will be the same on every part of my body.”


Although I knew that there won’t be any effect when I try to damage myself, but, I have yet to actually try attacking myself with magic.

“See. This is how unrealistic this world can be.”

“You’re right… But this provides us convenience in battles.”

“Looks like you have yet to grab hold of the main point I’m trying to bring across…”


Aliyah raised her sword and pointed it at me.

“If one day, you managed to return to our former world, will you still be able to adapt to life in the real world?”


“If you were to continue to immerse yourself, one day, you will definitely regret it… But, it’s true that we’re making use of all these unrealistic features. And, don’t be too attached to the people of this world! You don’t even know whether this world actually exists, don’t you think it feels weird to have too much affection to the inhabitants of this world?”

“Is it really that weird?”

“That’s of course. She’s treating you as her fiance and you’re already this exhilarated. What are you going to do about it in the future? Are you seriously thinking of living normally in this world? That isn’t possible, do you understand that?”


“Haa, in any case, I have said enough. Decide on what to do yourself.”

Aliyah gave a helpless expression, probably thinking that I have completely immersed myself into this world.

“Thank you for caring about me.”

I smiled and said.

“I… I… I wasn’t caring about you! I was only thinking that, as people who came from the same world, we should at least help each other out! There isn’t any special meaning to it!”

I patted her head.

“This is it. Now this is the Aliyah I know. The young girl who is filled with a prideful atmosphere.”

“I’m not prideful at all!”

“Yes yes. I know. It’s just that I was feeling a little weirded out when you were making too much sense with that stern, innocent-looking face of yours. Hey hey, don’t punch me! Even if your damage isn’t high, your punches hurt a lot!”

A chain of -200 appeared above my head, and I quickly drank down a HP Potion as I begged for mercy.

“If you know that they hurt, then don’t spout nonsense!”

“Sorry, I’m really sorry. Alright, stop fooling around. My HP Potions cost money.”


“Alright, let me ask you this. Aren’t you happy that you got to know so many people? If you forcefully shut yourself away from others, you will only be hurting yourself even more, you know?”

“I wasn’t shutting myself away…”

“Fine. In any case, if we’re going to live in this world for an extended period of time, we need to have sufficient interaction with this world. This isn’t related to making human relations, rather… We basically have no idea when we will be able to leave this place. Thus, before we leave, we have no choice but to adapt to the lifestyle here, right?”

“… Well, if you put it that way, you do make a point.”

“Alright, compared to that, there’s still a day before the final match. Do you want to investigate this bizarre plan with me?”

“That’s of course. Otherwise, I will never be able to chase up to your level. Let’s go. Speaking of which, where are we going to start investigating?”

“… How should I know? Why do you think I’m asking you to help me?”

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46 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 38: Chatting in the Night

    • DMR says:

      Well, I think it’s cause of how this world is a mix or real logic (you get stabbed, you bleed) with game logic (where you can’t hurt yourself unless if the ability or reflect is used)….

      It’s a psuedo-real logic….


    • Cupcake Ninja says:

      True but it seems pointless to do so. First of all, they have no idea HOW to go back or if its even possible. Second, even if they did they have no memory of their personal lives so it would be hard to survive, right? Because of the no memory thing they probably aren’t attached to their previous world anyway.Thinking of things like that are pretty meaningless unless you have knowledge on how you can go back and have all your memories intact. They should just accept their new reality because it isnt as if they have much choice at the moment. And isnt it easy to see if that world is actually real instead of simply 1’s and 0’s? Just try to make a baby. if you can, its real. If you and all the other players cant, its not real.
      Unless they are all sterile of barren for some odd reason.


      • DMR says:

        Wasn’t it said by the author that she’s the main heroine….

        Irlin is just a secondary character so far… in this fiancee is family it seems… they don’t need a lot of focus… like Chichi in DBZ 😛


      • moonberserker says:

        I hated her for being token tsundere but now more because she goes against best girl Irlin


      • Cupcake Ninja says:

        Well suck it in, MoonBerserker. We all know the bitch characters somehow always wins against the best girl. The best girl is always neglected and just thrown in for fanservice. Its a damn shame.
        MCs never have a good eye for women. Either that or their just masochists.

        Why they choose the bitch-type tsunderes i honestly dont understand.


    • TUSF says:

      Different concept. This seems to be more like a real world, where these other-worlders interact with it like a game. Like the Gamer, for instance.


  1. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chappie XD

    And so now, he’s gonna get so used to this world he won’t want to leave… it does seem fake in many ways… like the moderators and what not… a VMMO 😛


    • Cupcake Ninja says:

      We all appreciate that you did this. Im just wondering why the panties are all just exposed? That. . . I dont even think that can be called bikini-armor. Well whatever. No complaints here


      • flame says:

        For the record I’d like to state yes I know I meant to write “must” not “most”… second It’s the art I found on her character page so I assume it’s official :3.. So as much as I don’t mind the armor choices.. i had no choice in the matter :p At least the breast plate is well… protective… Kind of


  2. 00rem says:

    thanks for the chap.
    what if the the world they’re in is the real one while Fir and co. are the “fakes” who are implanted with fake memories that they’re from another world? or everything is a somebody playing a game and we’re just seeing it from fir’s point of view instead of the player.


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