Vol 2. Chapter 1: The Start of a Happy Academy Life

Early in the morning, my door was destroyed.

That’s right. The one who broke the door was a girl. However, in situations like this, the protagonist will definitely have a hard time, and that protagonist is me.

“Good morning~ Oh? You’re already awake?”

And she didn’t even knock. Just who do you think will be paying the door’s repair fees…

“Yeah, and it’s thanks to the clock you gave me.”

I said as I straightened up my uniform. However, Lanya was upset when she did not get to prank me, as she threw her breakfast on my bed, and raised her hand out.

“Pay up! Double the price!”

“Hey! This isn’t how you’re supposed to do business! And you were the one who sold me the clock…”

“In any case, I’m unhappy! Although your tips aren’t half bad, and I was able to make some money off them, but! To me, pranks are the most important!”

“If you want to prank someone, find someone else… Geez. Oh? What’s with your get-up?”

Today, Lanya was actually wearing the school uniform for a change… However, she seemed to over-dressed.

She was wearing the Academy’s Priest white uniform, however, there were also many school bags of different sizes being tied to her arms, waists, back and thighs.

“I have no choice. There are so many things to sell today~”

Saying that, she even opened up a bag and took out something similar to a pen.

“【One-Time Use – Ice Bomb Magic Staff】, with a charge time of 5 seconds, also…”

“Wait a minute! Are you talking about the advanced grade magic spell, 【Ice Bomb】 that can freeze everything within a radius of hundred meters? And you actually brought it to my room? Stop fooling around!”

“Well~ Don’t worry, don’t worry~”

With a calm expression, Lanya returned that dangerous object into her bag.

“If you want it, please inform me~”

“You should worry about yourself more… If the administrator were to see you selling these things, I don’t think you will be let off with just a detention.”

“I know~”

After that, she slipped out of my room without even closing the door… Oh well, there’s no point closing it, since the lock was already damaged.

“Damn it. I will have to set-up a barrier magic on my door in the future, or else all my money will be spent on repairing the door.”

After I was done straightening up my uniform, I threw all the textbooks needed for today into my bag. I then headed towards the school compound with my breakfast.

Oh right, as to why I’m currently a student, I will have to start from a month ago, when the trio brought me to the school for the first time.

However, first and foremost, I shall explain what happened after I went into the library…

One Month Ago

Gray particles began to congregate together. I realized the rooms here do not have any doors, and they will open automatically when I enter.

And only the master of the room can decide the people entering the room.

Of course, since only Falan was a student of this school, the rights to control the room was her.

“How much do you know about me?”

Falan took a chair from the nearby table for herself, and sat on it.

At the same time, her face and hair seemed to emit a black mist, and her entire look changed.

Black hair, red eyes, and a fluttery black robe. No matter how I look at her, she looked like a typical villain… No, if we were to follow the actual scenario, she would have to appear as a villain. However, as there’s too much freedom of choices, she actually became my party member.

“Dead Hand, Killer of 10 Thousand, fugitive, student of Gray Magical Academy, one of the school’s strongest trio – Kelany Momiji.”

“Tch, you sure know a lot…”

She smiled, as if she was satisfied with my answer.

If she were to know that I was only reading out her titles beside her name that was displayed above her, I wonder what she would think of it?

“As for you… you only became a fugitive just recently, right? If not, I should have recognized you. After all, I know of all the current fugitives that are around my age.”

“Is that so…”

I nodded.

It will be troublesome if I don’t speak the truth here. Let’s leave the news of my bounty aside, this girl actually has a magic that could distinguish lies. If I don’t speak the truth here, she will definitely know immediately.

“My real name is Lin Fir. As I have said before, I’m a citizen of Mitchell Kingdom. However, I took some small little stuff from the King. Yep, something that was found in the royal treasury.”


Before I even realized it, she was already holding her black sphere. After I answered in a roundabout way, it seemed that there were no changes in the sphere.

At the same time, she placed her other hand onto a ball that was on the table. Multiple translucent screen panels appeared and they surrounded the ball.

Amazing! What is this? A high-tech equipment?

“… However, the information I get from the bounty association isn’t as simple.”

She grabbed onto one of the panels and flicked it in front of me.

Lin Fir
Wanted by the Royal Court of Mitchell Kingdom
Bounty: 1,000,000 Gold
Offense: Killing the kingdom officials, Klaus Wood and Ice Wood, and stealing from the Royal Treasury.

And there was a portrait of me at the bottom… Yeah, I have to thank the artist. Because, my looks are completely different from what was drawn!

However, I’m seriously being blamed for quite a dangerous offense. No wonder my [Scapegoat] title gained so many levels. So it was because of this?

