What I Did Today

So, some people was wondering why there wasn’t a chapter yesterday. I was busy being a dancing lion~

Congratulations to Singapore for getting 2nd in the SEA Games~ Woooooo~

And Thailand for 1st, if there’s any thailand readers here~

Next chapter will be automatically up in about 8 hours.


39 thoughts on “What I Did Today

  1. RezaStillAlive says:

    Be happy since your name just entered my people-who-I-hate list which is only can entered by the chosen one who caused me have an excessive jealousy toward him :p


  2. DMR says:

    What, how dare you!! Don’t you realize that your our translating lion? You aren’t supposed to entertain OTHER people XD hahahahahahaha

    No, but seriously, I’m glad you had fun…. though I do hope the little girl thing was a joke…. besides, big boobie nee-chan’s and milfs are better….

    Liked by 1 person

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