Volume 1 PDF and EPUB


Aye, I’m just here to announce that both the PDF and EPUB for Volume 1 are up and ready for downloads.
Click here.
And it can normally be found under Directory -> Volume 1.
If there’s any problems, please contact me via the comments down below or thru my e-mail. (strazedd@gmail.com)

The above image is the cover I designed for the volume. Other than the fan art of Irlin, the rest are by me. I would have spend more time with the Wordle and background design, but I’m rushing back to duty, so that will have to wait till next week. Oh and the PDF will not have the featured cover, ’cause I only thought of making the cover after I finished the PDF. Woops.

So yeah, enjoy. πŸ™‚

Edit: I realized that there’s a problem with part 6, where almost the entire part is linked to a youtube video. (yuki~)
Will fix it when I get back home.

Edit (28/4/15): Both pdf and epub fixed.

7 thoughts on “Volume 1 PDF and EPUB

  1. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the PDF and EPUB! Can you point me to a site with instructions on how to make EPUBs? I use an free website to create them, but it doesn’t create a table of contents which is quite annoying for me.


  2. Luiz says:

    There was a line missing at the end of the Prologue (missing in the ‘Full Text’ version):
    β€œYou’re not the same as the rest of the NPCs that can only stay in the same place, are you?”
    At least as far as I checked.


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