“You should know I’m not lying. I don’t kill people.”

“Yep, it seems so~ But, no wonder you dared to spend your money so freely. To think you stole from the kingdom’s royal treasury~”

“Other than that, is there any other way to earn quick money?”

“Massacre an entire village?”

“Killing is too troublesome. I like to be a little more sneaky.”

“Hah? Well, nevermind. I guess this isn’t too bad. As long as you spend a little bit of money, there should be no problems if you wish to obtain a certification as a student in this academy.”

“I’m a little curious as to how you managed to get in.”

“I threatened the manager, and after he successfully registered me, I wiped his memories.”

You have my upmost respect. It was actually a method that fitted her personality and identity.

“Usually, how much do you kill for?”

“Hah? I’m not an assassin, you know? When I kill, it depends on my mood. Around 3,000 gold or more, I guess. What is it? Do you have someone you want to kill?”

Hey hey! You’re totally rebutting yourself!

“3,000 gold. Help me register into this school!”

“No. There are too many procedures for a transfer student! This is not something that can be solved with just brainwashing… It should be at least 7,000 gold, right?”

In the end, it’s all about money! This bitch!

“Look, it’s not like I was able to steal a lot of money, right? 5,000 should be enough.”



“6,000! I’m not going any lower than that!”

“Then 6,000 gold it is! However, can you help me find some magic skill books as well? I just need to borrow them!”

“As expected of a thief, so you’re even into the piracy business? Well, it won’t be a problem. As long as you give me some of your profits. Hahaha~”

My image of this girl was totally destroyed. I wonder how does she keep up her appearances in this school…

“Oh right! I shall help you change your look as well. Even though you look different from the wanted poster, there will still be people that recognize you… Good, I have decided!”

Falan jumped out of her chair and landed on the table. She stretched her hands out towards me, and I began to float in the air.

“Hey hey! What are you doing!”

“Hehe, cosmetic surgery~”

After saying that, several beams of light dropped onto my body,and numbness could be felt coursing through my body, starting from the top of my head.

“You… What did you do!?”

“Hehe, and then like this, it’s about done.”

She took out a pair of glasses from her pocket and wore it for me. She inspected my body several times, and then nodded satisfyingly.

“Alright, take a look~”

I took a mirror off her hands, and I was momentarily stunned.

Who’s this long golden-haired man with glasses! Why does it remind me of some weird elf bastard! Only my short ears were left untouched!

“Hey hey! What’s with this homo-looking face!?”

“Oh? Even though this is a face the royalties like the most, don’t you like it?”

“Absolutely not!”

Unless all the royalties in this world are homos?

“Well~ This is also for your own good~ Right, I will teach you the magic that allows you to change the length and color of your hair. Or else it will be troublesome if you keep looking for me.”

After taking back her glasses, she continued.

“This spell, simply put…”

Just when she started talking, a screen appeared before me. There’s also the description of the magic spell on it.

Hair Manipulating Magic Spell
Learning in Progress – 12%

So I can learn skills like this? Simply by hearing about the skill?

“So, as long as you do this, you can you change your hair. Do you understand?”

Learning Completed.
Do you wish to add this skill to your skill list?

After pressing the ‘Yes’ button, the magic spell appeared in my skill list.

“Yeah, thank you.”

“So you learn pretty fast, huh? Alright…”

WIth a single clap of her hands, her hair and clothes returned to normal.

“Enjoy your happy academy life, boy~”

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22 thoughts on “Vol 2. Chapter 1: The Start of a Happy Academy Life

  1. Kygo says:

    Sounds like this is going to be an interesting volume – magic academy life is always a good change of pace!

    Thanks for the release!


  2. jupiter says:

    thank you for the TL. I found this site and translation yesterday and made a tab for it right away after reading a little of it so again thank you


  3. pepperisk says:

    Damn the jumps are hard. So summary is Start in village > level up > leave village > get ice sword skill thing > get engaged > finish big quest ( war starter ) > go into dungeon > becomes fugitive > school? What the hell happened between dungeon and becoming a scapegoat? He just goes into a trap , finds out the other player guy stole that key thing and he became a scapegoat? I’m confused.


    • Nguyen Gia Thai says:

      After he go to the dungeon with Dale, he got suspected as stealing the key. Since he’s unconscious in the dungeon, he cant clear his name in time, thus officially label the thief. MEANWHILE, the Wood people, meaning the granpa left behind, and the cousin he spied that night, got killed apparently, and the crime was put on his head. ALL THAT is why his Scapegoat level skyrocketed.
      Currently, the crimes pinned on him are a thieving charge, and two murders.


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