Vol. 1 Chapter 16: Was this Dungeon Meant to be an Amusement Park?

During the night, Dale and I hopped out of the window and onto the rooftop.

Dale designed a Stealth Magic called “Shade”, and we used it to speedily climb up the rooftop, and headed for the entrance that’s labeled on the map.

The capital was very quiet in the night, which was different compared to RPGs where there were almost no difference in the level of activity between day and night. The people here still have to sleep at night. As expected, the level of AI here is higher compared to regular games.

“Whenever I come out at night, it feels like I’m playing those sneaking type of games.”

Dale softly whispered, as he surveyed the nearby area carefully.

Two guards, who were level 12, were patrolling the streets. When they made a turn at the next junction, Dale pulled me as we jumped onto the rooftop of the next building.

“Hey hey, my hand hurts! Don’t grip it too tightly!”

“It’s not like your hand will tear off! We’re almost there!”

Saying that, Dale immediately hopped off the rooftop, and landed on the courtyard.

The courtyard looked like it was untouched for a long time. I can’t believe that such a place exists in the capital. Was it abandoned, or was it left like this on purpose?

“Let’s go.”

I followed after Dale as we carefully cross the courtyard, and reached an area beside the artificial green mound at the center. The mound was actually displaced, and a small entrance was there.

“Hurry up!”

I nodded, and quickly followed after him.

After entering the passage, Dale lighted up a torch, and closed the door we came from. He then lead me to the passage that headed underground.

It was a straight staircase that stretched endlessly downwards. The staircase was made out of stone slabs, and there were small line of cracks on their surfaces. This place was probably quite old.

Every few steps, there were torch candle stands on the wall. However, since the wax of the candles were all used up, they were impossible to light up.

“How many times have you came here?”

“This place? Well…”

Dale thought for a moment.

“This is my third time. However, I only explored the first floor. I never dared to venture further than that.”


While we were still conversing, we almost reached the bottom of the stairs.

As we approached the bottom, a large hall that stretched far and wide appeared before their vision. The light on Dale’s hand was not strong enough to allow them to view the walls of the hall.

However, the reason why I was lead to the conclusion that the place was a hall, was because of the different floorings of the place. Rather than the rough stone slabs, the floor was made with a rather exquisite and smooth material, and there were no visible cracks. The exquisite flooring stretched to the darkness, and it looked very high-class.

“Because the level of the monsters at the further floors are just too high.”

Before he could finish, the hall began to tremble, and it felt like something was approaching from afar!

Before we could see the figure of the enemy, its HP and Name slow revealed itself in the darkness.

Soft Soil Worm LV 10 30,000/30,000
A monster that evolved from a worm. It likes to be in the dark, and is enraged when there’s presence of light.

“Hey hey hey! What is this! I can actually see its HP Value?”

“Oh? You don’t know? Other than the HP bar, a monster’s HP can be seen numerically.”

After saying that, a blue lightning appeared from Dale’s hands, and it struck fiercely onto the Soft Soil Worm.

The number -2354 appeared above the monster, and it’s body which was charging towards us stopped.

It was not an insult to call it a worm. It has a length of about 5 meters, and it was like a largely magnified centipede. Various sharp thorns formed its mouth, and its eyes and organs were not visible.

Even though it stopped, Dale did not stop his hands. Even though I do not know what magic he used, but a blue electric current enveloped his entire body.

He put down the torch onto the ground, and a second later, his figure disappeared from that spot. He transformed into a real lightning and rushed head-on towards the Soft Soil Worm. I could not see his movements, I only knew that he disappeared from beside the torch, and he reappeared in front of the Soft Soil Worm.

The Soft Soil Worm did not stop struggling, and attempted to trap Dale by binding him with its body. However, before he could finish its action, a blinding lightning was released from Dale. He wielded a blue staff and there were balls of lightning being formed around Dale’s body.

The lightning spheres surrounded and fell onto the Soft Soil Worm as it wriggled. A string of numbers appeared above the monster’s head, and its HP went down to 0.

A burnt smell entered my nose, and I could not help but sneeze.

When I once again raised my head up, the Soft Soil Worm was already burnt into black ashes, and its original figure could no longer be distinguished. It then slowly disappeared into the darkness.

Soft Soil Worm LV 10 defeated.

Party EXP Received: 4,000
Money Received: 0
Item(s) Received: Shattering Teeth

As expected of a level 10 monster. Even though I was in a party, I still received 4000 EXP. If I was the one who dealt the last blow, I wonder how much EXP I would have gotten? However, I still earned from this.

“Let’s go, this is still only the entrance. There are more troublesome things later.” Dale picked up the torch, and proceeded forward.

Ten minutes later, I realized he was telling the truth. And it was not a laughing matter.

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