Vol. 2 Chapter 40: Bittersweet Live Exercise

“I see, so this was the murderer?”

A LV 25 middle-aged teacher named Charlie inspected the corpse on the ground carefully. After looking at the corpse’s face and the items in his clothes, he asked.

The corpse on the ground was evidently the murderer which I don’t even know the name of. There’s nothing I could do about it, after all, this guy didn’t even utter a single sentence since his appearance. Of course, even if he did say something, he might not have introduced himself either.

“That’s right.”

I nodded.

Earlier, with Tony-senpai’s help, I found the airship that was preparing to leave, and thus I brought the teacher in-charge of the search to where the corpse was.

Of course, the academy did not know of Tony’s existence. However, I did memorize the route I took to find the airship, as remembering things like this was a small matter to me.

And appearing as lively as ever after disappearing for three hours, Princess Michelle and Princess Anne were pleasantly surprised.

Although they didn’t expect me to die, however, once they knew that I came back with the information of the murderer’s death, they were shocked.

Looking at their expressions, it seems they were hit pretty hard when I suddenly disappeared. And with the situation as it is, I didn’t allow them to probe me any further about how I disappeared. Hence, they were looking at me with weird eyes, as if I was an alien.

To something like this, I could only act as if I didn’t see anything.

“Tell me, just what happened?”

“Actually I… Because of some circumstances, I had to leave my team. And then I happened to chance upon a fight between an assassin and this person on the ground. Of course, finally, the assassin managed to kill the murderer. He then turned and told me, who was hiding behind the bushes, that he was last night’s murderer, and left.”

“I see… Looks like that person was powerful as well.”

Charlie pointed at the corpse and said.

“There’s several wounds on this guy’s body, and among them are traces of magical wounds. According to your description, his opponent was most likely a Magic Assassin.”

Sorry, she wasn’t a Magic Assassin, those burnt scars were caused by me.

To cover up the scars caused by my ice magic spells, I used some fire magic spells to melt away the ice blocks and scars.

After all, they were ice blocks created by magic, and would not melt immediately. Hence, I could only resort to using fire magic spells to melt them.

And this also eliminated any traces of contact between me and him.

“Haya, take a look. Was he the guy you saw last night?”

The person he was talking to was a young man wearing a deep blue magic cloak. He was a LV 22 Lightning Magician.

If my guess is right, he’s the supervising teacher for the Lightning party. Last night, when the Lightning party was completely exterminated, he, who was the supervisor, must had been under a great deal of pressure.

“This… To tell you the truth, I can’t make a confirmation. Because at that time, I wasn’t able to have a good look, and those students already…”

“Is that so…”

“However, according to his dressing, he’s likely the one. Back then, I only saw a black shadow flashing past me, and when I returned to the campsite, I realized they were all dead.”

Charlie thought for a moment while his eyes were on the corpse, and then he turned to look at me.

“How does the other assassin look like?”

“Mm… that assassin was dressed completely in black. The only thing I could distinguish was that the assassin was probably a woman.”

“A woman… I see.”

He paused for a moment, and then continued.

“All of you, return to the airship. I have something to announce later.”

After saying that, he instructed the rest of the teachers to move the corpse to the airship.

However, it seems that if it wasn’t a dungeon’s monster, the corpse would definitely not disappear. I have no clue whether this conclusion is good or bad.

And I currently have the sleeved dagger equipped. Even if I don’t use it, it does increase quite a bit of my Strength. If I don’t equip something like this, how could I let myself be?

Originally, my Strength was 3,000 points. With the Blasphemer equipped on my main hand, my Magic Strength was 4,000, and with the Crystal Ball’s effects, it is now a total of 6,000 points.

And with the sleeved dagger equipped on my sub-hand, it increased 2,000 Physical Strength. Adding that to the Blasphemer’s 700 Physical Strength, my total Physical Strength is now 5,700 points.

Without any buffs, my Strength is basically comparable to someone who is around LV 23.

However, that’s assuming if my opponent does not wear any stat-increasing equipment.

However, this murderer was quite rich. His dimensional ring was already swiped by me, and not only were there several thousand gold inside of it, he also had several weird potions and equipment.

And he also had several smexy-looking assassin outfits. Once I return to the academy, I would probably have some people remodel them. They would definitely turn out to be good equipment.

After all, I currently have weapons on both my main and sub hands, however, I only had the academy’s uniform as my armor, which was only made of cloth without any stat enhancement.

I followed after the rest and returned to the airship. This was another airship, and because of convenience sake, it was docked at the foot of the mountain. Hence, we were able to return to the airship quickly.

On the way back to the airship, I only cared about the equipment that were stored in my ring, and didn’t talk to anyone.

Of course, I was looking at them through the inventory window. I don’t wish to have them openly displayed to everyone.

Shir, Princess Michelle and Princess Anne followed after me as well. However, when they saw that I was remaining silent the entire time, they didn’t utter a word.

Of course, I won’t disregard myself and seek trouble. After all, as long as they were to forget what happened before, and not think about erasing my memories, it is for the best.

In any case, we should be able to return to the academy after this. With this live exercise alone, I managed to earn quite a big profit. As the saying goes, ‘Once you receive something good, you must quickly accept it and leave’.


There’s another saying called ‘things go contrary to one’s wishes’ as well.

“From now on, we will increase the safety measures for the entire live exercise! We will increase the number of supervisors, and we will continue with the live exercise! I hope that everyone will continue to work hard!”

Looking at everyone’s mixed expressions, I could only sigh inwardly.

Looks like I can only obediently grind some experience.

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22 thoughts on “Vol. 2 Chapter 40: Bittersweet Live Exercise

  1. NoTofu says:

    lol that’s some irresponsible teachers. Why would you continue the exercise when they’re not even sure if the guy was the murderer. Plus they’re all nobles. , :3 XD
    Thanks for chapter


  2. Laid says:

    Fun thing is if he didnt get a quest that let him skip 5 lvs -.- it would take a very long time for him to get where he is now.
    So author interseted it into the story for this reason in the future we can expect the same thing to happen but in a diffrent from like eating a cake that lets you gain 3 lvs.


  3. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for the new chapter!
    Well that is surprising to hear that they are going to continue the Live Exercise after all those deaths, even though the murder was found has a corpse…


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