End of Volume 1 and Plans

Aye, it’s been a while. Actually, it’s only been 2 weeks? I started this on April 10th, and I already have close to 200 thousand hits and 200 followers. Whew. Honestly, I didn’t expect things to get this big, but yeah, I wouldn’t be continuing this if not for the support you guys have been giving me.

First off, I will like to say that I will be taking a few days break, so that I could stock up on my translated chapters and ensure daily releases. I just bought a new wireless keyboard, hence I should be able to produce chapters faster during the weekdays on my phone. I can’t use my computer during the weekdays if you guys don’t know about this yet. Also, I’m using this time to translate some Shadow Rogue chapters as well, as I signed myself up for it, I can’t neglect it. You can find it on Japtem. I’m planning to start posting up Volume 2 starting Wednesday, so be patient~ I totally swear I’m not delaying this because I’m addicted to a mobile game right now.
Secondly, I will also be revisiting Volume 1 to make some slight edits here and there, before uploading a full text, and maybe an E-pub version as well. However, probably, the volume will be in parts, and not in chapters. Eg. Chapter 1 – 3 will go together because it’s centered around life in the beginners’ village. Tell me how you guys think about this, kay?

Lastly, I will like to once again thank all of my supporters. You guys give me the will to continue this translation, and I hope that you will continue to give me your support as well. And so, as a parting gift, this is one of the fan art of Irlin that can be found on the author’s website.

Artist: ZNN

Spoilers for Volume 2 (Highlight below to view)

School life! More girls! More guys! More old men! Aliyah’s back! OMG, I died!? I can fly!? More grinding! More levels! And many more, in Volume 2!

25 thoughts on “End of Volume 1 and Plans

  1. Isekai says:

    ‘-‘ she is a board? and i was imagining her more ‘plump’ hahaha
    the waiting won’t be even 1week, my patient won’t waver with just that, and thaks for your hard work on both projects, the 2 are on my reading list and are pretty good.


  2. LordCorwin says:

    I think the idea of doing it in parts is a good one for an early volume. not sure how well it will work in later volumes. Once again, thanks for all your work on this and SR. Both are good.


  3. Vivec says:

    I feel like his school life is going to be more than a little tortuous for him if it’s ever revealed that he seems to be able to learn any magic, as well as his inventory/ability to identify just about anything.


  4. TheFrostDude says:

    Thanks for the fantastic work you have been doing!
    You deserve the few days of break after pumping daily chapters for the couple of weeks.
    Looking forward to read more ‘So What’s it’s a RPG?!’ and ‘Shadow Rouge’.


  5. jupiter says:

    thank you for this translation i just found it an hour ago and read up to chapter 14 and i will continue to read it and again thank you oh and how many volumes does this have.


  6. DJ says:

    Thx for all your work. I’m currently looking through all the stuff i’m reading online and making my own epubs where necessary. Looked at your ePub for volume 1, was really confused by the 6 chapters that didn’t fit into the 20+ ones on this blog. Was the original text somehow sectioned in this way? I’d rather see a translation stay close to the original text, which also means using the same chapters on blog, epub, full text, etc that the original text uses. Instead it looks like you made up new chapters and used bars in the epub to seperate chapters. At least thats my impression and I’m wondering why? Hm, perhals software limitations?

    Ah, well, again thx for the time spend on it. It’s easier for me to take an ePub apart than to create one from blog posts. I think the Splitting & Merging Tools in Sigil are great for that, although looking at Microsoft Word texts converted with calibre to ePub makes me cry. If you find the time, i would really recommend you take a look at Sigil. I usually create and edit ePubs directly since its mostly html + css and create all other formats i might need via calibre.


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