Vol. 1 Chapter 08: Sometimes, Things Don’t Go as Planned

Ah, the inn sure is burning splendidly. Why can’t they let me experience this luxurious inn before burning it?

As I lament so, I pulled Irlin to the alley at the side and observed the situation in the shadows.

“Quickly! The two that entered the inn have already fled! Quickly search for them! Also, Yalisaer is taking too long with the two at the streets.”

The one shouting in front of the inn must be the mastermind behind this incident. Is it really okay talking about this so loudly in the open public?

But, what is with that attire? It looks similar to what the city guards are wearing… Unless, he is one of those so-called traitors?

Interesting, looks like this incident is more as less progressing to how I predicted it to be…

“Oh? That is…”

Irlin pointed at the guy who was beside the mastermind. He was wearing a formal noble attire, and the name floating above his head was Sylvain Wood.

“That bastard… is he actually… the legendary traitor among traitors?”

“Oh? That guy is my cousin though.”

“As I suspected. Irlin, listen closely.”

I turned to look at Irlin.

“In situations like this, there’s only a single possibility. That cousin of yours was the one that leaked the information to people that wants to steal the item you’re holding onto. And look, the robbers are all wearing the city guards’ armor. This is evidently a ploy to steal whatever you’re holding, and then eliminate every single one of you.”

“Oh~ Is my cousin actually that type of person? Somehow it feels kind of off…”

As I suspected, in situations like this, it could only develop this way. Usually, traitors will give a different impression in front of everyone, and mislead most people… And now, if I don’t stop them, I will have endless trouble. This is also one of many players’ reason for resentment, however, most players are too naive! They will only find out the truth at the very end.

Of course, there are cases when the truth is revealed early, but the victims are usually beaten ruthlessly, and meet a bad end. It would even be better for them to act oblivious. So, for now, I have to act cautiously.

“Right, even though it looks that way, we should make clear of things before deciding on our future actions. Even if we directly ask him now, he might not tell us the truth. If we want the truth, we need a clear idea of our current situation.”


Okay, right now, the thing I must do is to expose his evil acts in front of Irlin, so that she will believe me.

This is quite difficult… The degree of freedom in choosing a particular path of action is too high…

However, if it’s for a girl, no matter the difficulty, I will do it! If not, the long years of gaming I went through will be wasted!

“Speaking of which, where do you think your grandfather and Ice ran off to? Although I heard the mastermind saying they fled, if we are able to contact them, we could just ask them about the current situation before making our decision.”

Also, the highest level in the enemy’s team was only LV 9. Even her so-called cousin was only LV 7. If Klaus closed his eyes, he should still be able to defeat them. Unless he still wish to act weak in this situation, then there’s no helping it.

“I don’t know. However grandfather did say before that if there’s any chance that we are to separate, I am supposed to find a way to immediately head over to the capital.”

“Immediately? Alright, that’s a plausible course of action.”

If that’s the case, then Irlin should be the one holding onto the goods. In other words, I could complete this quest by simply sending her alone to the capital.

“Sorry for troubling you two, but I think that you two are the ones I am tasked to catch. Would you mind following me?”

All of a sudden, a sharp sound rang behind our backs. Before I could react, I was already suspended in the air, as if my body was being controlled by something.

“You are…”

Irlin was in the same predicament. As for the man controlling us, he was wearing a black robe, and his two hands were raised in the air.

Is this… Magic? My opponent is a Magician?

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  1. Vivec says:

    Thanks for the chapter. Cliffhangers are pretty deadly though m8. If you felt like being a troll I could be going through withdrawal here. 😀


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